The Top Food Topics Of The Year So Far

Today is day 183 of the year. Look over your shoulder at a calendar and you'll discover that the half-way point occurred yesterday. It's the day where you ask, "Where did it go"? "What have I accomplished in this time"? "Exactly what WERE those New Year's resolutions I made?"


The one thing I'm sure of after day 182 is that this year has been no different from any other. My passion for finding and sharing the best food news, instruction and information hasn't changed at all, nor will it, no matter what month it is.

So, let's look back at the food topics that have caught our attention, given new information, inspired us, or angered us over the past 6 months.

January - The Best Hangover Breakfast - BaltiMohr Benedict
It was a wild New Year's Eve in my beloved Baltimore. Brightly lit ships cruised the Inner Harbor as fireworks could be seen from three different locations down the Chesapeake Bay.

EggsBenedictHowever, all those explosions remained in my head the next day, and could only be cured by my favorite brunch and hangover remedy, the BaltiMohr Benedict. If you're ready for the amazing combination of crab cakes and poached eggs, you should start drinking now so that you can enjoy the true value in this star of the first day of the year.



February - Stay Home Or Go Out For Valentines Day?
I wondered the same thing that many people do when it comes to the most romantic day of the year, should I make restaurant reservations or start planning my own dinner? It's an easy decision for me, but one that might not be as simple for others.

RomanticDinnerI know I've helped thousands of people LEARN how to cook, but the email response I got from this blog post made me realize I'm helping a few people find great success in rooms other than the kitchen. I can't make you any promises, but the act of preparing a romantic dinner for the one you love may bring extra rewards when you answer the question for yourself. Should you stay home or go out for the best romantic dinners?


March - Maximize Your Limited Time For Cooking And Fitness

Chef Todd Mohr Knife SkillsI partnered with local fitness icon Donavon Israel to combine our expertise and motivate people to eat well AND exercise well. The most effective way to reach your health and fitness goals are to concentrate on both simultaneously.

Eating great food but being sedentary won't bring you closer to health any more than exercising constantly but eating poorly will. However, most people are pressed for time in their busy schedules and need usable tips for healthy eating and exercise.

April - These 11 Facts Prove Why The Farmers Market Is Better

farmers-market-produceI wait all Winter long for the Farmers Market to open so I can start practicing my craft and art on the freshest ingredients available. It might as well be the start of a new year because all cooking starts when the local market re opens.

For all those people who had written me to say that shopping the way I do is more expensive or less convenient, or just a bother to actually talk to other people, I had to remind them that there are 11 reasons, (one more than 10) that farmers market shopping is better.

May - The 3 Grill Issues That Could Ruin Your Cooking This Summer

CleanGrillBoy, the year does go by quickly and it seems I've gone from New Years Day to Memorial Day in about a week's time. I'm already getting ready for the grilling season and helping others toward the best outdoor cooking of the year but only if they're ready for it.

Having the skills to control the most intense heat available to the home cook is only part of being ready for grilling season. Preparing your grill for Summer means the cooking equipment won't screw up your great grilling this year.

June - The 5 Best Reasons Cooking Makes Me Happy

happy-chefI might be a bit solemn that the year is half past, but it doesn't change my appreciation and excitement about cooking, something I hope to transfer to everyone that has ever seen one of my videos or taken my online cooking classes.

There are many reasons that cooking makes me happy. My reasons might be different from yours, or you might hate cooking entirely. If you do hate to cook, review my reasons for being a joyful cook and it might be contagious.

Cheer up and don't think of the calendar as half-empty, think of it as half-full of things yet to happen, excitement to come, and new cooking techniques, foods, farmers, and travel yet to come.

Burn Your Recipes DVDs are like culinary college in your home

But, at your convenience in your own time. Don't let the next 183 days go by without knowing what chefs know.


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Chef Todd Mohr is a Certified Culinary Educator who has empowered home cooks all over the world with the reliable, dependable, repeatable METHODS behind cooking that build confidence, generate creativity and enable anyone to cook with the ingredients THEY desire.

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