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  • Learning to Cook is Empowering

    Every single day I get emails, calls - even postcards from around the world from people who've learned to cook using some form of my  Read Full Article

  • How to Cook a Recipe

    As a chef, I am often asked, "How do you cook a recipe?" Well - in this video is my answer! Enjoy!

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    Learn to cook like  Read Full Article

  • Martha Stewart Recipes Don't Work

    I don’t mean to pick on one person. It’s not only Martha Stewart recipes that don’t work. The best cookbooks have recipes that don’t work.  Read Full Article

  • 3 Reasons Recipes Fail You

    It's not only Martha Stewart Recipes that don't work. Unless you have a understanding of Basic Cooking Methods, very few recipes will work perfectly every  Read Full Article

  • Julia and Julie Boeuf Bourguignon? How’d Julie Powell do it?

    How could Julie Powel possibly make Boeuf Bourguignon from Julia and Julie? I finally saw “Julia and Julie”, the movie about how twenty-something home cook Julie  Read Full Article

  • Chef Todd Makes Beef Bourguignon Recipe!

    After having seen Julia and Julie, the movie about how 20-something home cook Julie Powell makes Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon perfectly every time, Chef Todd  Read Full Article

  • Beef Bourguignon - One Pan, One Hour

    My video post yesterday showed me trying to make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon from the Julia and Julie movie.  My contention is that Julie Powell  Read Full Article

  • Why Aren't You a Celebrity Chef?

    I consider it a flattering question that I’m asked often.  Hundreds of emails from YouTube video viewers and students in my online cooking class series,  Read Full Article

  • What's a Great Cookbook If You Don't Use Recipes?

    “Burn Your Recipes”, “cook by method over recipes”, “a recipe is one person’s opinion”, “following recipes is not fun”, are all things you might have  Read Full Article

  • What Are The Best Cookbooks?

    What are the best cookbooks to Chef Todd Mohr? Learn the difference between recipe books and a great cookbook from the chef that teaches cooking  Read Full Article