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  • Cooking Tailgate Food Just Got Easier With These Ideas

    Cooking tailgate food can be challenging for the best cooks.

    - You're cooking in a parking lot from the back of your car or truck. -  Read Full Article

  • In The Kitchen Size DOESN'T Matter

    People are always waiving knives at me!  For years, people came to my cooking school brandishing blades, gesturing wildly, and imploring me, "Is this a  Read Full Article

  • This Kitchen Gadget May be Harming Your Cooking

    A Common Kitchen Gadget to Avoid

    What is this common kitchen gadget, which you are probably using a lot, that may be harming your cooking? The  Read Full Article

  • You’ll Never Trust Another Recipe Again
    When You Know This Secret To Great Meals

    Home cooks learn to cook all wrong. They’re told to focus on the wrong things and must re-learn cooking every time they step into the  Read Full Article

  • You’ll Never Use Sauce From A Jar Again
    When You Discover This Easy Way To Make Gravy

    There are a lot of great home cooks out there, but many of them have a stumbling block in one particular area of the kitchen,  Read Full Article

  • Steak Done Perfectly - No Guessing Or Gashing Ever Again

    “When is my steak done?”

    People always ask me, "When is my steak done?" “When is my chicken done?” and “How do I tell when  Read Full Article

  • Baking Steak Not Grilling Steak With The Lid Down

    The difference between baking steak and grilling steak lies in HOW you apply heat to the beef. There are two types of heat in cooking  Read Full Article

  • New Cooking Ideas From Spain

    I’m always searching for new cooking ideas. Sometimes they come from my local farmers market, other times I have to travel great distances to discover  Read Full Article

  • Why I Won’t Be Cooking Ham Again

    I won’t be cooking ham ever again since my trip to Spain. I’ve come here to discover new food ideas and have learned the difference  Read Full Article

  • The Best New Food Ideas I Took From Spain

    My journey for new food ideas and cooking methods never ends, but it has come to a jaw-dropping stand still today because of what Michel  Read Full Article