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  • Why There's No ONE Authentic Paella Recipe

    There is no ONE authentic paella recipe. Every region of Spain has their own interpretation of this dish, which means YOU can have your own  Read Full Article

  • The 5 Benefits Of Simple Cooking

    Simple cooking is the best cooking.

    There, I said it for the 1000th time! No matter where I travel, no matter with whom  Read Full Article

  • Hawaiian Treats On The Kauai Food Tour

    The islands of Hawaii offer some of the most culturally diverse food combinations in the world. Hawaiian cuisine IS the definition of "fusion" in cooking because  Read Full Article

  • Cutting Pineapple Boats In Hawaii

    If you’re in Hawaii, you must know how to cut a pineapple for pineapple recipes or to make a decorative pineapple boat. Chef Todd Mohr  Read Full Article