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  • Cooking Fish, A Rum Recipe from Hawaii

    To be a great fish cook, and make up your own recipe for fish using rum, start with a visit to the Koloa Rum Company  Read Full Article

  • Worst Cooks in America, Ep 4

    The Flavors in Jennifer Cross' Head Saved Her Butt

    Thank you, Food Network for proving that the  Read Full Article

  • Football Food for your Tailgate Party

    Planning football food for your tailgate party can mean bringing your tailgate recipes with you, or creating them at home. If you choose to bring  Read Full Article

  • Beer Shrimp Scampi for Football Food

    My top secret for keeping your tailgate party food hot was revealed yesterday, but today I want to cook my football food right in the  Read Full Article

  • Best Chili for your Tailgate Party

    It takes a long time to cook chili and develop the flavor to make it the best chili. So, the best chili for your tailgate  Read Full Article

  • Worst Cooks in America Ep 5

    Finally! "Cook-fidence"!

    Worst Cooks in America was back with their penultimate episode last night, leaving me conflicted.  Read Full Article

  • Worst Cooks in America Finale

    The Blackboard is Gone

    The final two contestants on Worst Cooks in America have learned to cook like a chef! They’ve done it in only  Read Full Article

  • Melting Chocolate for Valentines Day

    Rather than buying Valentines Day candy, how about melting chocolate and making your own Valentines Day candy this year?