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  • How We Fry In a Pan at Cooking College

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  • Tips For Grilling From Culinary School

    Grilling is the great male excuse. Most men could benefit from a few tips for grilling because they’re hiding behind their barbeques. Why do most  Read Full Article

  • How Does Food Cook?

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  • Do You Know The Two Types of Heat For Cooking?

    Cooking becomes much easier when you discover that there are only two types of heat for cooking. We’re starting a new semester in culinary college,  Read Full Article

  • The Great Egg Test Cracks The Case!

    I’ve gathered three types of eggs for today’s Great Egg Test. If you missed the last blog post, there’s still an opportunity for you to  Read Full Article

  • The Farm Eggs Challenge:Cage or No Cage?

    I love fresh farm eggs! The first time I saw and tasted the difference between a local product and a national producer’s egg, my eating  Read Full Article

  • This Chicken Kiev Recipe Was Invented in Culinary Arts School

    Most home cooks would begin searching cookbooks for a Chicken Kiev recipe that met their tastes, cooking skill, and ingredients on hand. This is most  Read Full Article

  • How to Steam Food in Culinary College

    Welcome back to culinary college! Today’s lesson is How To Steam Food. I’m glad you are punctual to class because you’ll want every minute of  Read Full Article

  • What Will Tomorrows Chefs Learn in Chef College?

    Chef college is calling me…again! I’m on the same campus that inspired me to become a chef, but now I’m the one doing the  Read Full Article

  • Are You Missing The 5 Benefits of Simple Cooking?

    Simple cooking is the best cooking.  There, I said it for the 1000th time!  No matter where I travel, no Read Full Article