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  • How To Cut Onions Without Buying A Chopper Device

    If you want to know how to cut onions and aren’t easily fooled by late night TV commercials, I’m about to save you a tremendous  Read Full Article

  • Mahi Mahi Recipes You Can Do in 15 Minutes

    Mahi mahi recipes are no different than any other recipe.  I’m sure you know by now how I feel about recipes.  They have inherent flaws  Read Full Article

  • Hawaiian Drinks – Fruit Smoothie With Local Rum

    Hawaiian drinks don’t begin and end with a Mai Tai.  There are an endless number of fresh ingredients, fruits and liquors to use on Hawaii  Read Full Article

  • Mojito Ingredients Necessary For The Hawaiian Way

    Mojito ingredients are a few of the things I made SURE I have on hand when visiting Hawaii.  I may not have much in my  Read Full Article

  • Gelato Recipe Uses Rum in Ice Cream

    A Gelato recipe was not what I expected to find when searching Hawaii for the freshest, most wholesome ingredients that support the local community, economy  Read Full Article

  • Pad Thai Recipe With Rum In Under 15 Minutes

    I can create a pad thai recipe in my head.  I don’t need a cookbook.  I only need a bit of ingredient inspiration and a  Read Full Article

  • Making Rum From Pure Cane Sugar

    Making Rum from pure cane sugar that is farmed within 15 miles of the distillery is what makes Koloa Rum Company different.  They  Read Full Article

  • The Best Drink In Hawaii Starts With The Best Rum

    The best drink in Hawaii starts with Rum that is made from local ingredients.  Today, I tour the Koloa Rum Company with President  Read Full Article

  • An Organic Beef Tour in Maui

    Organic beef tastes nothing like the Styrofoam tray grocery store beef.  Humanely cared for, naturally fed animals give you beef that is healthier than Salmon!   Read Full Article

  • Traditional Food In Hawaii – The Mixed Plate Lunch

    Unique food in Hawaii comes from the many cultures that each contributed their favorites, resulting in the Mixed Plate Lunch.