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  • My #1 Favorite Holiday Sweet

    Right out with it - it’s chocolate soufflé. My favorite holiday sweet is chocolate soufflé. Usually when people do these “countdown” type blogs, they really  Read Full Article

  • The Worst Cook In America?

    The reason my students transform very quickly from the “worst cook in America” to confident, creative home cooks is very simple. I empower them with  Read Full Article

  • How to Open a Coconut in Maui

    What better place to learn how to open a coconut than the Maui Tropical Fruit Plantation? Welcome to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. It's  Read Full Article

  • Goat Farm on Hawaii

    If you want to see how goats cheese is made, go to a goat farm. If you go to a goat farm, you might as  Read Full Article

  • Fish Market on Hawaii

    No matter what basic cooking method you use to cook fish, getting the freshest fish to cook will improve your final result. When Chef Todd  Read Full Article

  • The Worst Cooking Instructors in America

    The Worst Cooks in America continued on the Food Network last night. Last week’s premier episode  Read Full Article

  • Cook Shrimp in Hawaii

    Chef Todd Mohr will boil shrimp heads and tails to create a shrimp boil, shrimp soup, or shrimp sauce from the cooking shrimp he got  Read Full Article

  • Koloa Sunshine Farmers Market in Hawaii

    The best place to get fresh fruit and fresh produce is your local farmers market. I’m looking for fresh fruit and fresh vegetables from the  Read Full Article

  • Worst Cooks in America, Ep3

    Cooking is About Crying and Salt. Worst Cooks in America served up its third course last night,  Read Full Article

  • Cutting Pineapple in Hawaii

    If you’re in Hawaii, you must know how to cut a pineapple for pineapple recipes or to make a decorative pineapple boat. Chef Todd Mohr  Read Full Article