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  • What Is Eggs Benedict Without Hollandaise Sauce?

    If you can poach an egg, toast an English Muffin and grill some Canadian Bacon, you can make an Egg McMuffin. But, what if you  Read Full Article

  • A Consomme Recipe That You’ll Never Try

    I’ll admit it.  You’ll never try this consommé recipe.  Even my students in culinary college will make it once and probably never again.  I try  Read Full Article

  • Make Tomato Sauce Like A Pro Not Like Grandma

    If you still make tomato sauce like Mom or Grandma does, you might be missing some of the key elements to take it from fair  Read Full Article

  • The Butter Facts From Culinary School in Baltimore

    There are a lot more butter facts than salted versus unsalted. This a question often asked of me. “Should I use salted or unsalted butter  Read Full Article

  • What is Demi Glace?

    What is Demi Glace?  It’s only the most indispensible ingredient for making brown sauces.  Professional chefs know that the secret to making rich and flavorful  Read Full Article

  • Why Do They Call Them Mother Sauces?

    The concept of having Mother Sauces from which to create most other sauces is a relatively new concept. Sauces have been used in cooking just  Read Full Article

  • How To Make Homemade SaucesLike The Pros

    Professional Chefs know how to make homemade sauces using basic cooking methods, not written instructions. That’s why you won’t see a truly skilled cook run  Read Full Article

  • Stock vs Broth Makes All The Difference

    The best soups and sauces are made from intensely flavored liquids. The question of stock vs broth must be considered when making either of these  Read Full Article

  • How To Cut Vegetables Using The Tip Fulcrum Method

    I know how to cut vegetables.  Trust me, I do.  Early in my career I was a lowly prep cook.  I was part of a  Read Full Article

  • The Real Facts About Eggs Say It IS The Perfect Food

    Exquisitely simple, yet enormously complex, the egg is one of nature’s marvels. The real facts about eggs have been scrambled in recent years, as they’ve  Read Full Article