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  • Beware That Different Potatoes Cook Differently

    Different potatoes DO cook differently.  Most people think a spud is a spud; one is no different from the other.  But this isn’t true; all  Read Full Article

  • Ravioli Dough As Easy As 1-2-3-4

    Ravioli dough is simple to make and easy to enjoy. That’s because there are an endless number of fillings for your pasta dumplings, limited only  Read Full Article

  • Your Chicken McNugget Can Be Better Than Fast Food

    I’m trying to make the point to a group of visiting high school students that if they create a chicken mcnugget from the freshest ingredients,  Read Full Article

  • Use Food As Fuel Like A Fresh Flashlight Battery

    I’ve got some guests in my cooking lab today. Local High School students are visiting the culinary college to learn more about fresh, wholesome ingredients.  Read Full Article

  • Different Types of Salad For Every Meal

    There are many types of salad and most of them aren’t served before your meal. In “meat and potatoes” America, the salad is served first,  Read Full Article

  • Make Mayonnaise Yourself By Mixing Two Unmixable Items

    If you want to make mayonnaise from scratch, all you need to know is a six syllable word, e-mul-sif-ic-a-tion.  Emulsification is the mixing of two  Read Full Article

  • How To Make Salad Dressings With 3 Ingredients

    It’s a brand new semester in culinary college, and today’s topic is how to make salad dressings. Actually, the focus of the class is “cold  Read Full Article

  • Poaching Fish, Chicken, and Eggs Benedict in Cooking College

    “What has less flavor than water?” I pose the question to my cooking college class. Nothing! Nothing has less flavor than water. If you’re thinking  Read Full Article

  • Teaching Future Chefs How To Braise

    Knowing how to braise is a cooking skill that’s widely misunderstood. Knowing WHAT to braise is even more confusing to most home cooks. I’ve taught  Read Full Article

  • How We’re Cooking Pork Tenderloin in Chef College

    Cooking pork tenderloin will be the focus of our Elements of Entrée Production class today, as we’re serving 30 hungry diners using a Family Style  Read Full Article