People are always waiving knives at me!  For years, people came to my cooking school brandishing blades, gesturing wildly, and imploring me, “Is this a good knife?”

A “good knife” has little to do with the size of the blade, the color of the handle, or the brand of the knife.

To consider whether you have a “good knife” versus a “bad knife”, you have to examine two items more important than the logo or manufacturer.

First, you have to consider WHAT the knife is made from. There are three types of metals that all kitchen knives are made from and they each have advantages and disadvantages as I explain in this video:


Once you’ve decided on the features of which material your knife is made from, you should examine the construction.  HOW is this knife put together?

Again, there are advantages and limitations of knife construction that will give you options while shopping for a chef’s knife as I’ll show you here:



When you’re thinking about buying a chefs knife or shopping for other kitchen knives, consider the best materials and construction your use necessitates and your budget can withstand.

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