For People Who Want to Cook But Can’t Get Started

Today, I want to help eliminate the doubt that you don't know how to cook, because I know that you can. Now, don't shake your head at me, I know that I'm right! You see, today, I am going to give you information about cooking that will help you to understand that learning to cook starts with you. Not a recipe...not even with one of my lessons.

Look, everyone can make something to feed themselves, even if you consider yourself a lousy cook, you're eating something. And to prove that you can learn to cook, we're going to start without pots or pans and you're not going to touch a stove, food, look at a recipe or take a single cooking class.

Are you ready? Here's the first step...

Examine what you already know.


Seriously, what is the one thing that you can cook, that consistently meets your expectations? What is the one meal or dish that you can make with or without a recipe, just because you like it and you want it? It may be that you have two or three dishes like this, but let’s start with the one thing that you can make confidently.

  • If it’s just opening a can of soup and heating it up, start there.
  • If you can cook a really good grilled cheese sandwich, start there.
  • If you can grill a hamburger, but can’t cook inside, start there.
  • If you make great tomato sauce, but can make alfredo, start there.

With each of the above examples, what you may not realize is that you already understand a basic cooking method and not only can you learn how to cook, but you will be able to make amazing dishes!

If you start with what you can do, understand and what you like, then you just need a little confidence to attempt a variation. You might not realize that you’re already performing a basic cooking method, you just don’t know what it is. Hey, don't look now, but I think you're learning how to cook!

In my next post, I'll introduce you to a cooking method as a general concept and by taking a look at what you cook already, what you already know, I'll teach you to add variations. With this information within your grasp, you will learn how to cook!

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About Chef Todd

Chef Todd Mohr is a Certified Culinary Educator who has empowered home cooks all over the world with the reliable, dependable, repeatable METHODS behind cooking that build confidence, generate creativity and enable anyone to cook with the ingredients THEY desire.


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  • Charles
    7:21 PM - 16 April, 2017

    I enjoy food and love to cook. I enjoy looking at a dish and being able to imagine what it will taste like. I really enjoy curries and masala's there are so many spices in them. The smell and taste is wonderful. Another love of mine is sauces and gravies but simple and easy. I am disabled so that's why I like it simple. I have a love for cast iron and love showing my 12 year old daughter how to fry an egg in cast iron and have it slide out of the pan. Your YouTube videos have helped me learn a lot...thank you..

    • Chef Todd Mohr
      12:09 PM - 17 April, 2017

      Hi Charles!
      Thank you for your kind comment. The time you spend with your Daughter in the kitchen is something she'll never forget. A healthy respect of wholesome food and cooking methods is the best gift you can give her.

  • Linda Guzman
    11:03 PM - 19 December, 2016

    Thank you because of your teaching methods I have create great meals based on what I like and deserts that I didn't think possible I have confidence in what I'm doing. Thanks again.

    • Chef Todd Mohr
      1:32 PM - 20 December, 2016

      Hi Linda!
      Thank you for your kind comment. When you have dependable METHODS of cooking, it increases your confidence to know your meals will consistently come out great!

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