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Chef Todd's Holiday Cooking Success Course

The only holiday cooking course that reveals the secret techniques professional chefs use to crank out awesome cooking quickly & easily


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Let's Face It: for many, the arrival of the holiday season brings on feelings of stress. I know around my house, that's the way it used to be.

There is so much to consider: menu planning, schedule coordination, shopping, budgeting, gift-wrapping, food preparation, cooking, entertaining - and the list goes on and on.

Even as a professional chef, I used to agonize over fitting all the details together and usually fell short when it came time to actually enjoy the holiday. I always left too much work for the actual day.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

After many disappointing "day after let-downs", I decided something had to change. I wanted to be able to enjoy the holidays instead of just working the holidays.

What came about was a cooking and planning system that worked - and worked so well for me - that I started sharing it with some of the students at my cooking school, who were able to achieve similar results and dramatically improve their holidays by attending just a few holiday cooking lessons and learning this system.

Before now, these fast and easy cooking techniques have only been known and used by professional chefs!

Not for long though!

You are about to discover the secrets that only a select few know about. You are about to learn how to easily master holiday cooking so you can enjoy Thanksgiving AND Christmas stress-free this year!

How would your holiday season change if you didn’t have to spend so much time planning out every meal or so much money on large quantities of ingredients you'll never use again?

How would you like to be able to whip up a complete holiday dinner and enjoy the special day because most of the "work" was done way in advance?

How would it feel to be just like everyone else at your holiday meal and stroll to the table relaxed, rather than frantically trying to get the last touches done?

Before I created this system, I wondered all of the same questions.

I wondered why I was able to cook great food every holiday, but try as I might, it always took about twice as long as I expected and dinner was always "late".

I wondered why, despite my huge library of holiday cookbooks, I still wasn't actually learning much about cooking, and every new "recipe" I tried was like starting out for the first time. And who wants to try out a recipe for the first time at an important meal like the holidays?

Have you struggled with being able to enjoy the holidays without the stress and pressure of getting it all done on time, without going broke or settling for mediocre results that you worked way too hard to achieve?

If so, I've got great news for you!

If this is all making sense to you so far, you are probably asking the next question.

Chef Todd, How Can I Learn The Secrets of Holiday Cooking Success For Myself?

The exciting news is, it really isn’t hard to do when you follow my proven blueprint - the same blueprint that has taught thousands of cooks all over the world.

This year, and for many years to come, you now have the opportunity to eliminate much of that stress and start loving the holidays as much as your kids do - with my new Holiday Cooking Success Course.

Now, this Success Course won't take care of your holiday gift shopping and wrapping - unfortunately - but it WILL make your holiday planning, cooking, food shopping and entertaining easier and more budget-wise than you ever dreamed possible!

That's because I've developed a holiday cooking guide that is so complete, you will be able to tackle any holiday cooking task or challenge with complete confidence. This holiday course will arm you with a multitude of holiday menu ideas, techniques, money-saving resources, shopping guides, fact sheets, procedures, step-by-step video instructions and more!

Get Immediate Access to my Complete
Holiday Cooking Success Course Online

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But first of all you might be wondering who is CHEF TODD MOHR? And what qualifies him to teach you how to Quickly master the Most Important Professional Cooking Techniques for the Holidays or any day? That’s a great question so let me address it now. Here is…

The Story of Chef Todd Mohr

To get straight to the point, I have a small revelation: Following Recipes is Not Really Cooking! Recipes work best when you aren't totally dependent on them. They work best when you can read between the lines and understand what is really supposed to be happening - and better yet: to know the basic cooking methods so YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!These are the things I learned with a 2 year, $40,000 culinary school investment (not to mention what I've picked up over 2 decades of professional experience)! And this is the basis of what I teach in my cooking classes, video cooking instruction and live cooking lessons. I've taught thousands this simple yet powerful system so that they, too, are cooking like professionals in their own homes!

You see, before I was a chef, I was a lot like most of my students. I liked to cook - loved to eat - but mostly cooked the same meals again and again. These were the “tried and true” dishes that I learned to cook in order to feed myself over the years. But if I ever tried to deviate from “the recipe”…
My cooking was terrible and I never knew why!

What I learned in culinary school and 2 decades of professional experience made me realize that I had been going about cooking ALL WRONG and that so many people are in the same boat that I was in! They just go from recipe to recipe without ever really knowing HOW TO COOK. This is especially true at the holidays.

But how can you really learn how to cook?
(Trust me, you won’t learn how in a cookbook or on the Food Network –
because they don’t want you to know!)

I Had to go to CULINARY SCHOOL to learn this

But YOU Don’t Have To!

Just learning these cooking methods has changed the lives of people all over the world whether they are just starting to cook or have been cooking for years. These cooking methods, coupled with my exclusive time-saving checklists, resource lists and money-saving tips, are the basis for the cooking system I've created in Chef Todd's Holiday Cooking Success Course.

Listen to what my clients Sophie and Darren had to say about my 1 day Holiday Intensive Cooking Course from last year - the program on which this MUCH MORE EXTENSIVE online Holiday Cooking Success Course was based:

You won't believe the Results you'll Achieve with my Holiday Cooking Success Course!

Get Immediate Access to my Complete
Holiday Cooking Success Course Online

For the Special One-Time Price of Just


After 7 Holiday Cooking Lessons, You'll be able to:

  • Plan a full seven course holiday meal or a festive appetizer array that maximizes ingredients and presentation
  • Schedule your holiday preparation time efficiently so that you'll be enjoying the event as much as your guests
  • Save money on shopping by knowing exactly what to buy, not wasting food or prep time on overproduction
  • Prepare to be stress-free by organizing the tasks that can be done ahead of time, leaving only the last few steps
  • Impress family, friends and yourself with a holiday feast, worth celebrating
  • Discover the secrets of sublime baking and the vast variety of goodies you can bring to parties and events

Before I Reveal What It Is, Let Me Tell You What It Isn't

This Cooking Course is not your average holiday recipe guide.

  • This online Holiday Cooking Course is not just another online video cooking library with tons of recipe videos but no clear direction or instruction.
  • It is not a dry, complicated cooking course created for culinary students.
  • And my Holiday Cooking Success Course is definitely not another set of recipes that may or may not work under you unique cooking conditions at home.


The system is super simple, here’s how it works! You Get:

  • 7 Complete Cooking Lesson Units:
    • Holiday Planning and Preparation: From Menus to Shopping to Scheduling your Preparation!
    • Holiday Appetizers and Entertaining: Great Ideas , Time-Saving Tips and Presentation Tricks!
    • The Holiday Main Course: From Traditional Roasted Turkey to Festive Ham!
    • Holiday Side Dishes: Make this the Best Part of the Meal with Inventive New Twists!
    • Holiday Cookies: Learn to make the best holiday cookies and have fun doing it!
    • Holiday Pie-Baking: The Secret's All in the Crust - Learn it Now!
    • Holiday Cakes: Professional techniques you can easily learn for your own baking!
  • Over 4 hours of Video Instruction, broken out into 10 minute topic-specific demonstrations, revealing the step-by-step procedures for creating over 50 different holiday recipes
  • Printable Handouts for easy reference in the kitchen
  • Resource Lists with photo links of kitchen tools and supplies that will make your job faster and easier
  • Membership access to our Web Cooking Classes Members-Only Forum where you can get quick help and ideas
  • Direct Access to Me in the forum where you can ask questions and get cooking advice
  • Continuous Access to the Holiday Cooking Success Course throughout all of your holiday cooking needs

This is a proven system for Holiday Cooking Success!

Get Immediate Access to my Complete
Holiday Cooking Success Course Online

For the Special One-Time Price of Just


This holiday cooking success course will make your holiday planning, cooking, food shopping and entertaining easier and more budget-friendly than you’ve ever dreamed possible!

If you're still with me, I know you are really interested in tapping into these Chef Secrets and Cooking Methods that will transform your holiday cooking from frustrating, time-consuming, expensive and disappointing to fast, easy, fun and delicious!

And I've made it so easy to get started by offering my "jump-start" holiday cooking success course for such a low seasonal price of only $47 for immediate an ongoing access that never expires!

You see, it's hard to accurately describe the value of the information in this course because it is not available anywhere in such simple, straight-forward, cut-to-the-chase form. But I can tell you, it took me at least a semester or two of culinary school to learn it and many years of teaching others to perfect the most simple system on the planet for learning to cook in the convenience of your own home. And it took me countless holidays of experimentation to perfect and simplify the specific dishes I teach you in this course.
We Cooking Classes with Chef Todd Mohr

Get Immediate Access to my Complete
Holiday Cooking Success Course Online

For the Special One-Time Price of Just



What About Bonuses?

When I designed this complete holiday cooking course, I wanted it to be unlike any other holiday collection out there today, and I believe it is. This course is designed with results in mind. It is designed solely to make you successful. And for that reason, I am also including FIVE Valuable Bonus Items, totaling over $100 worth of valuable cooking resources! These are yours completely FREE when you join my Holiday Cooking Success Course:

Bonus #1: Complete Buying and Portioning Guide


  • 7 steps to Holiday Planning Checklist
  • Turkey Buying Guide
  • Standard Portion Sizes Chart
  • Holiday Meal-Planning Worksheet  - so you know exactly what to buy, avoiding waste!

$27 value!

Bonus #2: The Complete Holiday Poultry Guide

A Printable Fact Sheet that includes information for all poultry (turkey, goose, duck, hen, chicken) with all the details about:
Selecting, Storing and Carving the Bird of Your Choice - and it's yours for free!

$19 value!

Bonus #3: Holiday Sidekicks Preparation and Cook Guide:

Everything you need to know about those fresh ingredients that make a big splash in your favorite holiday side dishes. Plus - new ideas on how to prepare old favorites for exciting results!

$17 value!

Bonus #4: Pie Dough 1-2-3:

Learn the differences between pie doughs and their fillings and the important "pro chef tips" that will enable you to use the right combination of ingredients with the best preparation to bake the best holiday pies of your life!

$17 value!

Bonus #5: The Cake Faults Trouble-shooting Guide:

LIs the cake too dark? Did your cake not leaven? Is it unevenly shaped? Find out the reasons behind cake disappointments and the scientific causes so you can avoid these mistakes and achieve cake-baking success this year!

$17 value!

Over $155 worth of Cooking Instruction

Only $47 Today!

Web Cooking Classes with Chef Todd Mohr

Get Immediate Access to my Complete
Holiday Cooking Success Course Online

For the Special One-Time Price of Just


Web Cooking Classes with Chef Todd Mohr

This cooking system is easily worth 5 times the price. When you consider the hours of video cooking instruction, pages of handouts and bonus downloads, countless menu ideas, recipe techniques, ingredient facts and money-saving tips and procedures - it might even be worth more than that!

For just the average cost of ONE holiday gift this year, don't you owe yourself a gift?

Don't you owe yourself a season filled with confidence, success, great smells and tastes, and most of all: NOT FILLED WITH UNNECESSARY STRESS AND PRESSURE?

Consider Your Options:

Chef Todd MohrOption #1: You could get this system now for only $47 complete (no shipping and no tax). And then you can start learning the step-by-step techniques have enabled so many to finally free themselves from holiday cooking stress and pressure. You can ensure your successful results this year and for many years to come for the cost of just 1 cookbook. You can learn to create holiday food that you are proud to present, dishes that were a thrill for you to prepare. You can look forward to the start of an exciting holiday season of new discovery.
Option #2: You can hire a professional caterer or purchase your holiday dinner "to-go". This is becoming an ever-popular solution for busy people everywhere who have given up trying to balance all the work and preparation of the holidays and simply want to enjoy time with family without the stress of shopping, preparing and cooking. And this is a good option if you've got some extra money laying around. Professionally-prepared food is expensive, especially when it is so IN-expensive to learn the same techniques those professionals are using. Plus, when you order food you lose control over ingredients and substitutions - not to mention losing all bragging rights for the feast! If you've read this far, I'm sure this option is NOT for you.

Option #3:You can buy a couple of cookbooks and/or magazines and wing it. Cookbooks and Cooking Magazines - especially the holiday variety - can be great for getting ideas and finding out about the latest food taste trends. But you will never learn cooking techniques and procedures - which is the ESSENCE of successful cooking - in a book. Nor will a cookbook be able to answer your questions as they occur - as I will in the Members Forum.

Option #4:You can keep doing what you've been doing all these years. You've probably entered every holiday season with good intentions for better planning, inspired to learn new cooking techniques and find new recipe ideas! But every year, the time just gets away and you find yourself in the same position: serving the same old recipes while struggling to discover and create a few new dishes - all the while agonizing to get it all done in time! And I understand this because I used to the do the very same thing!

So It's Decision Time!

It's time to take the next important step towards holiday cooking success.

Don't Miss This Real Chance for Real Cooking

As soon as you click the ORDER NOW Button, you are going to IMMEDIATELY get:

  • Full Online Access To my: Holiday Cooking Success Course
  • Full access to the Members Discussion Board where you can get ideas from others and converse with me directly!
  • Your 5 Bonus Items featuring detailed procedures, information and planning guides!

Chef Todd's
Personal Commitment

First of all, every one of my products is “change-your-life” guaranteed. If you don't love something, you get your money back—simple as that.

If you aren't happy with the Holiday Cooking Success Course or any product on our website, for whatever reason, you can get your money back.

If you don't feel that the Holiday Cooking Success Course is an invaluable reference tool for your holiday kitchen - well worth the $47 you paid - simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund your money. Even if you've already watched all of the videos and downloaded all of the bonus items!


My goal is to teach people all over the world to find great pride and enjoyment in cooking. My goal is NOT to charge people for items they don't want or programs they are not benefiting from.

I'm SO excited to help you take this next step in your holiday cooking success - RISK FREE. Click below to get instant access now!!!

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Get Immediate Access to my Complete
Holiday Cooking Success Course Online

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I look forward to seeing you in the Members Area and sharing cooking ideas!

To Your Cooking Success,




P.S. You are just moments away from getting the step-by-step holiday system that will enable you to enjoy the easiest, most delicious holiday season yet - INCLUDING my full Holiday Planning and Portioning Guide for FREE with this program. This resource alone will save you well over $47 in wasted food – not to mention wasted time!

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