There are a lot of great home cooks out there, but many of them have a stumbling block in one particular area of the kitchen, they can’t make gravy. Perhaps you have the same hurdle.

I interact with hundreds of home cooks every day. I answer their questions, I share their successes, I try to guide them through their challenges.

We share the same problem that I had many years ago, and this problem may be the singular reason a decent home cook named Todd Mohr made a dramatic life change and enrolled in culinary school 20 years ago.

Like the people all over the world that I now help with their cooking questions, I had a LOT of uncertainties and skill-gaps in my cooking back then.

I could roast a chicken. I could sauté some vegetables, I could grill a steak. I felt confident with those things. I was consistent, I could depend on the results.


But then, I’d cover it with a jarred sauce because I couldn’t make gravy!


I was buying Alfredo Sauce in a jar, Beef Gravy in a can, even frozen Tomato Sauce! This is where my skill-gap was most evident.

What Chef Todd Mohr would like to tell Todd Mohr of 20+ years ago is that the key to making ALL sauces is the concept of Thickening Agents. If you can thicken a liquid so it sticks to food, you can make ANY sauce known to mankind.

With ONE method, you can make sauce for fish, sauce for chicken, sauce for beef, or any sauce you just dreamed up. It’s empowering!

I wish I had known that 20 years ago because it’s so simple.

Any sauce that you can dream up is made of the same three elements; 1) liquid, 2) thickener, 3) seasonings and flavorings. It’s that easy, 1-2-3.

But, the real skill lies in being able to create the appropriate thickening agent for the right liquid, the METHOD of creating a thickener that will be the foundation of your flavorful sauce.

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