Mojito Ingredients Necessary For The Hawaiian Way

Mojito ingredients are a few of the things I made SURE I have on hand when visiting Hawaii.  I may not have much in my rental kitchen pantry, but I only need a few items to make a refreshing drink to take back to the beach with me.

I’ve shown you before how it doesn’t take much to create a great meal from very few ingredients, especially when you’re on vacation.  Because, when I take a holiday, I still love to cook.  I have access to the best, freshest, local ingredients.

“Why would you cook on vacation?” is what most people ask me.  They’re implying that as a professional chef, I’d want to avoid my occupation for two weeks.  Isn’t that what vacation is all about?

Actually, cooking in Hawaii for me is like a violinist having the opportunity to play on a Stradivarius violin, just as I said when I visited a fish market in Hawaii.

However, mojito ingredients are absolute necessities when spending the day baking under the Hawaiian sun.  I’ve already shown you how cooking with rum can be dangerous and delicious, but there’s nothing difficult or dangerous about making my Hawaiian Blended Mojito.

You needn’t be a chef to complete this mojito recipe, you just need to be thirsty.  After filling the blender with ice cubes, I’ll add fresh mint, sugar, and my favorite Koloa Spiced Rum from Kauai.  I’ll top with some club soda, add a straw and I’m ready for my lounge chair!

You don’t have to use the mojito ingredients I’ve chosen.  Just like cooking, you are free to substitute and create your own Mango, Pineapple, or other tropical fruit mojito.  I find that, just like cooking, the best ingredients are the freshest ones grown closest to where you live.  That’s a bit easier to do in Hawaii, where everything is fresh.

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  • cheftodd
    1:41 PM - 27 February, 2012

    Hi Claudia!
    I like the Koloa rum because it is so sweet and smooth with no burn.

  • Claudia Arthur
    Claudia Arthur
    12:45 AM - 21 February, 2012

    Looks great! I like the idea of blending the mint. I've only had mojitos with muddled mint leaves. Now you didn't add sugar in the video, do you usually add sugar? What's the biggest difference you taste with Koloa Rum verses other quality rums?

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