Will Chef Todd Find Healthy Eating During Paris Travels?

My Paris travel itinerary is set, and I’m off to the city of lights to investigate healthy eating and why food in France is so much better. In my first Paris video, I’ll show you exactly what I saw in my first day in Paris from the street musicians to sidewalk cafes, Notre Dam Cathedral, and street food vendors.

The first few bites of food in Paris have alerted me to the fact that everything seems to taste much better. I’m compelled to figure out why healthy eating has a different definition in France than in the United States.

The croissants I ate in the morning had real butter and tasted that way. There’s no greasy texture in my mouth from a mass-produced croissant made with vegetable oils that don’t melt at body temperature.

Healthy eating and great food quality was evident as I walked the streets during my Paris travels in search of the best foods and ingredients. The local butcher shop has their rotisserie right on the street for you to see the quality of the ingredients cooking.

The fish restaurant displays all their fish so you can examine the freshness. Can it be as simple as the ingredients making the big difference in healthy eating? Doesn’t how you cook things make a difference as well?

Join me in my Paris travels as I attempt to discover why healthy eating seems to be different in Paris than it does back in the USA. In my Paris videos, you'll see that I won’t rest until I’ve tasted every croissant, crepe, escargot in the country in an effort to find the answers to my questions.

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