Worst Cooks in America Finale

The Blackboard is Gone

The final two contestants on Worst Cooks in America have learned to cook like a chef! They’ve done it in only ten days!

How do I know that Jenni and Rachael have absorbed a few tricks about the science of cooking? It’s because there’s no blackboard in the final episode of the Food Network reality mini-series. Once the written recipes were removed and they had to concentrate on basic cooking methods, even the worst cooks in America were cooking gourmet to fool top critics.

While early weeks concentrated on creating controversy and tension for the cameras, the last two episodes have shown that it takes very little actual education to gain cooking confidence.

If you don’t know how to boil water, it’s okay. It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to cook. Cooking like a chef is not an innate skill. You weren’t born having taken cooking classes in-utero. So, it’s okay to start now.

We’ve witnessed on Worst Cooks in America that just a few cooking method tidbits can create a curiosity in anyone. This passion then seeks out cooking lessons, online cooking classes, or even a school of cooking.

I’ve heard from two of the contestants on this show, and they mention a sudden passion for cooking videos, cooking websites and a desire to learn to cook.

This isn’t because they enjoy following a recipe on a blackboard.
It’s not because they like the cooking method of being yelled at by a chef under tight time constraints. They love what they create from their hearts and minds.

Every contestant on this show has experienced what I teach people all over the globe on a daily basis.
Any school of cooking, even online cooking classes, or cooking videos that ignore written recipes to focus on basic cooking methods will empower you with confidence. Confidence leads to risk-taking and curiosity. Curiosity needs to be fed information.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but “Thank you Food Network, for finally teaching someone to cook.” And thank you for proving the point I’ve been making for years. Learn to cook by basic cooking methods and forget the written recipe, especially if it’s written on a blackboard.

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