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How to Cook Freely - with Creativity & Instinct
and Break Free of Your Cooking Rut FOREVER

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How Is This Cooking Different?

Gain confidence, creativity and control over your cooking with Chef Todd's shocking discovery,
and become empowered with hundreds of new meal ideas for any diet in just minutes!


Become a Care Free Cook!

This Free Guide Will Show You The Path To Cooking Success

  • You’ll discover the #1 reason you’re being held back from your best cooking and how you can solve it quickly and easily

  • Become empowered with great freedom and cooking pride when you choose the correct 5 decisions you must make

  • Realize that you’ve been taught to cook all wrong and how you can change immediately.

Care Free Cooks Created

Words From The Chef

I Don't Just Teach Cooking by Method...I Live It Everyday.

Every day people tell me how learning to cook by method - the way I taught them - has changed their lives in ways they didn't even anticipate.

This kind of feedback feels incredible, I'll admit it.

But it's not surprising to me
because I know from personal experience
how almost every aspect of your life changes
when you discover the simple secrets
that allow you cook anything, using any ingredients...

Think about that for a minute...

  • You can cook for any diet without ever feeling like you are sacrificing taste and enjoyment.
  • You can confidently cook fresher, healthier foods quickly enough for any schedule.
  • You can buy top ingredients and still save money overall on your food budget.
  • You can entertain with confidence knowing your guests will always be wowed and your work will always be simple.
  • You can put a great dinner on the table every night that your whole family will praise.

This website was created so I can share my understanding of basic cooking methods with other curious-minded cooks.

When home cooks discover the dependable, repeatable, reliable METHODS in cooking, this builds confidence. With confidence comes creativity, and that’s when they are truly Care Free and cook the way THEY want with the foods THEY desire.

— Chef Todd Mohr


Confidence, Endless Variety and Cooking Freedom