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Cooking Success Stories from our Web Cooking Classes Members

Amy Reece
I've been a life-time member for about a month and I'm still in module 1, busily practicing my sauté and grilling techniques. I got started because I was trying several of the meal delivery services and my inability to cook the meat correctly quickly became evident! There is a HUGE difference between what a recipe says: "cook over medium-high heat on both sides 5-7 minutes or until done" and how Chef Todd shows you the proper way to sauté a chicken breast. Each video is FUN and QUICK, two very important features for busy professionals. Day jobs are a reality, people! I am having a blast and my husband is appreciating my new and improved meals. I highly recommend this course! Read more
Michael Latimer
Retired Senior Safety and Training Manager
New to the web cooking classes - just finished week six. Very keen to learn the methods as i have never been fond of recipes. Living in rural Ontario there is never any hope that one can get the ingredients listed. As Chef Mohr notes recipes make good suggestions on what can go together. So far all the methods have raised my confidence and quality my meals - plating wil have to be another day. My sauté using 75/25 method and an instant read thermometer = no over cooking anymore and wonderful browning. Need to work on grilling - good with chicken but getting the (my) temperature for beef is a work in progress. My BBQ has a infrared (very hot pad on the side - not sure about using it? Thanks Read more
Yolanda poppell
I am delighted with the lessons and services provided by I am known for not being a very good cook. Survived a long marriage with a spouse that wanted his foof burned, full of fat, and otherwise unappetizing but I was good at burned and tasteless. But aging brings on diabetes and that brings on the need to eat healthier. I am working from home, needed something to fill my off ours and stumbled into this web site. Cher Mohr is awesome. No snooty attitude, no needless big words, no need for a kitchen full of new junk. He teaches technique, not recipe. I am a chem major, I understand technique. In fact some of them are about the same. I am stuck on the saute' lesson. My fault not his. Determined to not move on till I get this. I am much better but still don't quite understand a few things. Not his fault. But I have the lifetime membership so if it takes a year to get to the next lesson, no harm done. The bonus materials, references, and other materials are extremely well done. He has clearly put much effort i to teaching how to cook, not how to read recipes. I love his classes and plan to stick it out to the end. I recommend that if you are a home cook that would like to f Read more
Jill Hall
My only regret is not finding this course sooner. Chef Todd teaches a no-nonsense rudimentary technique based course. No frills. If you combine solid, proven methods with fresh ingredients you have a no-fail plan. I'm impressed with the way chef reuses leftovers to create who new dishes. Even peelings are kept for stock. No recipes mean that no-one is telling you what to combine. There are no rules, other than those of hygiene and these well taught methods. If you're wondering whether or not to buy this course, stop right now and sign yourself up. For the cost of one or two fancy restaurant dinners, you can learn how to dine well for ever. Read more
Sharon Richardson
Retired Federal Senior Executive
I have so enjoyed Chef Todd Mohr's classes. I knew how to cook, but cooked with recipes (modified, of course!) These classes are so interesting because they teach you how to cook with techniques, not recipes! Read more
Ellen Callahan
Hi Chef Todd, I’m a 79 year old woman who has always loved cooking, but never had an opportunity to learn to cook like a chef before joining web cooking classes. I am having fun in learning each method of cooking that you present. For the first time in my life cooking is being demystified. Thank you for this tremendous gift. Read more
Clasina Riesewyk
Retired but very busy Housewife
I'm always up for a challenge and this one I'm enjoying very much as I love to cook and learn. Have approach this with an open mind so that I can pickup on the method this Web Cooking Classes are run. So far I have manage to make some very delicious meals. P.S. not that I did not before, but now I'm not relying so much on recipes. Thanks to Chef Todd Morh Read more
Bill Monski
After seeing countless advertisements for Chef Todd I finally decided to check out one of his Tuesday classes. I became instantly hooked, I have never been a recipe guy and Chef Todd was teaching the “hows” and “whys” of cooking. Needless to say, I began binge watching the Tuesday classes. I thought to myself, “Here’s a guy cooking in an apartment kitchen and having a blast.” After two weeks I decided to enroll in the Web Cooking Class. As I am writing this, I have completed 10 weeks of the class and I can say that it is well worth the investment. When I go to the grocery store and look at the selection, I am now thinking about what method I would use to cook something. If I feel like grilling, I think about how the direct heat is going to affect the chicken I am cooking. If I am Sautéing, I think about what aromatics I will be using and protecting the fond in the pan only to deglaze with the flavor of my choice. All in all, I have a better understanding of the cooking process and I am looking forward to the completing the course. And of course, I know my family is enjoying the ride. Two thumbs up, Chef Todd! I only hope that someday we could meet so that I could thank you in person. Read more
Pam Luxenberg
So far I really like what I have learned and my husband bought your sauce boss program. I have told all of my friends about you. Read more
richard schaible
Chef Todd obviously loves to cook. But it is also obvious he loves to teach. There are no recipes. You learn to cook what you like with his cooking methods. Then you can cook anything!!!!! Keep up the good work my friend, and have fun! Read more
Lizabeth Riepe
Retired High School Teacher
I have always loved experimenting in my kitchen. But, like many of us, we think we've gone as "Care Free" as we can be. I feel so much more inspired and more Artsy now, after just a few classes. I feel more like a Chef, than a home cook. I'm more inclined to Not Following Recipes! I taught Chemistry, so I now do a Lab Set-Up, and hit the pots and pans. Thank you Chef Todd for the Inspiration and Confidence. Also, if I use a recipe, I still use the Methods you taught, and understand why the recipe is given the way it is! Happy Cooking! Read more
Roger Carroll
Chef of my home kitchen
I love to eat. This has given me a real appreciation for cooking and those that do it well. I enjoy cooking, but I've never considered myself a "good cook". Sure, I could follow a recipe, but how is that real cooking? I was missing something. I was missing the "how" and the "why". I was missing the methods of cooking well. About 5 weeks ago, I finally attended Chef Todd's free online cooking class that I'd seen on Facebook. I had scheduled to do so several times, but never seemed to find the time. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did and I quickly became a lifetime member. If you're "on the fence" about doing this; do it. You won't regret it. Chef Todd is a high-energy guy who knows what he's talking about, and the Facebook community is the best. I'm really learning to cook now, and I'm having fun in my kitchen. Read more
Lisa Furr
Prior to enrolling into Web Cooking Classes, I felt like I was pretty resourceful in the kitchen. I felt like I was a fairly decent cook and liked to cook a wide variety of things. In the 3 short weeks that I have been taking the classes, I have gained SO much more confidence in the kitchen. I no longer look for recipes for what I can cook for dinner and I think about what is in my fridge and my pantry and how I can combine those things to make a wonderful meal. I have not duplicated a meal in 3 weeks. I cannot recommend this program enough. I get so excited when someone asks me what I have been up to lately. I just can't wait to tell them how much fun I am having in the kitchen. I absolutely adore Chef Mohr's enthusiasm! It is quite contagious! I wish I had found this program earlier. Read more
Kerryn Coombe
I am 60+ years old and have been cooking recipes for the family for a very long time - but no one ever taught me 'methods of cooking.' I'm an avid gardener and grow my own seasonal fruits and vegetables so I really wanted to know how to cook tastier meals with what ingredients I have available. My very first 'cooking coarse' session totally changed how I had been cooking proteins for nearly 45 years ..... wow what a difference (that on its own was value for money). I am a lifetime member (the full coarse). I am an Australian so how relevant is this coarse to people outside the USA .... undeniably relevant because this is about 'cooking methods' NOT recipes. I am so looking forward to incorporating Australian native seasonings and flavours into my cooking. I am LOVING every minute! Value for money - Absolutely!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You Read more
After cooking 50+ years from recipes, this cooking course is a gift from heaven. It is liberating to let go of the recipe and learn the methods behind the cooking. It is a bit strange to hear Chef Todd’s voice in my head, but it’s a relief to be reminded. You can’t go wrong with this course. Read more
Theresa Pronske
He has proven you can teach an old dog new tricks. Read more
Dan Stallings Sunny Street Cafe
I am so glad that I found Chef Todd's Web cooking class! This has changed the way I cook. Although I own a restaurant, we are breakfast and lunch only, simple recipes, not much variation but on occasion I have an opportunity to make things off the menu. I did not cook at home much because it took so much time. I am not a trained cook, and there it is, I was cooking WRONG. I have learned so much in a few short weeks and I cook every night and maybe 10 minutes I have fresh vegetables, a flavorful meat with a amazing sauce, that I created! I encourage anyone that is wondering if the course is worth it, go for it! I got my moneys worth in the first 6 videos! Read more
Sari Martin
My life time membership was a Birthday gift and it's a gift that keeps on giving. I am enjoying your Classes so much. My cooking has improved and there have also been some flops... but I learn from them. Thank you so much Chief Todd for your passion! Read more
Sandra Brimmer
For a long time I've been itching to expand on my "freestyling" method of cooking. I was yearning to expand and be better in my cooking. Lo and behold this WCC fell into my lap via Facebook and I watched the videos. Said to myself, this is WHAT I've been yearning for! I can't begin to tell you how much these classes really have expanded my knowledge and have vastly improved my cooking by leaps and bounds! No more for the time being of waiting for the food to get cooked! So far, my preparation times and cooking has been under 30 minutes! I recommend these lessons to EVERYONE! You don't have to be an expert to take these lessons. Jump in!! Read more
Stacie Thomas
Just love what I'm learning . . . . Read more
I have been a professional cook on and off for a couple decades. Now at 55 and retired Webcookingclasses has given me the chance to make a lifelong dream come true by going to culinary school. I enjoy the classes and even the basic classes gave me new information to use in the kitchen. I recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn to cook and if you have kids do this course with them, it is a life skill everyone should have. Read more
These classes are full of things I thought I knew and didn't and more I didn't know I needed to know! The classes are short with some humor thrown in. Very pleasant experience!! Read more
Step by step techniques & methods! I can watch the videos, practice the techniques, ask questions(and get answers quickly) Chef Todd's presentations are easy to understand, humorous & fun! Read more
Susan Parker
I have been “cooking” and following recipes for 40 years, and yes I am good at following recipes, but now I am really learning how to cook. I could never figure out why, when everyone said that I am a good cook, that my results were inconsistent. I had such a hard time with timing. Now that I am learning the methods and techniques I am getting much better results. I have not been too adventurous yet, I am still looking at recipes for inspiration, but now I don’t have to follow them word for word, I get the “method”. I also have to add that these cooking courses are very entertaining and make it fun to learn. I like having the resources and the homework assignments. Thanks Chef Todd! Read more
Lori Glaum
I always wanted to learn more about cooking for myself and my family. I never really had the time nor money to go to school to be a chef. I have been cooking only as a home chef with little bit of skills just enough to make some foods but getting bored with what I am cooking day in and day out. I love being in the kitchen but hate making meals until I found web cooking classes which is online. I can learn at my own pace and a new method than following a recipe. I have learned so much more and my meals are always different everyday. Never boring and so much more fun to make. I have more fun in my kitchen and always thinking up new things with the same methods. No more recipes. The only time I look at a recipe is only for the list of items being used and then I add my own twist to them. Thank you Chef Mohr for teaching me a different way of cooking. The lessons are easy to following and you make it fun and easy to remember how to make them. My favorite is sauté method. Pan hot, fat hot, protein in cook 75 on one side and flip for 25 more, remove protein, add onions, celery, mushrooms or whatever you like, add cold liquid to make my rouge, replace protein and simmer a few minutes. Sample! My family is enjoying my meals more as well. They keep asking me to go on a cooking show, lol. My confidence is higher than before. Plus I am saving lots of money than eating out because I am cooking more at more for the foods I was going to get from restaurants. I still have more to learn but I am on my way to a better home chef than I was before. Chef Mohr is Great! You would not regret learning from this class. Always more things to learn everyday! THANK YOU CHEF MOHR for being part of my families life. Read more
Graham Lucas
I have been following the Web Cooking Class and Chef Todd Mohr since I enjoyed a webinar that he hosted. His philosophy struck a chord with me in that I have tended to use recipes as guides rather than a cut and dried set of instructions. After the webinar and the first couple of lessons, I have totally ignored all my old recipe books and just used them as an ingredient list. Using Chef Todd's cooking methods has enabled me to produce great tasty meals from what is in the pantry and refrigerator, in less time than it used to take me to produce a family meal. I have been able to combine this course with my camping obsession. I no longer have to worry about what heat source is available as the cooking classes teach that I no longer need to time my cooking, just create juicy, tender protein for my meals. I have no hesitation to recommend this course to anyone who enjoys cooking and eating tasty, well cooked and consistently prepared food. Totally enjoying the course to date and eager to work my way through all the lessons. Keep up the good work Chef Todd. Cheers. Read more
I have been really excited about your courses, I dump and hope cook. So many things you advocate I have just done automatic. Has opened my mind to more adventure, one can get into a rut. I have been mentoring 2 girls in grade school for 3 years, starting the 4th. They are now 3 & 6 grade. It has helped me put helpful words and explanations to why, how and when, they can now better understand something that I just did. These girls want to do perfect, I like it when there are oops and I can show them how to recover. My husband has always been easy to feed and try new tastes. We are vegetarians, so the adventure is much more fun as the options out there are amazing. I wish I had bumped into you sooner. I am going to cook for a group this coming week. they will be handing me a menu, I am excited to see how I can take it and step it up. Over the years I have cooked for humanitarian group around the world, using what was available locally, I loved it. Can't say enough how excited to find you. My husband has Alzheimer's, but enjoys listening to you in the evenings, it relaxes him for bed time. He has always helped me in the kitchen, so it if fun for both or us. Our whole family cooks together still, when we can get together. Blessings as you continue to inspire and teach others. Read more
Joanie Nations
My name is Joanie Nations and I've only just completed lesson three in module one. Already we are eating better and healthier foods and my husband loves it. I love these classes because they are something I can do, when I can do it. There is no pressure or stress and Chef Todd is a fun and awesome teacher. I became a lifetime member so I can go back over anything I need from now on and have had to refer back a couple of times already. I have already learned so much. Chef Todd always answers questions and all the other members are more than willing to help when I ask. Everyone taking this course is so sweet, kind and helpful and I never feel lost. I'd like to thank everyone for that too. I'm not as active in the course as I'd like to be because I have stage four metastatic breast cancer. I take chemo every week and have other health issues caused by my treatments, still I feel no pressure. I'm going at the pace I can and Chef Todd's understanding is much appreciated. The biggest issue that I have dealing with this course is that I wish that I'd found it so much sooner. My husband has been amazed and I'm beginning to amaze myself too. The best part is that I can now put together a healthy dinner in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Thank you Chef Todd and thank you my fellow community members and friends. Read more
Jon Caravella
Chef Todd has put together in my opinion, the best online cooking school ever made. He teaches us to cook like a real chef does with methods of cooking not recipes and instructional information with home work. I have taken one other online cooking course and it was not even close to what Chef Todd has put together here . I feel as if Ia am in a real cooking school setting, with other students. Chef Todd being a real teacher from a real Chef school , does a wonderful job explaining what ,why, where and how to do each procedure as we look on. Also Chef Todd's slap stick comedy type teaching personality also makes it fun, funny and interesting. I am truly enjoying His online cooking course. I do most of the cooking at my house and my family has been telling me my cooking has improved 100% since I have been learning how to cook with Web Cooking Class. I also find it so much easier, to put together my meals everyday. I have just been having fun in my kitchen cooking. Chef Todd is a genius, this course is wonderful I cannot thank you enough Chef Todd. Being in a wheelchair you gave me the ability and freedom to cook like a Chef and to be a chef in my own kitchen. Read more
Jeff Miller
The web cooking class courses have open up a new way of cooking for me. Chef Todd is an excellent instructor and to me it's been a great experience taking the courses when I want to take them and working at my own pace. I am totally confident now whether I'm cooking on the grill or in the kitchen. Once you understand "the methods" you can cook anything. And I'm saving a bunch of money now when I go to the grocery store. Read more
Susan K Jereb
web cooking student
Hi All, I like the classes very much. I have always been a very tentative "chef". I do not have dinner parties because I panic with the thought of preparing a meal for others. But, so far (three weeks) I have learned a lot about how to saute properly and how to determine temperature of oil by visible signs. It really is becoming more fun. Each time I cook, I now can learn from my mistakes instead of wonder what I did wrong. Chef Mohr is very entertaining so classes are fun. So I highly recommend this course. Thanks to the pandemic I have time. I will download a pic of my first attempt. Well I don't see a way to do that. Sorry. Susan Read more
Anthony Pagano
I have been a serious cook for many years years and actually learned a lot of techniques from watching TV. Over the years TV cooking shows are less about cooking techniques and more about the BATTLING OF EGOs. When I found Chef Todd's program I was skeptical but watched. The video was easy to follow and I WAS AGAIN LEARNING not watching a bunch of people trying to cook a complete meal in less time than it takes to make coffee. I decided to take the full course and I'm excited to again as I watch and learn. Chef Todd's approach to cooking is simple and direct. I don't need another recipe - I'm looking to learn to be a better home cook and develop my skills. This course is that and more. It's easy to follow and learn at your own pace. Thank you for a course that FINALLY is targeted to the home cook.... I recommend this course to everyone who has an interested cooking. Read more
Debbie Elsner
Long Time Cook
I took Chef Todd's free class online. By all accounts I have been told I'm an excellent cook for many years. But, in those sessions I was surprised at what I did not know. I was impressed with Chef's delivery, sense of humor, energy and knowledge. I love these classes and am constantly telling friends of the new things I am learning!! Read more
Mark Hellman
I’m a single person living through the pandemic. Always loved to cook. Find a recipe, go to the store and tempt to make it. My daughter told me to find something I love to do and do it. I came across Chef Todd I think on Facebook. Now I’m a life time member to webcooking, sauce boss pro and get dinner done.Now I watch the videos and practice what I’m taught. I grocery shop now with many ideas when I say buy chicken. I’m totally hooked on learning more. Even splurged on new pots and pans.,I’m constantly thinking of what to cook . So I want to personally thank you Chef Todd for inspiring me to strive to improve. My kids and parents love what I have created with your cooking method. Read more
Sandra Gerritz
Central Office Technician - Retired Telco
I am so pleased that I found this Web Cooking Class. I am one of those people who has dozens of cookbooks and followed every recipe exactly as written. Once you learn the different methods of cooking and know that the steps are the same for each method and you just pick the ingredients that you like it opens up a whole new world for you in the kitchen. I love the fact that you get one lesson a week and have a chance to try out what you have learned before you move on to the next lesson. I am building a cooking reference book as I go and you get tons of information to print out that you can refer back to as needed. I wish I had known about this course years ago when I had a big family to cook for, but it's never to late to learn. I am still pretty new at his but looking forward to the weeks we spend on baking . I am also enjoying the posts on the private FB group where members are posting there wonderful creations. I highly recommend this course. Read more
I am 71 and there have always been a few things I could prepare well but not many, because I didn't have the basic methods. I had to really think about taking this class for economic reasons. However, this class is really worth the investment. Todd knows what he's doing and is a fine teacher. Read more
Wesner Jean Michel
For too long I have been doing so many things wrong in my cooking experience. I have waisted money buying books and magazines.Since I became a member and started using methods and techniques from Chef Todd we cooking I have learned so much in few days and my passion for cooking is back. Thank you Chef Todd Read more
linda baniecki
I am finding the classes very informative. One also has access to all previous cooking videos that are not part of the course, which are very helpful. Even though I am a pretty good cook I am still learning things from this course. Read more
Denise Heinrich
I have never had so much fun cooking! Chef Todd is so entertaining but also great at teaching. What you learn sticks with you...just like pasta on the ceiling. This is the best investment I've ever made in anything. You will be thrilled with the lifetime membership....that's the only way to go. I no longer panic at the thought of entertaining. I have confidence now because I've learned methods (the mechanics of cooking) instead of hit or miss recipes...a game changer. No more burnt whatever on the grill, no more lumpy sticky roux, joy in the kitchen instead of frustration! Read more
julie shapiro
I'm enjoying this WebCooking Class mainly because Chef Mohr does not give recipes he gives basics. Then trusts his students to rely on them to create their own recipes. I am now enjoying cooking more than ever. I am never, when in the kitchen, without my food thermometer. Not following recipes makes cooking fun again. Read more
Judith Lemon
I’m really enjoying this cooking class! This class is helping me to understand the cooking process that will help me to be a better cook so much more that just seeing someone put a recipe together. Read more
nancey cassalia
i am new and haven't taken my first "lesson" yet but have watched 2 webinars with chef todd and just from those i have learned invaluable lessons at 58 yrs old!! i recently made the best stuffed chicken breast of my life with what i've learned!! juicy and delicious!! i have always been considered by others a really good cook...... little did i know just how much i didn't know!!! this program is priceless!!! so happy i did the lifetime membership!!! 🙂 Read more
reina schlager
How many ads have we seen that say THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE... and it's a dud. Chef Mohr's very 1st class on basic saute... DID CHANGE MY LIFE. During the pandemic, the two top things I am doing is working at home and cooking at home. I am considered a pretty good cook and a fast one..since I would get home between 7-8pm or later... and hubby would be waiting for dinner. Well the different order I learned in that 1st class COMPLETELY changed how I look at HOW I cook. I have been doing through the classes on MY schedule, because of my heavy work schedule and that flexibility works for me. I have blocked out 3pmEST (even during work hours) to attend the LIVE for MEMBERS class... and it is SO worth it. THANK YOU, Chef Mohr. I can't get to everything live, but the recordings FEEL live, anyway. I highly recommend this and if you can swing for the Lifetime membership... I think it is worth it. Read more
Janne Taubman
Retired RN
I've been cooking from recipes and putting my own personal spin on them all of my life as well as trying to recreate dishes we've enjoyed while traveling, especially to Italy. Chef Todd's classes have eased my struggles by showing me the I can taste a dish (usually able to guess the ingredients) and now am pretty sure as to how they were made. Don't need to know precise measurement. I've learned the reasons as to why certain things have failed (throwing more flour into a gravy that isn't quite thick enough for example) and so many helpful tips. Being a Life Time Member is the gift that keeps on giving....and the Face Book's Care Free Cooks Community Group is yet another bonus to the LT Membership...I've learned a lot from other members. When I retired, I thought about going to culinary school, just for the joy of knowing. Then I found Chef Todd and this is so much better. I can do it from my home, at my own pace and repeat a class if I want. Great Job, Chef Todd! Read more
Marie S. Bulgin
I'm enjoying the classes. I just cook for myself these days so haven't done much in the way of experimentation. However, the few I've seen so far have inspired me to invite someone over to experiment on. Read more
John L Brown
I'm a retired firefighter and I enjoy thanks to the methods that I have learned in this short time as a lifetime member of chef Todd's web cooking class it has made a BIG difference in the way I see and prepare food.. I'm so pleased and so is my wife that this class is being offered ..Thank you again chef Todd..GREAT WORK Read more
Neva Elliott
I consider myself to be a very good home cook, but I have learned so much more through Chef Mohr's classes. Anyone with an interest in cooking will benefit greatly from the classes. Not only is it educational, it is fun! Read more
Cynthia Burt
Retired RN
I love the videos. I'm going slowly--working on the cutting basics before proceeding further. The videos are very clear and clearly demonstrate the desired technique. Read more
Really happy with this course! Chef Todd is an excellant teacher. He is knowledgable, informative, repeats with illustrations, and entertaining. My grandkids now say I am awesome in the kitchen! Read more
Rachelle James
I began Cooking Classes with Chef Todd in January. I love them! I love cooking and baking and have always been very good in the kitchen but these classes have helped me understand the chemistry of cooking. What I meant by that is I now understand stages of cooking and whats happening. I understand why things happen and this helps me prevent bad outcomes and it also helps me insure consistency in my cooking. I love Chef Todd's down to earth approach and his humor! He makes the classes fun! I highly recommend these classes! I hope you'll join us! Read more
Larry Moloney
I am the youngest of 5 boys. No sisters. My mom taught me how to cook. I have been cooking all my life (80 years) . I thought I was a great cook. I even do cooking on my community TV station but I have already learned many new and different things in the 5 lessons so far. More to come. Read more
Jacquelyn Crippa
It is a great experience being a lifetime member of Chef Todd Mohr's cooking coarses. Although I have cooked many, many, years, I am always learning new things. Todd is a great instructor, making very clear his instructions and you have to love his sense of humor! He is the greatest! I have no regrets becoming a lifetime member and just wish everyone could benefit from this wonderful coarse. Read more
Andrew Wray
Chef Todd Mohr’s teaching style is how all instruction ought to be done to provide the greatest benefit to class members, his students “Web Cooking Classes” is the best value course on any subject that I have ever signed up for In just my first few weeks of my course my whole eating experience has gone from “OK” to “WOW – this is great!!!” And I am already cooking for other members of my family, some of whom are trained chefs Cooking is a mammoth subject and Chef Todd Mohr breaks it down to the essential features so that each lesson concentrates on just one aspect of successful food preparation He starts with, and goes back at every opportunity, to the basics of heat management in relation to cooking, which is an essential aspect of preparing food for the table that I have not found anywhere else, and I have so many books on cooking that all miss out this essential subject This way cooking becomes an art form, not just the mechanical following of a recipé Chef Todd Mohr includes for his students a homework exercise with each lesson so that the learning process is experiential which is the best way to learn any subject; that is, from practice Also included with each lesson is a page of information relevant to the subject for printing off and for reference to the information essential to that lesson And his enthusiasm and humour in his presentation style shows how much Chef Todd Mohr enjoys his teaching and the success of his students The success of his students is clear to see from the very many comments that are published on the web-site for all to see
Thanks Chef Todd, i am really glad I joined and am learning allot. Can’t wait to get to Sauce Boss as well! Read more
Diane Drewke
I have learned a tremendous amount from Web Cooking Classes. There are a lot cooking shows and other resources online. So why am I so pleased I decided to invest in Web Cooking School. I have cooked for years but never created my own recipes. I always felt I was as good as my recipe and I wanted to learn to cook more creatively and also understand a recipe. I am getting that and so much more. Even though this is online. Chef Todd is incredibly patient and answers your questions very quickly. He is systematically teaching what goes into cooking and why. I finally read a chef's recipe from one of the cooking programs and found something not quite "right" or what I consider not too my taste and now I know how to correct it and why it is not right or where they took a short cut. This had to do with a roux as opposed to just adding water and flour. Likewise I am not looking at some complicated recipes and understand why for example they are sautéing this first and adding it later. This program is excellent and I am so glad I invested. Some friends said there is so much online why are you spending the money. Now every time we get together they are asking what is the latest I have learned. This also for excellent cooks who just want to have a more thorough understanding or more consistent results. This program offers a wealth of information in an easy to learn format. You will love it. It will be fun! Read more
Tiffany Eden-Miller
Todd Mohr is a brilliant, no-nonsense chef, an awesome teacher of the trade and funny as heck! I absolutely adore him! Read more
Henry Scott
I had no cooking experience when I set in on informational video. I was impressed with how simple and easy this course was to use. Since signing up for the course my wife of 38 years now ask me to prepare our meals rather than running me out of the kitchen. Thanks Read more
Mary S. Neva
These classes are phenomenal. Chef Todd is great. The Members are so kind. Starting at 66 I thought I was crazy. No way. It is happening! I love it.
CEO of Jn. Ba's Catering
l am elated with Chef Todd, s amazing Web Cooking Course. He's passionate about what he does. I am understanding the concepts that he has taught and he is clear and concise. I look forward to keep learning from his interesting course.
Yvonne L.
I have been following Chef Todd for about 2 years now and I am just amazed on how well he teaches you to cook. Its always a joy to take time out of my crazy life and breathe a bit of fresh air from his knowledge on his videos, and with confidence pull things in the kitchen together just right. Read more
Except for quite a few years of eating raw living foods, I've been cooking for most of my 68 years of life. Outside of a few dishes I learned from family, I've always been dependent on recipes. The only time cooking ever brought me any joy was when friends would gather and we'd co-cook our favorites over the holidays. Other than that, I never knew what I was doing, considered it a dreaded chore, and would prefer to not eat at all than have to cook. Chef Todd is changing all of that for me and suddenly I'm inspired to be be a more creative cook because I'm learning about the methods themselves. I'm learning HOW to cook and leaving recipes behind. Read more
steve carziku
I started this course as a home cook, that is puttering around the kitchen and building skills this course has help me understand the mechanics and things I need to see inorder to make a great dish for my family thanks on presenting this course I encourage anyone thinking of taking it, try it, its worth your investment in time and money Read more
Elizabeth Collado
The best cooking classes I have ever seen! It teaches you how to be creative as well. Read more
I'm Siting
As a new member who signed on to Chef Tod's web site just several weeks ago I have been asked to provide some feedback. EVERYTHING IS EXCELLENT!!!!!!! With one possible change.......Chef Tod, can you speak a little slower? Read more
Nina Eads
I have been enjoying my cooking classes so far. Each class has added more to my knowledge base. I really like having access to the entire library of videos so that I can select the classes that I am most interested in and build from there. I have found that some of the basic concepts have given me license to try new things and experiment with ingredients. I can already tell an improvement in my cooking. It has inspired me to clean through my kitchen and pantry as I try to increase the healthy options to choose from. I had gotten bored with veggies and this has opened up a whole new world to keep things creative, flavorful and non-boring! Read more
Diana Cheek
I have enjoyed Chef Todd's classes and have learned so much! He gives us great information and makes learning fun! Read more
Mary Siebert
I'm a retired schoolteacher and have enjoyed cooking for a long time. There have been good and bad experiences with my cooking in the past. Since starting the web cooking classes I have learned so much and am so excited about my progress. Since starting this course, I have prepared foods for family and friends that they have enjoyed so much. Even my white meat hating friends marvel at how moist and tender the chicken breast meal was. I know that I can reproduce that meal over and over again because I have learned the cooking method necessary for its success. No longer do I need recipes to prepare a meal. After learning about cooking methods, I can prepare anything that my mind can create or with ingredients I have on hand. I'm so excited to explore more in this cooking adventure! Thank you Chef Todd for teaching the methods of food preparation that I can now prepare! Read more
Larry Schneider
I love how Chef Todd conducts the classes. His philosophy, excitement joy of expanding knowledge of preparing technique's are outstanding. His personality is perfect for this, but the Chef's approach cannot be duplicated, because it requires his personality and joy for cooking. I have recently sold my house and I have not been home to cook everyday, but the meals I have sautéed for me and family received glamorous results. Matter of fact, I have developed more confidence in preparing foods, understanding the sky is the limits. In my travels, I have enjoyed his special video offers to cook Scottish, French, nd Spanish. I enjoy the plethora of variety provided, so you continue to grow in 'learning how to cook' that way you can apply it to numerous food groups, to come up with different recipes. Once again look at his offer and try this program. It will make you a more confident cook and a better person understanding why things turn out the way they do. Read more
Marlene L.
I have really enjoyed watching Chef Todd's cooking classes and what I like the most is that he teaches you how to prepare a great meal with what is already in your pantry and not to rely on recipes. By watching him, it gives you more confidence to create your own unique dishes without having to look through old cookbooks or search online. It's also fun to interact with other members. Read more
JoAnna Abeaham
I purchased a lifetime membership a few days ago. If anybody had told me how much this would change my life I would’ve called them a liar. I am 58 years old and have spent my entire life loathing the kitchen because I couldn’t prepare a simple meal. Some 40 years ago I cooked my first meal. The result of that meal was having to rush my brother to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. After that I became the queen of drive-through. My daughter constantly teased me saying the best part of going back to school was having good food to eat from the dining hall. After watching the first two lessons I mustered up the courage to try and cook. I sautéed a piece of chicken (I never thought I would even use the word sauté! ), made a pan sauce and air fried some potatoes that I cut into french fries. I even put some rosemary on the fries. I cheated with the green beans because I had some leftover in the freezer. It was delicious! I finished my meal with tears rolling down my cheeks because now I can truly say that I can cook. I never thought that I could feel this much excitement from being in the kitchen. Chef Todd although these are just too small words they are packed with heartfelt sincerity. Thank you! Read more
Love the classes and enthusium of Todd. A lot of information to absorb, but Todd repeats it from modular to modular that it becomes engrained. Thanks for allowing me to be flexible in completing the various classes. My schedule is hectic as I am sure many other members have the same problem. But I can do this when it is convenient to me. I am thoroughly enjoying this cooking experience. Read more
George Murphy
The course is great. It’s confirming what I have been doing for by looking. I don’t often use recipes but when. I do they’re there to give me inspiration and free me to go my own way. Chef Todd’s approach has helped to push me further to “”Up My Game”. There’s still lots to learn and experiment. Thus far I have reached week 13 (about 2-3 per week) and looking forward to future segments. Made a (my wife thinks) a great Harira last week! Read more
Jacquina Luse Sullivan
I love this cooking class that Veg Todd offers. I'm not much of a cook but have always wanted to learn. I have been a member less than a month now and it's been by far one of the best investments I have ever made. I'm so excited about Everything thing I am learning. Not only does he encourage you to be creative with your cooking but he gives you the courage to go outside your comfort zone and you like what your doing. He explains what to do in an easy to understand fashion that informs and entertains. It's not a here is my product good luck thank you good-bye, but a good support system from him and others in the cooking community he has created. It's the learning how to cook and the science behind it that interests me as well. I tell all my friends about Chef Todd and how much I love him. I recommend him to everyone. It's a life changing move for the best. I am a happier person because of this. I eat better, I'm spoiled by my own cooking and would rather cook at home then go out to eat. That's a big one for me because I would spend up to $100 or more a month eating out. What a waste of money and time. By the time you drove to the resturaunts, spent time ordering, paying your bill, then driving home, the money you spent one I spent on my meal alone could have fed a family cooking at home in the same amount of time or much less. This is an all win program. The company's employees are very patient and high in integrity. They want their customers to be satisfied and do what they can to accomplish that. I like what they stand for and look forward to a long relationship with them. Read more
Jack Carney
Happily Retired
If you are looking for a formal culinary class with hundreds, or even thousands of recipes, this is not it. But it is an enjoyable, interactive, informal cooking class that teaches and guides students to what I call “mindful cooking.” Techniques, methods, shortcuts, problem solvers, and developing a feel for what we’re doing. That’s what I’ve seen so far from Chef Mohr. Not stuffy, pretty laid back, and lifetime members always have access to go back and watch videos over, and over. Read more
Web Cooking Classes has provided me with so much information, and instruction with cooking methods. I enjoy Chef Todd’s presentations. He keeps it interesting, and fun. It’s very important to me that I can go back and view previous classes. I can pick up on tips I may have missed and review classes as needed. This is exactly what I was looking for. These classes are many times worth the cost. You won’t be disappointed. Read more
Karen Johnson
Love Web-cooking classes!! While I have only been a member a short time,I now have actual techniques and foolproof methods to make flavorful, creative meals. Chef Todd’s methods have changed the way I approach cooking and given me the knowledge and confidence to be a Carefree and creative cook. Webcooking classes have fulfilled a long held dream ,to improve my techniques and outcomes by taking cooking classes. Read more
Claire Nalikka
I have at most browsed through the entire 48 lessons: My family of five: Richard, Nathan, June Michael and me, is having enjoyable, interesting and exciting meal times these days since I enrolled on this course a few weeks ago. Nathan who is the daring and most adventurous one is trying all sorts of foods, herbs, spice combinations and now wants to become a chef. We have incorporated plenty of fruit and vegetables in our meals now. In every part of the course there was/is something new to learn. The high-lights for me on the course have been: 1. Knife skills 2. Cooking methods: Sauté, steaming, grilling and Smoking (I had never smoked anything using the smocking method in week16 before in, etc. 3. Clarified butter: I made mine by slow-cooking on low heat for 12 hours: Onions, garlic, Basil, oregano, ginger, bay leaf, coriander, saffron, red-pepper etc. • Note1: Into the solid residues (milk solids, spice solids at the bottom of the slow cooker I marinated a de-boned whole Chicken overnight. The next morning, I then stuffed the marinated chicken with rice and various vegetables rolled into bread -crumbs and the baked into the oven for 40-90 minutes. The aroma coming from my apartment this week has been so gorgeous and heavenly. It is the most moist and delicious piece of chicken I have ever eaten in my life. • Note 2: I then used the chicken bones. neck and wings that did not make into the oven to prepare the most flavourful Chicken stock. • Note 3: Some of my clarified butter and chicken broth/stock is zipped away in the form of ice-cubes into the freezer. However, some of the flavourfully clarified Butter/ghee is in bottles into the pantry drawers/Shelves. • Note 4: I am experimenting to see how long a small bottle of clarified butter can remain in the cupboard/shelves before it goes bad. I understand that It takes a while months or years. I will have to find it for this kind of environment. • Note 5: Please note: I had earlier inquired about buying the DVD’s for: • the Web cooking course and the • Entertainment and • Romancing the Kitchen Mini-courses • Note 6: The laptop I am using now which I bought in 2018 lacks a CD-ROM compartment. The reason being the memory -stick and External drives have replaced the need for such a thing on the latest laptop versions here in Europe. Hence my humble request once again for the down-loadable versions of the course and the mini-courses. I am based here in Ireland and that is the story. The DVD’s would be no use to me. Yet at times I do not have access to the internet/WIFI 4. Sauces and stock: I made a Chicken- lemon stock/broth-from all those ingredients and spices in (3) above. I will be making other sauces as I will see fit. 5. One-dish/Pot meals: We have plenty of such dishes in the culture I come from. 6. Salads: I have come to like them now that I know how to prepare the Salad dressing 7. Baking I cannot wait for winter to come around to put my baking skills into practice. I rarely bake in summer, because it is usually too hot to bake in-doors and there is variety and abundancy of fruit and vegetables. 8. Rice and grains. I am yet to make risotto rice (Arborio}, Lemon and coriander couscous and Quinoa . I cannot be commenting or giving a feed back on each and every lesson because of time -factor. Rest well assured that my cooking and baking skills and the eating habits of my entire family are improving every day. Yours faithfully Claire Nalikka Read more
Lee L Konecke
Have been steadily going through lessons and have learned a lot. Have made a big change in my cooking skills. I found that knowing these skills makes cooking easier. Thank You. Read more
Anita Nichols
I definitely have utilized everything I have been learning with these cooking classes! Read more
Danny Meadows
I’m enjoying & learning many things I was not sure of the correct method . I’m watching the 16 week videos. Then I will go back and learn them. Then I will move on to the advanced classes. I happy I’m taking the cooking classes. Thanks Read more
Bill Bruck
I've been cooking for years - both from what I learned from mom, and catch-as-catch-can as a bachelor. But "cooking" was making the same 10 things I knew how to make. No baking, sauces, or anything "fancy" - that was beyond me! Chef Todd's cooking course completely turned the kitchen around for me! After one lesson, I learned how to saute correctly (turns out I was doing it all wrong!). And such simple things - should you keep the grill open or shut? How to avoid making ugly cuts in your meat to see if it's done. The course was worth it to me 100%, and I find myself watching and re-watching the videos as both education and pure entertainment. (Chef Todd is extremely funny!) Read more
Cedric Davis
I am still a virgin to WCC I'm only in week 3 I am very happy so far. I am disabled and recovering from a a recent major surgery I can go at my own pace by logging onto the site anywhere there is wifi or sometimes even my smartphone. I can stop the classes one month and resume where I left off another month if need be due to unexpected finanacial curve balls that life may throw at me. I came across Chef Todd Mohr's by a suggestion from a chef friend of mine in California on Facebook. I already knew how to cook, but; its nice to learn the official professional, technical terms and methodology to build a stronger foundation to advance my padawan skills to Jedi status..The force is strong with Chef Mohr! Read more
Pam Thomas
I have been cooking for over 40 years and by taking these classes I have learned a lot that I never knew. Chef Todd explains the why and what which is a unique way of teaching that everyone would benefit from these classes. You have to give yourself time to improve and hone your skills at your level and the pace you set for yourself. Happy Cooking!! Read more
First of all thank you for allowing me to be a part of your cooking community. I am from the Philippines and I come from a province of great cooks. Recipes are handed down from generation to generation . When I first watched Your videos I found myself liberated from this . I use to obsess in finding all the ingredients in my recipes. After I’ve finished 4 lessons I can now say that I can make something I like , working with what I have in hand. My cooking is more precise and the results are awesome. I have learned to use a thermometer , got the right equipments and I am now more secure and prouder of my cooking skills . Chef Mohr is never boring and a delight to watch. My confidence is soaring and the food I cook is now more appealing and more delicious. More power to everyone and see you guys in class. I also have the lifetime membership so I am looking forward to a more fabulous experience with my love affair with cooking armed with my new knowledge. Read more
James Jackson
Director ESA Business Administration
Just wanted to take a couple of minutes to say thanks to Chef Todd. He makes cooking fun and has provided me with a skill set to amaze my friends and family. I encourage everyone to dive-in to his classes, his Facebook page and find the joy and excitement in how cooking and providing fun and good food can bring groups even closer. Read more
Joanell O’Connell
I love these lessons! I didn't know any of these techniques, or that there was such a thing as 'Methods' to cook. Really grateful! Still have a lot of practice to do but what a boost to find I can experiment and come closer to 'cooking' than ever before. Thanks Chef Todd! Read more
Friends and family members have always said I was a good cook. They are totally blown away by what I am making now and what I have learned. I am on week 16 and am loving every minute of it. Chef Todd makes it easy to understand, is entertaining, and encouraging. I am so happy I made the choice to enroll in web cooking classes! Read more
The classes are fantastic. There is so much information available delivered in an easy to understand way. Todd presents things in a way that challenges you to try things cooking methods you haven’t used before with great success and experience confidence and freedom in cooking you have never had...and I am not even through Module 1 yet!! I am excited for each lesson. Thank you Todd!! Read more
Have learned a great deal about the "Art of Cooking". It has markedly improved how I approach cooking and the results have be remarkable. The correct way to do cooking is not that complicated but doing in the way chefs do, as thought in the course, does make a difference. And supprisingly it is easier. Highly recommend this course if you want to learn the "Art of Cooking" and Cook Better Read more
Albert McCausland
Dear Chef Todd, A couple years ago I visited the Le Cordon Bleu culinary Arts with a heartfelt desire to start a second career with one I've always had a passion for. However, with two kids in college, I could not afford the $37,000 tuition or the time required. When I saw your ad, I watched your video and, the way you presented your course and your pricing made it wonderful. I have a few dishes and, although I can't say I've perfected it, I've so much and I know with time and additional classes, I'll be an excellent home chef in no time. You have shown me what cooking is and I now am more creative in the kitchen. Thank you!!! Read more
Jonathan Cooper
I have recently found my love for cooking, and this course has helped me become a better cook, and grow my knowledge of cooking methods. Read more
Anne Milnes
Hi there, I've been a member for a few weeks now and having just completed weeks 5 & 6, I find Chef Todd's video classes both informative and entertaining. In short I'm having fun with the homework and have already learned a lot. I have always been experimenting with new receipes and changing the ingredients to suit what's on hand, but now I know why some things turned out better than others. I used the wrong cooking method for some. My cooking is already turning out more consistently and I'm only a few weeks in! Thanks Chef Todd! Read more
I watched the webinar, purchased the Lifetime program. Watched a couple of the lessons that are most immediately pertinent to me and already feel like I got my money's worth. Can't wait do more of the classes. Love the explanations and the science. It clears up questions I've had about things turning out... or not. Thank you. Read more
Nancy McEntire
I’ve gone through several lessons and in each one I continue to learn more and more. The methods make sense and the steps are easy to follow. I am enjoying cooking differently and exploring new foods/methods. These classes are very exciting! Read more
Linda Polan
Teacher Substitute
I have completed the first six modules of Chef Todd’s Web Cooking Classes and have really enjoyed learning his Methods! It is changing the way I cook and allowing me to more freely cook without relying on recipes! I feel more creative in the kitchen and look forward to all the challenges ahead of me! I love learning from my peers thru the Care Free Cooks Community! Quite a worthwhile investment! Read more
Home Cook
Great class!!! Wonderful for either the beginner or experienced cook. Well worth the time and classes are wonderful!!!! Read more
Jennifer Taylor
I've really been enjoying Chef Todd's teaching style. I appreciate learning the methods of cooking instead of following recipes. Chef Todd is funny and engaging and I'm starting to enjoy working with food on my own terms! Read more
Lorraine (Lori) McCleery
Chef Todd Mohr's web cooking classes make me feel like I have joined a club; there are others out there like me who want to up their food game to the highest level and there is someone who cares about showing us how to do that. I know it sounds corny to say the classes are life changing but they are... I love learning special helps (freeze the roux, weigh vs measure), the why, the how to... I'm really learning for me, everyone else is just reaping the benefits! There's nothing like a perfect nappe, or looking into your vegetable soup and everything is cut consistently (so it cooks consistently!). It makes you proud and gives you confidence to continue to challenge yourself. These classes have set me free in the kitchen... Read more
Electrical Engineer
Learning cooking methods rather than recipes is working for me. I just wish I had learned this when I first started living on my own rather than in my 50s. I've never owned a barbecue/grill but I'm actually considering it now. I'm only on Week 4 and learning new things each week. My execution still needs practice, but I'm excited to keep trying instead of being discouraged and quitting. One of the things I like the most is that I can create new meals with whatever I have on hand, so I look forward to no more leftover ingredients.. Read more
Kathy Ahern
I have cooked for years and really enjoy it. I always follow the recipes and substitute if I don't have the exact ingredient. I love Chef Todd's classes. I have to think outside of the box instead of following the recipe. My suggestion is try the webinars. Then enjoy the classes and talking with other member. Enjoy, Kathy Read more
Karen Bullington
I am enjoying the classes! I do a lot of cooking, and it is good to be learning more of the basics to give a deeper understanding of the hows and whys. Read more
Linda Theiring
I am really enjoying Chef Todd's cooking classes and am learning so much! I am in my early 70s and have been cooking for many, many years. However, the idea of learning cooking methods rather than relying on recipes is what got me hooked on taking these classes. It's so freeing to know that I don't have to use recipes and rely on having the exact ingredients for the recipes on hand and then when I am missing a certain ingredient, having to run to the store or forget making that recipe. I love Chef Todd's enthusiasm and his humor. He makes every class so interesting as well as being such a great learning experience. I look forward to every class and to the extra sessions that he has on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. These classes and all of the extras are definitely worth the money! Thank you, Chef Todd, for giving us such a great learning experience! Read more
M. Hobson
This is an awesome class! The Chef is enthusiastic and simplifies the methods and steps! The price is affordable and he also puts in some bonuses! Sweet! If you looking to enhance your skills... you will enjoy this course! If you are learning - great way to learn as well. Read more
Jack Wilborn
Don't know how long I've been a life member, less than six months but my browser is always open to one of the modules. I used to rarely cook or cook rarely, it was always not too pleasing. I now cook daily and enjoy it, as does my spousal unit. It's nice to have a good idea of what I'm doing especially when I try own variations, which is almost daily. I no longer wonder what I did wrong when I don't get the expected results, I know. It's too bad this wasn't available in when I was in school. This would excite many young people. Your full refund 30 day guarantee gave me confidence to go ahead with the full membership purchase, and I cannot put into words what I've gotten out of it. Now my wife calls me a 'food snob' as I'm not usually happy with what they serve. However, in retrospect, $50 would have been a bargain for what I learned from the sales video 8) Read more
Chef Todd is a genius and I love him!!!!! My Husband loves him too now!!!! Thank you ? Read more
I joined WCC to help me learn how to cook. I went from novice to comfortable and capable in the kitchen in such a short space of time. Chef Todd is such a positive and real person, the value that I've received has been amazing, but what really topped it off for me, was that during lockdown, my 15 year old son joined in watching the videos and has grown in confidence in leaps and bounds beside me. I gained knowledge and time with my son and we could have a laugh together without stress in the kitchen. In New Zealand, we've come out of lockdown and the first thing my son wanted was for us to go out and buy a new chefs knife so he could "cut properly". It blew me away that Chef Todd was able to get my son out of his gaming and into the kitchen. Thanks Chef Todd. Read more
I have been cooking and been interested in cooking for many years and wondered what else I could possibly learn. Chef Mohr's classes have been not only entertaining and fun but have also been extremely educational. I have learnt something new in every class I have so far attended and would highly recommend his courses to anybody needing or planning to spend any time in a kitchen. Read more
Joe Sarnowski
Retired Software Architect
I've always been told to cook by using feel, time, and cutting the meat to determine if it's done. It wasn't until Chef Todd explained the correct way to tell when the meat was cooked to stage I wanted was to simply test the temperature. He also explains the stages to use to correctly saute a protein. Read more
George Temple
I am a 70 year old that has been cooking for years. I have been enjoying Chef Todd's cooking course over the past 7 weeks. I have done many online cooking courses and have worked at a high-end cooking supply store which also featured cooking classes and demonstrations. I have worked along side with the instructors, who happen to be well-known chefs in my area. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of interest do to normal day-to-day situations. Since the pandemic and finding your website course, I have renewed my interest in cooking. Chef Todd's style of teaching is realistic and down-to-earth. He continually offers suggestions as well as methods of cooking. I have taken advantage of special offers he makes available for his students. In between the regular course, I have been enjoying past videos. Thank you for sharing what you love with people like myself, interested in cooking (WITHOUT RECIPES)! Read more
I got started through the webinar, now i am in the classes. Chef Todd showed me what i was doing wrong with my knife, now my skills are improving every day, as well as my cooking. It's amazing how much difference that one small thing made, now i can't wait to see what else i can learn! Read more
Brenda Boettcher
I really love being a Lifetime member of Chef Mohr's web cooking classes. I know how to cook to a point but the classes so far have really taught me a lot. I didn't understand how important oven thermometers or meat thermometers are when cooking meats or other foods. I hope to learn as much as I can. I like the idea of always having the opportunity to go back and review a lesson as many times as I need to. Thank you Chef Mohr! Read more
Love these classes. Chef Todd is so fun. I earned back my money in one class, learning how to cook meat! My meat tastes so much better. I look forward to lots of good stuff to eat. Read more
Scott Cleveland
Chef Todd has a pleasing style and his lessons are very informative. I am using many of his methods already. If you are interested in cooking, this is the class for you. Read more
Reesuk Kim
I tried my first dish after viewing the lesson on how to saute. I cooked boneless chicken thighs with skin attached. The skin came out amazingly crispy. I deglazed the pan and reduced the broth. It was fun, but I can't believe how delicious the chicken was. Even my son was surprised by the taste. There was so much chicken flavor! All I added was salt, pepper, onions, mushroom, garlic, and chicken broth. I can't believe how delicious it was. I feel much better about cooking already. Read more
Jan Kirstine
I am so happy I'm taking this class from you Chef. I have already gained some confidence into my kitchen tasks. I'm also enjoying the free classes online as my time permits for it. I even bought a new saute pan for excellent fond. Thank you so much, and I like your humor! Read more
I have always been a very good home cook. Never really followed recipes and had no problems with dishes turning out very well. I was very doubtful that this class could teach me anything. I was mistaken. My food is even better. I have learned the why of cooking and the why food does what it does. I highly recommend this series to everybody of all levels of skills. Read more
Rosemary Anderson
Chef!! I did it!! Potato soup!!! Read more
I have been cooking for more years than I wish to admit. But since I began, I have learned so many basic things that I had never known and that have brought my cooking skills to a completely new level. It is truly liberating and has given me so much more confidence. I also love that I can view the classes on my own schedule at any time of day or night. Thank you Chef Todd! Read more
Eric Shuping
Using the principles I learned from Chef Todd Mohr through Web Cooking Classes, I was able to prepare a wonderful Shrimp Fettucine Alredo WITHOUT A RECIPE! This is a recipe that I've wanted to make for years and now I've done it, all on my own without a recipe or pre-made sauces. Thank you Chef Todd! Read more
Kent Dingman
My friends and family all say what I great cook I am. However I have already learned so much from 3 of Todd's free seminars and 4 weeks of the Web Cooking Classes. I have been cooking a lot for the last 10 years and find that it is challenging and relaxing at the same time. I have already created several personal recipes that turned out very well. Mostly because of Todd's great teaching. He makes everything easy to understand and to remember and FUN! I love to bake fresh yeast breads but cannot wait to see what I will learn from Todd's classes. A lifetime membership to Todd's site is one of the best decisions I have made. I used to like to cook, now I LOVE to cook! Read more
Marion Mayo
Early on I began cooking when I was a child, about 8 years old. I learned by watching my parents, but it was more a part of daily "tasks". Over the years, somehow the joy was lost and control of food choices. Being an over-analytical engineer (which flows into my non-work life as well), I realized I needed to make changes and get control back. I needed to find the joy, learn, teach my grandkids, and perhaps lose some weight by eating in a more healthful way. I love the positive and sharing environment here and on the Facebook community. Chef Todd is very personable and has much knowledge to share, which I am excited to absorb. Thanks for bringing me into the family! Read more
Growing up my mom taught me to cook from scratch. I soon learned how to recreate her dishes and stated to experiment with seasonings to make them my own. A few weeks ago I viewed one of Chef Todd's webinars and was surprised and intrigued. The webinar included how to make a roux. When learning to cook in south Louisiana the first thing you hear is "first you make a roux". Little did I know that roux is used for more than just gumbo and stews. The webinar got my curious natural going - I wanted to know more and enrolled in Chef Todd's web cooking classes. Now that I'm learning the methods of cooking I hope to enhance the skills my mom taught me as well as adding a some new dishes of my own. It's spring here and I can't wait to fire up the grill for my next class. Chef Todd is quick to answer questions and offers lot of support. The classes are done at your convenience. I generally cook on Sundays so I added the course to my cooking time and it works perfectly. Come join the fun!!!! Read more
Lynn Hochradel
Enjoying Web Cooking Course very much. Have learned why some of my sauces were lumpy ... learned how to correctly cut an onion ... learned about the different potatoes, how to make a roux ... the wonderful world of fond ...!!!! ETC., ETC., with knowledge, comes power in the kitchen, Todd sure is giving me knowledge! Money well spent, in my opinion. Read more
I've learned a lot early on in the module 1. Going to be practicing knife skills as much as possible so that it becomes second nature. I also enjoy the classes. Read more
Melanie Brown
Chef Todd's classes work for me because I can decide how much time to devote on any given day. When things are busy, you can easily squeeze in a fifteen minute session, and practice what you learned - perhaps on the weekend. Recently, I was recovering from surgery and could binge watch a ton of cooking lessons at once. By this time, I am already far more confident in the kitchen. I definitely feel my investment in lifetime membership was well worth it. The cost-effectiveness can be measured in grocery store savings and restaurant avoidance alone. Now when we go out to eat, we think "this would taste better if we made it at home!" Thank you Chef Todd. Read more
Sheri Sinykin
I have hated cooking for all of my 46-year marriage. It's a wonder my three sons survived what passed as my cooking. I found Chef Todd Mohr's quite by accident. Bored during the pandemic, I enrolled in a free class. I enjoyed it immensely. It was completely out of character for me to enroll, but even the first few lessons have totally transformed my life. I look forward to creating dinner now, and my husband is choosing my food over fast food. I have medical restrictions on what I can eat, and I was delighted to learn Chef's methods can transform even the hated Renal Diet. I'm not able to grocery shop personally these days, but my daughter-in-law (an amazing cook) is fascinated by what is on my list each week. We have a whole new area of interest to share. Thank you, Chef Todd, for healing my bad attitude toward cooking! Read more
Camille LoParrino
Health Coach
Initially, I was overwhelmed by the energy and passion of Chef Todd, but after so many poor cooking attempts of my own, I now welcome and appreciate his knowledge of kitchen tools and how to successfully use them to produce enjoyable meals. Read more
Chef Jeff Petrick
I would definitely recommend these cooking classes. I have attended cooking school and have passed all the required tests needed to be a chef, and have cooked 3 meals a day for over 300 people. I still learn from Chef Todd because he takes the time to explain why things happen, and at what temperatures. The science behind cooking, and getting the results that we all want. Chef Todd will take the fear out of sautéing in a non-teflon pan. I am a Life Member, and continue to learn new ideas and ways daily.. You can always learn from someone with more experienced than yourself no matter how experienced you are. I've been very pleased. Thank You Chef Todd. Read more
Carol Sharp
Part time data entry
I am so glad I joined your classes. I was never taught to cook, but have been ok for 50 years. I am finally learning how to do some things the RIGHT way. Love Chef Todd’s presentations and sense of humor. Enjoying every class! Read more
Sudi DeShazo Freeland
Joined these classes during the COVID-19 shelter-in... I would not have considered myself a novice cook but these classes and videos have upped my "game" 100 fold! The change from the "recipe" style of cooking to the method style has liberated me! Highly recommend WebCooking Classes for anyone interested in increasing their kitchen skills! Read more
Wanda DiLauro
I love these classes. I have learned quite a bit from them. They have improved my cooking style. They also helped me with the items I need to use in preparing my meals. I love the style of the courses. Read more
Martha L. Gay
I'm assuming higher numbers are better. I reignited my interest in cooking doing Blue Apron meal kits, which introduced me to lots of ingredients I'd never heard of. This class and the meal kits complement each other nicely. I now understand why they do the things they do. I'm enjoying the class immensely. I now can confidently cook fish and won't ever again dry out chicken breasts. Thanks Chef! Read more
I've been cooking for over 56 years. I'm considered a "good cook" by those that have eaten at my table. Having said this, I have to admit that I've learned things that have helped me in my cooking. Just listening to his webinar I learned a lot of useful tips. So I went out on a limb and ordered his cooking class. It helped me make a wonderful dinner the other night. For the first time, I actually used a thermometer to check on the progress of a nice roast (a treat for my grandkids and I) and got it to a beautiful medium rare throughout, with a wonderful crust on it! Cooking by temperature, not minutes/hours alone has made my cooking go up a notch. I took the information on cooking meats, looked up the internal temp of pumpkin pie and got my pie cooked just right. No more poking it several times with a knife to see if it was set. Just inserted the probe and left it until it hit 175. Timer on probe beeped and I took out a perfectly cooked pumpkin pie. The thing is, this was a new recipe for me, using healthier ingredients that didn't jack my blood sugars. So it was a little more tricky than my normal off the label pumpkin pie that I've made for years. It's been well worth the money, even if I never learned anything else - and I still have many modules to go. Read more
A member for a few weeks. So far I've enjoyed the classes and the webinars. I have learned a lot about cooking. Looking forward to increasing my cooking knowledge as time goes on. Read more
Paul Read
I've always had a passion for cooking, but I've never had any formal training. Around 6 weeks ago, I received an email inviting me to sign up for a free webinar, "5 Essential Cooking Skills Taught Only in Culinary School." Well, I signed up and watched the seminar. That was it for me. I was hooked. I immediately signed up for a lifetime membership and a began my journey. I then completed 16 weeks of training in only 6 weeks. I couldn't stop watching. If work didn't get in my way, I would've done more by now. I can't believe how much I've learned and how much my cooking has improved. If you have a passion for cooking and want to take your cooking to the next level, I highly recommend buying this course. Chef Todd is a great teacher!!! I can't wait to get through my next 32 weeks. Read more
Barbara Burnham
Totally enjoying Todd's cooking series, I just started and up to steaming. His knowledge, sense of humor and seeing all the I other ideas from other cooking enthusiasts is great. Looking forward to trying everything out when with my family in 2 weeks. Hope you enjoyed my picture of my first tomato pie which was delicious! Read more
Hi Chef, I’m enjoying your classes, but don’t have the time to watch as much as I’d like. Thanks Chef Joan U. Read more
Mary dixon
What a blessing! My entire way of cooking continues to evolve and change fir the better. My friends all want an invite to dinner. I ship baked goods across the country to my friends. Having a blast, and learning new ways to think about cooking. My compliments to the chef instructor! Read more
Maria Kemp
I really enjoy the flexibility of taking the on-line cooking classes at my convenience, and learning how to be creative in using different seasonings and making a variety of sauces to make different dishes, rather than the same old boring ones that we get tired of. Thank you for the great classes that are entertaining too! Read more
Ellen L Doss
I'm a 60 yo woman and I have learned a great deal from these courses. Chef Todd makes it fun and easy to learn. My family is loving the change in cooking! lol Things you thought you knew, you find out there is a better easier way! Love it! Read more
Cathie Ruggiero
I confess that I have not had much of a chance to watch classes (seems absurd during a lockdown) so have not had the full benefit. What I have done is check information about what I am preparing. I now know how to grill a steak & make a crepe to perfection. His free class taught how to hold & use a knife. This has made kitchen life easier. For some reason I retain what he says, possibly because of his sincere desire to teach. This man has his act together. Constant emails with new classes, a truly smart website where you can be in contact with other chefs, and his endless enthusiasm makes it fun. I am very glad that I bought the lifetime membership because I feel no pressure to learn all at once. What I want & need will always be there. My chef hat is off to Chef Todd. Read more
Peter Rogakos
If i could rate web cooking classes 5 plus i would. I am in the food service industry and as all of us in the food service industry think we know everything. I have learned an amazing amount from these courses. I thank you Chef Todd and if you are ever in Brooklyn please come by and visit us. Read more
Judy Collins
I was introduced to Chef Todd Mohr by watching a webinar, and though I was interested in learning by method rather than by following a recipe, I did wonder if I would get any benefit as I have been cooking for years and always regarded myself as quite a good cook. I decided that I would try the course for a month and signed up as a Life Member, because I knew that I could get my money back, no questions asked, if I did not think it would work for me. Naturally I looked at lots of episodes, during that free month's trial to see whether I wanted to become a permanent member and quite honestly I was surprised at how much I did learn. Previously I had never got the pan quite hot enough for the saute method, I had always made stock in a pressure cooker, had never learnt the art of tempering chocolate and whilst I had fiddled around with recipes by adding different ingredients, I had never made up a recipe from the ingredients that I had on hand and had really not even done things properly. If the recipe said to saute the meat, then add tomatoes and simmer for a while before adding wine, (my chicken chasseur recipe says to do this) then that is what I did, but now I know that the wine should be added BEFORE the tomatoes, so that it can be reduced thus intensifying its flavour. They are all small things but they make the difference between a good cook who knows WHY they are doing something and a mediocre cook who just follows a recipe. Who knew that if potatoes are boiled you should start with cold water not boiling? Now that I cook from Method and have been shown how to build up flavour profiles, I waste less food as instead of going out to buy food to make a recipe, I now have a look in the fridge and use what I already have, so the food I have is always fresh. The videos are fun and short and of course apart from all the valuable tips I am picking up, I am trying out new methods that I never dreamed of trying, like smoking meats and fish, making my own BBQ sauce and my own chocolate Easter eggs. However one of the best things is that Chef Todd will answer any question you have and you know that it is being answered by a professional. This is so much better than attending a live cooking course, as you can look back on the lessons at any time and be reminded of the correct way to do anything and shown what you have to look for. The best value cooking course I have ever done!! Read more
will hastings
Hi Todd, enjoying the adventure so far. I'm building a stronger foundation by having a dependable method to repeat. Read more
Rebecca Reitze
I saw Chef Morhs blip on FaceBook and decided to check it out. I'm glad I did! The courses are easy to follow and Chef consistently makes you smile while he does the video. Chef isn't pushy about the lessons and doesn't cram too much into them for one week. There are cheat sheets to download and they are pretty concise as to what the lesson is about. I'm saving mine to look back on. He gives you homework to work on what he has taught for the week. You can post things on the website, or once you join you can get on the FaceBook site. Now THATS a plethora of information with awesome and friendly people on it. All in all i'm glad I chose to go through Chef Mohrs cookingclasses site and not some other one out there. And don't worry, its all on your dime so there isn't any stress about it, or tests you have to pass to go further. Well, so far! Read more
I'm so happy that I joined this website. I love that the classes can be taken in your own time at your own pace. (I really don't have a lot of spare time so I'm working through the classes very slowly) - and love that I can watch them over again if I need to - and I do! The best thing about the classes is that they have given me confidence. I'm trying all kinds of stuff that I never thought I'd do in a million years - and so far I'm only at the beginning of the course!! Can't imagine what I'll be doing by the end of it! Thank you Chef Mohr. 🙂 Read more
rod cochran
I have always been interested in cooking . This Web Cooking class I can't say enough about. Chief makes the class fun and very informative, well worth the price. One of the things I like about the program is how it is set up for learning. I can and do go back to lessons and replay them. I sometimes forget things and the lessons make it easy to recall when you need to. Chief has a down to earth approach and the make thing MY way prevails. Chief Todd is just great. Rod Cochran Read more
Beth Field
I started Chef Todd's web cooking classes a few weeks ago, and I love it! I'm on week 5 now, and putting into practice what I am learning. Also there are a large number of videos on the facebook page that I have been diving into and taking notes. The other night, I made sauteed tilapia and added some leftover items from the fridge - just something that I threw together - and my husband said it was the best tilapia he's ever had. It was really good, and apparently I've been overcooking my fish for years, but never knew what I was doing wrong. Just these first weeks alone have given me new confidence in what I am doing because now I am understanding the science behind it, which makes it repeatable and consistent. We're going out to eat less, and I don't spend hours anymore deciding what recipes to make for that week, or worrying on the way home if that recipe is going to take too long because I'm coming home later than I planned. I'm loving to cook again, and very happy I signed up for this course. Read more
`Ellen Rittenhouse
I am a new member of the cooking class with 65 years of cooking experience who is learning new skills and improved methods in a few short weeks. I expect to learn additional skills related to cooking for one so that I don't rely on recipes for inspiration and guidance. There is something available in this class for everyone from children to seniors! Read more
Candace Gustafson
I took your chicken wing class. I trimmed the fat. Made a marinade of fresh lemon juice, minced garlic, fresh oregano, olive oil and S & P. The thermometer helped so much. Grilled on a 600+ degree grill on a hot steel grill pan with holes in it. Used the thermometer as you instructed.. They Were perfect! Juicy & crispy! Devoured in minutes. Read more
Tim Baliles
Chef Todd has provided me the missing ingredient for my cooking, focusing on applying the right methods rather than always trying to find the right recipes. I have been an enthusiastic home cook for more than 20 years, and have spent thousands of dollars over the years on cooking courses, classes and memberships. They provided good information, but in the end they all came back to following recipes in order to put food on the table. After watching just one of Cheff Todd's introductory videos I immediately got the significance of the freedom of cooking my ingredients of choice using methods, not recipes. For me that realization itself was worth the price of the lifetime membership. I am now about half way through the Web Cooking Course videos, and have learned useful principles about freely applying cooking methods from each one. Read more
Dr. John Murray, D.C.
I've only been a member for a few weeks, but I saw an immediate improvement in my cooking. The lessons have opened my eyes to new ways of looking at cooking. I no longer depend on recipes. Now they are only a suggestion or inspiration rather then the old follow it exactly or it's no good mindset. As a chiropractor I know the how important quality ingredients and proper nutrition is. These classes allow you to easily adjust the meals to suit any allergy restrictions and still taste great. Read more
Ann R.
Retired School Psychologist
I am so pleased that I signed up for Chef Todd's web cooking classes. I have always loved cooking and considered myself a decent home cook. Then for fun I did a free webinar and I learned so much in that first hour! Now I'm working my way through the variety of lessons. Each week I learn something new to try, and creating new dishes without the constraints of recipes is so rewarding - and delicious! Two thumbs up! Read more
Mark Sutter
Love your personality and delivery of the culinary skills needed to solve the mysteries of fine cooking. One problem I'm having, I don't have a printer for the lesson info. I have a pad and a cell phone. Its held me back a little. The opportunity is great. I've started cooking since I was 6 years old. Gave highest rating I saw 5 I didn't see a way to scroll higher. Captainmark Read more
This course is making a huge differece. I HATED cooking; but now, withe the rejuvinating classes that respark my creatvity and increase my skills in such a clear, easily applicable way I am starting to see why my grandmother enjoyed cooking so much. This course makes cooking a pleasureable adventure of discovery. I cannot give this a higher recommendation. Read more
Susan Lee
This is an awesome website and I am really enjoying it as I can go to it whenever the timing works for me. I love your style, openness and sense of humor! I look forward to continuing my learning process and trying new things! You are the best! Read more
Sunshine michell
Great and I am learning things I didn’t know and so much I was doing wrong Read more
I'm a 76 year old who has tortured my children with my horrible cooking over the years. I hated cooking because I didn't know how. Thanks to you I am now learning how to cook ( yes, old people can still learn new things.) My husband of 56 years really appreciates it and now we don't have to go out to fast food restaurants every night. Read more
started cooking at 9 years old. I am the one that, just puts it together no recipes. handful this a pinch of that a smidgen of those. Go to someone's house for dinner...OH your here come add stuff and do your magic. I have always wanted to attend Culinary school, just could never get there. Military, Cop. Sheriff, Firefighter and Scout Master ( Eagle Scout) Ahhh but NOW. I found this. I want to know WHY and HOW. Learn some NEW tricks. Read what others do. Excited to be here! good golly miss molly LETS GET COOKING! Read more
Brenda Fisher
I love these classes! I have learned SO much in the short time that I have been a member. Really looking forward to the rest of the course!! I would HIGHLY recommend these classes for anyone who really wants to learn how to cook and Understand the basics of cooking! Chef Todd is great! Read more
Diane Hamilton
I have a hundred plus cookbooks which I read for ideas and also watch many cooking shows. I have always considered myself a moderate to good cook and love to experiment and learn but these classes have taken me to out of the harbor and into the deep waters of experimentation and fun. I have learned so much and apply the techniques, which are not taught in cookbooks, almost everyday. Thank you Chef Todd. Read more
Jackie Miller
Five years ago, I found out that I am allergic to a long list of foods. I had to learn how to cook all over again. I've been trying to follow recipes to make new dishes but fail miserably because I have to substitute too many ingredients. Not anymore! I don't need recipes! With, I now know how to cook and how to put things together to make any yummy dish I want - with fresh ingredients that I can eat! Best investment I have ever made! Read more
I'm not new to cooking, but what I have already learned from Chef Todd, eclipses most of my past experience. I need to know WHY, not just how. Chef Todd explains this better than any lesson or school I have attended. Everything else is just a recipe. When you know why, you can expand upon it and create. Read more
Ernest Beckley
Father of three
I never considered myself a great cook, but certainly adequate. I could follow a recipe as well as the next person. Most of the time, things would turn out OK. Occasionally, they would be spectacular. Occasionally, they would be inedible. I just figured that's how things were. Only a real chef could turn out fantastic dishes over and over. Have you ever read one of those news articles entitled, "Everything you've ever known about is wrong!" Chef Todd did that, except his news article is a series of 48 videos that teaches you methods and consistency instead of recipes and wildly varying results. To say that, under his tutelage, my skills in my kitchen have improved would be a gross understatement. I haven't looked at a recipe in weeks. I use only cooking methods now, and my food comes out delicious and appealing each and every time. I always used recipes because I never thought myself to be very creative in the kitchen. Chef Todd fixed that as well. My kids used to complain all the time about my serving the same ten dishes for dinner. Since starting Chef Todd's Web Cooking Classes, I haven't served the same dish twice, and my kids are very happy! My youngest is even in the kitchen with me now, learning as I learn. He will grow up learning how to cook the right way, and I'm the one who gets to show him how. If you think you're a horrible cook, Web Cooking Classes is for you. I am here to tell you that using cooking methods is your answer. If you think you're a great cook , Web Cooking Classes can be for you, too! If you are following recipes, you are not missing out on a world of great dishes. If you hate cooking, this is your salvation! You hate cooking because you think it isn't fun. Cooking is fun, when you know how to do it, and your food comes out appealing and tasty! Chef Tood's introductory webinar had me sold. I became a lifetime member right away, and haven't regretted it yet. I'm about 12 lessons into the total of 48, and I feel as if I'm already in positive territory for my return on investment. Not to mention that I've already paid for the classes using the money I saved by not eating out anymore. By my estimates, when 2017 comes to a close, I will have saved the cost of the lifetime membership about 13 times over just by cooking at home instead of eating out. The food is much healthier, too! You have to try this. It's no risk to you as there is a trial period during which you can get your money back. I'm betting you won't take advantage of the money-back offer. I don't excited about much, and there isn't much that surprises me anymore, but Chef Todd has me excited about cooking, and surprised at just how well I can do in the kitchen. Totally worth every penny, and then some. Read more
imelda Pearce
I just realized a big part of the reason I seem to have permanently lost 9 pounds- Web Cooking Class! I used to love to eat out, but now my own food is head and shoulders above anything I would get in a restaurant! And because I'm lighter, I have more energy and get more done., and exercise more, too! Read more
I have always enjoyed cooking and have done a reasonable recipe driven job raising my three children who are now married with their own families. But what I found was that the girls were all "creative" cooks... putting things together just because. And I was still tied to recipes. Along came Carefree Cooking! Well I still use recipes but after four lessons and a couple of their other programs... I have learned tricks... details... that make what I do easier. Tasty tweaks. My grill master (husband) even learned a trick for grilling Fathers Day steaks that were to die for. Disciplining myself to one class a week, I practice what Chef Todd preaches for the next week and hopefully will one day be a truly Carefree Cook! Read more
Brian Maday
Busy retired guy
I learned some basic cooking at an early age from mom - she was a really good cook. Now, I find I can bring back all those great meals MYSELF because of the simple but masterful instructions throughout my lessons with "my cooking guru" Chef! Thanks so much! Read more
David Street
Cooking has been a passion of mine for years. I've taken numerous one day classes, week long classes and even had the opportunity to work weekly with a well known chef for a year. After signing up with Web Cooking Classes I've learned more than any experience I've had in the past! The ability to repeat the lesson, review the homework and learn at your own pace is the only way you can get this training without going to a culinary school. I'm excited and look forward to each class. I'm a lifetime member and cooking for life!! Thanks Chef Todd Mohr Read more
David Williams
Retired from Air Force and Civil Service
I've been cooking since I was about 10 years old. I have no formal training until Chef Todd's Web Cooking Classes (WCC). I was aware of many things he teaches but there is so much more being taught that I had no clue about especially the importance of his methods and reasons why rather than recipes. I am proud to and highly recommend that everyone who can turn on/use a stove, oven or BBQ grill on take his WCC course. At the very minimum, get his Burn Your Recipes videos. Read more
I just started taken classes for about four weeks now and it is so much fun to learn ways to save money when you are shopping and create meals that your family love. Chef Todd is an amazing Instructor and explains it so that you can understand but, most of all fun. Read more
Michelle Lewis
This has been a wonderful experience. I can pause if I need to. Review it if I need to. I can also share what I have learned with my family. Have to make life easier for them too. Todd keeps it moving and keeps it fun! Read more
Jonathan T Miller
I've focused too much on recipes rather than methods. It's been much needed. I appreciate the good humor and solid techniques. However, just a little plug for recipes. I grew up with a very limited diet. We only had salt and pepper for spices which were on the table and not used in cooking. I now love food from all over the world. Recipes have helped me understand what spices and seasonings work well what food items and with each other. This class is re-invigorating my desire to cook and to experiment with new things. I am more thoughtful and having fun. Thanks. Read more
JoAnn Becht
This course is so amazing and fun. Enjoying it so much. Learning the basic methods opens a whole world of ideas. Mom was a great cook which never rubbed off on me but now I am catching up. I just love this course. It becomes your recipe. Its yours. Thanks Chef Todd. Read more
I have been taking the classes for 3 weeks now and I have learned so much. I love that Chef Todd teaches methods not recipes. I am excited for each new lesson. Most importantly the lessons are easy to follow and broken down so you can practice each step and continue to build. I also love his sense of humor and he is very interactive. I was so shocked when he responded to my post, I was thinking with all the posts I see and he took the time to respond to mine meant a lot to me. I love this course and have told everyone and anyone who will listen about it. Read more
I have learned so much from Chef Todd! I love being able to go back and review any lesson and I love that he answers your questions promptly. Great investment! Read more
Nancy Schuette
Lifetime Member
I joined Chef Todd's courses about 5 weeks ago. I am a fairly astute cook with the craving to learn more. My Mother was an exceptional cook and always tried new and varied cooking methods. Although I will admit I didn't know they were methods at the time, I can say now that I truly can be confidant in recognizing them as methods now. Chef Todd has a very direct way of teaching methods and the map and directions of how to get to the result you are wanting to achieve. I scanned millions of recipes in my time. But found them lacking something. They were good, but I generally tweaked them to bring them to MY version. When people ask for the recipe I tell them that the recipe is as follows, but I changed things to accommodate my needs and you can do the same. This is what Chef Todd has been teaching me. What I knew all along but wasn't practicing, use the method, a recipe isn't the answer. I am happily sauteing, braising and chopping my way to my hearts content now and can't wait to see what is next. By the way, my Husband is equally happy with the new skills I am learning. A good value for the time and investment. Plus knowing that the information will always be there to review if I need it. Read more
Edward Moon
amateur chef
Been a recipe chef my whole life. Wondered why 10 people could use the exact same recipe and get 10 different results. Then I realized that it was because ingredient freshness, recipe interpretation, and cooking METHOD was something that you needed to agree on, (impossible from following a recipe) in order to get the desired results! I think 90% of the people who cook, have learned by trial and error of following recipes. Sometimes it turns out great, other times, its a disaster. Either way, you think to yourself, "it was the recipe". Then I took Todd Mohrs "cooking by method" class and immediately, everything just clicked. I used to have to start preparing meals the night before or the morning of, as sometimes marinades asked for hours of soaking up the seasonings. I used to use a lot of seasonings because thats what the recipe called for. Because the cooking methods unknown by the 90% of recipe cooks out there who have never even taken a single culinary class, was trying to manipulate a piece of protein by dousing it in the flavors they wanted to impart, many times, the cooking process they used changed the flavors while cooking! Once I learned that the METHOD was more important than the recipe, I realized 2 things immediately. First you don't need a lot of ingredients, in fact, you need very little of it, to enhance the flavors of the protein. And secondly, you can use whatever your imagination desires, and get a pretty consistent recognition of the exact ingredients you use. When I cooked from a recipe, even my own dishes would come out inconsistently because something was always being altered in my fumbling around, and with timing, (just as a woman can't always do their make up the same way even tho they do it daily), AND my inability to understand exactly what the heating process was doing. Im just barely 1/2 way thru module one, which emphasizes mainly how heat works and saute method. Immediately, I understood what I have been missing for so long. In just a few lessons, I took command of when, how and why instead of just mimicking a process and crossing my fingers. Its a funny thing. Ever cook that places a dish in front of a person eagerly waits to hear what grade they received on the flavor. Let me just say that ever since I started perfecting the first module of 'saute method', even tho I have yet to perfect it and Im still experimenting on different flavor combinations, one thing Im hearing consistently ever since I started the new process, is those 3 little words that every chef loves to hear.... "Is there more?" Best money Ive spent on Todd Mohr's culinary classes! How many material things can you buy in which you can honestly say, it changed my life? This ones a game changer... Read more
Jim Pugliese
I love this course! Learning basic skills and then improvising is what I do with my music and now I am doing it with my cooking!!! Read more
I am currently in Week 11 of the Web Cooking Classes and I must say I am most pleased with the content that I have seen from Chef Todd. Not only are each of his lessons packed with great information, but also the bonus videos as well as the Facebook Live sessions he gives are above and beyond what I expected when I decided to be a member. There is tons of learning information available and I try to take advantage of that as much as possible. Prior to coming across Web Cooking Classes, I could cook, could follow a recipe, but I didn't know the whys (which is important to me) of various things I did. I am now learning the "whys" from Chef Todd and it helps me "ad lib" in the kitchen and because I have learned methods, things come out great. I'm no longer afraid to experiment on my own because now I have knowledge that I have learned from these classes. I have so much more cooking confidence now because of what I've learned. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in really learning how to prepare great dishes/meals at home. The cost in my opinion is extremely low compared to the value that you get from these classes. Thanks Chef Todd for putting these classes together and for continuing to teach your craft! You are doing a fabulous job! Read more
Catherine Arbogast
Food...the essence of life (good or bad). It gives us energy, comforts and brings families together. I have always considered myself a good cook....I would be called a "keeper" but I wanted to know more and also I needed to know the "whys" so that what I do know would make sense. I remember my late husband in a hurry to get off somewhere would put hot tap water in the egg poacher and I told him not to do that to use cold water only when cooking. He asked me why...I said...because Dad told me so. But why he asked...and I said I don't know. When I saw my dad I asked him and he explained that the hot water was coming from the hot water tank and would/could have sediments in the water. Who knew...anyway my point is we learn a lot and sometimes can't grow with it because we don't know the "why". Chef Todd is very good at explaining the "Whys". I have always wanted to take a culinary course and had a friend do so recently...about $4,000. Yikes, I can't afford daughter (who supersedes me in cooking, as it should be in the linage) really wanted to go to school....but money, money, money holds us back. (well not all the way because we can improvise pretty good) But now with Chef Todd I am learning to be a master, in control of my own course, to look in my cabinets and refrigerator and let my mind start creating. I am not just feeding my face to keep moving any longer....I am picking, creating and tasting. I am totally enjoying Chef Todd's courses and I have only just begun. He is knowledgeable while using simple explanations and totally heartfelt in letting you know a whole new world of cooking....Your World. It's fabulous and it's available to me for the rest of my life. Read more
Learning methods to cook opens up a world of possibilities. I enjoyed cooking when I was younger but got burned out. Meals were the same old routine. Now I look forward to cooking three times daily. Read more
This has been a fun and very informative class. I enjoy seeing all the delicious foods being made and just how they put their meals together. I’m on a keto diet and this works well with me coming up with yummy keto meals. Read more
John Spritzler
I have watched week 1 thru 13 with my lifetime membership so far and it has been an extremely educational experience. I am trying out new cooking skills now (just made a white sauce with cheddar cheese for some sautéed cauliflower and it was delicious--made me proud!) I also have been making the scallops with balsamic deglazed sauce on spaghetti with butter and garlic, as I saw Chef Todd do on an earlier video and it's a wonderful and quick dish. I am looking forward to trying out so many other new ideas and cooking knowledge. Read more
Carol welch
Although I’m new to the classes, I’m taking them slowly so I can digest all the information, I’m really learning a lot about the way I cook and the whys that we do things. It’s a very beneficial course and I’m really learning a lot of new things. I know I will continue to grow as I do each class and practice from week to week. Thanks for your expertise. Carol Welch Read more
I would like to thank you for you webinars, FB posts and your cooking classes. I've been cooking family meals for 56 years, (started at age 9 because my mother worked) and have been told by many people that I'm a very good cook. Until I saw your first webinar, I didn't know how much I didn't know about cooking. I got a lot of stuff correct simply because my grandfather was a chef, specializing in pastries, but cooked anything/everything as needed. I lived with he an my grandmother for some years, so was exposed from a very young age to cooking and baking. In my area, from pre-Thanksgiving to Christmas, prime rib roasts go on sale for $7-$8 a lb. A small 1 rib roast is usually cheaper than most other roasts at that time. I found a good way to cook them was to seasoning and placing in a 550 F oven and roasting it for 5-6 mins a lb, then letting it sit for 2 hrs, undisturbed. The results was good, but I'd end up having to cook a little longer in the microwave, which ended up with slices unevenly cooked. Then it took time to do eveyone's plate. Since watching your class, I learned what my problem was. I bought a thermometer and stuck it in the roast, set it for Med Rare and then do the roasting per pound and turn off oven and let sit for 2 hrs. Only with the thermometer, I learned that at about the 1:45 min mark, the temperature of the meat started DROPPING! So now, I check the thermometer, several times and usually with 15 or so mins left, when the temp starts to drop I turn the oven on (still haven't opened the oven door) to 350F and bake until my thermometer beeps. NOW the meat is cooked to where we like it. Fast forward to today. I watched your International seasoning teams webinar. And instead of my usual, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika which I love, I got brave. I used Adobo and cumin instead. Oh. My. Goodness!!! It smells SO fantastic in the house. Thank you SO much for the education that's available to me anytime. I've used your other videos and Lifetime Member access to help out over the holidays, with great success - and I understand WHY I need to use this or that method to enhance the taste of my foods. It's no longer follow a recipe and hope it's a good recipe. And while I can still follow (and know how to make substitutions) in a recipe and continue having great success if I choose to follow a recipe, I LOVE how this had broadened my scope, taken me out of my "comfort zone" and made me an even better cook. And my oldest daughter, married with 5 kids under 8, is changing the way she cooks as well. She cooks most of their meals from scratch as well. She's started watching your webinars and FB videos and she too, loves them. Read more
I have watched 16 weeks of the cooking classes. I am so very glad I signed up! The lessons are always very interesting and beneficial. Learning so much. Before the classes if I didn’t have an item needed on the “recipe” I would have to make a mad dash to the grocery store or just try and make something else. Now I know that if I am missing ingredients, I am confident on making substitutions. If I like it, I know the change will be delicious. It is so wonderful not to be tied down to exact temperatures and cooking times. I love cooking till it is done! I am looking forward to watching more of my classes. Thank you Chef Todd for giving me the skills! Read more
Cyndi Humphreys
I'm a life-time member. I've been doing Module 1 for a while. Have been practicing my sauteing and grilling techniques. Look forward to the "classes". Chef Todd is a FANTASTIC instructor. His teaching is unique, throwing in humor to make the courses more interesting. Way to go, Chef Todd!!! Read more
Winston A
I am truly blown away at the amount of knowledge that I have received since signing up for Web Cooking Classes. Chef Mohr is an excellent instructor and freely shares tips and shortcuts with all students. This is money well spent!! Read more
Terry Breyman
I am a recent member of Web Cooking Classes. I have just begun my journey with Chef Todd. I have been cooking for many years and am considered an excellent cook, but my time with Chef Todd has opened a whole new way of thinking about cooking. He wants you to be a carefree cook and free yourself from cook books and just learn basic techniques. So far I have been thoroughly impressed and am trying things I have not before. While I have a lot knowledge, I was hampered by my approach. I look forward to continuing my journey with Chef Todd. Read more
Gloria Kovacevich
Tao Calligraphy Practitioner
I never knew how to cook. My husband is a gourmand! He taught me to cook. I learned by observing in fine restaurants. Then I met Chef Todd Mohr online and was hooked. He's down-to-earth, funny, and shares wonderful tips and insider secrets that propels your skills to the next level. He may even inspire you to join the profession. These classes are the REAL DEAL. Join us and grow in your cooking journey! Read more
Excellent program, great instructions, opportunities for feedback from Chef Todd Read more
Colette Boyer
I have looked at a few lessons now and practiced the sauté method on a few meals. I love what I have done up to now. I also made some pizza for my husband as I do not eat gluten and he does. I had a nice answer from my husband when he said that my pizza was better the the ones I buy for him. He is also learning how to cook and use better knife technique. I also am improving this technique. He sautéed his first filet mignon and I finished the pan sauce. Read more
Judy Corell
I recently became a member of and I am having the time of my life. I have always loved cooking but recently with all the recipes online, I found myself spending so much money on the fancy ingredients and also found that many of the recipes were flops. I was not used to that and very frustrated. I saw Todd's webinar on Facebook and was sold. I signed up immediately and I am now making delicious meals and creating my own recipes. I highly recommend this course. Thank you Todd! Read more
I highly recommend this website! It is clear that Chef Todd has a passion for the culinary arts and it comes across in each lesson. I like the format of the site which allows you to build on each new learned skill. You learn at your own pace so if you happen to be extra busy one week there is no risk of missing anything. The Facebook group is populated by many like minded individuals always ready to offer advice and encouragement. While I still struggle with "whipping up" a meal with ingredients on hand I know I will get there with a little more effort and dedication on my part. Thanks to the Webcookingclasses team for offering such a great resource that teaches us the correct methods to use for the specific meal. Read more
Tine Williams
I have only been a member for a few weeks but I have learned so much. Chef Mohr is just plain FUN to be in the kitchen with him. The methods and techniques he teaches are easy to understand and what a difference in my cooking. I'M LOVIN IT!! Thanks Chef! Read more
Thank you Chef Todd. I have always wanted to learn how to cook. Long time ago I purchased a cool set of stainless steel pots/pans. However hardly use them because everything I cooked in them would stick. Then I found Chef Todd. Lesson 2 learned how to saute. I was totally amazed how well my fist try with chicken came out. The chicken tasted really good and best of all did not stick to the pan. I surprised myself. I can't wait to see where this journey will take me. Thank you Again Chef Todd! Read more
If you are thinking about joining,I encourage you to do so.Cheff is very down to earth,a sense of humor and very informative.the lessons are brimming with knowledge you can utilize in daily cooking.what will it do gor you?empower you,open up areas of creativity and skill that you thought you didnt have that will give you will have applicable knowlege,understanding ,and is satusifying to make tour own reciepes that people rave about.Price ?I am retired ,and do an affordable monthly paymnt.and it us worth every come join this is an investmnt in yourself. Read more
Cheryle Rawls
Loving the cooking course! I've always wanted to go to culinary school, but it was way out of my reach. Im only to week 4, but have already gained a wealth of knowledge. I bought the lifetime membership and my husband says I've already gotten my money's worth. Read more
Charles Delcambre
I have been lifetime member of now for about 6 weeks. I have progressed through Week 13 at my own pace, and the progress is phenomenal! The videos of Chef Mohr are easy to follow, complete and entertaining at the same time. The value of becoming a lifetime member has been proven time and time again, as I can watch any lessons, whether jumping ahead or watching over again, again at my own pace. The lifetime membership has been one of the most worthwhile valuable investments I have experienced. Chef Mohr is very active answering my posts after each lesson, and the feedback is spot on. I have had the benefit of becoming a member of the closed Facebook group Care Free Cooks Community, and the member support for my cooking experience has been invaluable! I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with, and I couldn't have a stronger recommendation!
Esta Kronberg
Great classes. Easy to follow and only about 30 minutes each. so it is easy to find time for a class. i am learning so much and loving it. I am so glad I signed up. Thank you Read more
Janet Aspinall
I have never been a fan of recipes, choosing instead to use what I have and make it up as I go along. My family have always regarded me as a good cook but until I came across my repertoire was somewhat limited. I have only just touched the surface of devouring the information and watching the lessons on this site but already my cooking skills have catapulted way ahead of where they were just a few weeks ago. Mainly because I understand more about what I am doing now instead of just having lucky accidents. Thank you Chef Todd for all the great information and the way you deliver it and for giving me the inspiration I didnt even know I was looking for. Can't wait to see what comes next. Read more
This is a well put together and delivered web class. Rather than just being told what to do, we are told why we do it. That's what makes the techniques stick with me and I've enjoyed knowing why I do what I do. Also, Chef Todd is an entertaining teacher. So if you're considering purchasing these web classes, I can only say that for me it's been money well spent. Read more
Gary Mock
Only been a member for a short period of time. Have love every minute of the videos. Very easy to fall instructions. A outstanding value if you're interested in learning how to cook. Read more
Cindy Phelps
Really enjoy this chance to do these classes. Look forward to Tuesday's now. Thanks Chef Mohr can be very entertaining. Read more
Have not taken the time to review classes yet but feel secure they are there when I free up some time. Webinars are also informative. Thank you Chef Read more
Hi I have been a "recipe collector" pretty much since i was about 14 years old. I thought about going to culinary school after high school graduation but never made it, however, my love of cooking (and cooking shows) continued and kept building my "recipe collection." If I didn't have a recipe, I didn't know what to do with food. I was watching a cooking video on YouTube one day on how to make, believe it or not, basic macaroni salad when a commercial or advertisement came on for Chef Todd's web cooking classes. It appealed to me so I clicked on the advertisement which took me to his website and his introductory class video was to start in 15 minutes. My other option was the next day, so I jumped on it and watched the video. I realized for the first time that cooking was not about recipes but about methods. Long story short, I signed up for his lifetime membership program for all of his classes. It has been a month now since I joined his web cooking classes program (4 weeks) yet I am on week 6 in my videos. I don't always post in the section under each video for questions, but I am doing the work and my homework. I am learning new things about cooking that I never knew before. I am learning not just the science behind cooking, but the logic and reasoning of it also. It's like working with Legos a bit, this piece fits into this piece and so on until you have a Lego project complete or a meal complete in this case. There is a monetary investment for these classes, but anything worth having does not come free so I would suggest just taking the plunge if you really want to find out what cooking is all about and not just doing "recipe collection." His program is reasonably priced even for people who don't have a lot of money (I work a clerical office job), but my "dream" of one day going to culinary school, which I thought about doing back after high school graduation is finally able to come true through Chef Todd and I am extremely thankful to him for that. He brings humor into the "classroom, gets to the point, and makes a person "think" which is where meal creativity comes from, as well as teaching a person the science behind the food so we don't "ruin" our food in cooking anymore (laughing and smiling). These web cooking classes come highly recommended, and I love that I can do this from home, i.e., watch the classes via video and then do the homework at home, but still have a "classroom" of people to talk with via the comments section under each video if needed. I am so thankful I saw Chef Todd's advertisement that day on the macaroni salad video I was watching on YouTube. These courses have been a "blessing" for me. Remember Chef Todd's saying, "It's not about fine cooking, it's about cooking course" meaning we are taking a "cooking course (smiling)." Christine Read more
Donna Persinger
I have been learning some refining tips. I sautéed some chicken breasts using my thermometer and they turned out pretty and good. I sometimes overcook them and am taking notes. I am trying to use my chef knife correctly, but speed hasn’t happened yet. I am learning there is more to incorporating ingredients than I realized. Looking forward to many more information to improve what I cook Read more
Steve Cunningham
Steve Cunningham from Saint Cloud MN. I have been a foodie for 30 years now. Being in the military I moved around numinous times. I am retired Army and have served 10 years active duty 10 years Reserve 4 years 6 years Oklahoma National Guard. While stationed in Oklahoma City I was able to attended cooking classes every Tuesday and Thursday which were arranged by a local kitchen and supply store called One Silver Place which is no longer in business. One silver place arranged local chefs to teach the cooking classes. I also attended cooking class at the local University and Tech schools. My household moved to Medford OR, and I was able to attend cooking classes in the Medford area as well. My last 10 years of Military I also worked full time for Home Health Care companies Oklahoma designing custom wheelchair and seating. I am currently working out of my house managing the distribution of a medical bed that my business partner and I have designed called the Freedom Sleep System. I grew up watching and learning food preparation from my parents and grandparents. I have always classified myself as a good cook however I have always wanted to attend cooking school to learn how to cook even better but my career path never allowed me the time to achieve my passion for cooking. Luckily I was able to find Chef Todd Mohr Web Cooking Classes webinar and I enrolled and now I am finally understanding my quest for cooking knowledge and what has always been missing. Methods this is what has been missing and thanks to web cooking class I am doing a bucket list dream I am attending cooking school at my pace with a great support group of web cooking class foodies just like myself. In closing I use to buy books on grilling, baking, slow cooker, canning etc, and have brought myself to a cooking level that was OK, but now I will master those skills with the instruction of Todd's great and entertaining "METHOD" cooking classes. Read more
Charles Rogers
I got started after seeing Chef Todd's webinar. I am just starting, but the knife skills i picked up have already improved my cooking and presentation. I can't wait to get to the part about sauces! Thanks, Chef Todd! Read more
Ray Spaw
Chef Todd is a great teacher. I’ve only done a couple of the lessons so far, but using methods has made a definite difference. I even made crab bisque using the methods he taught in the lessons. I’m not exactly rushing through the curriculum but I’m enjoying learning to cook, not just following recipes. Read more
Kurt Golgart
Such a simple and comprehensive course. Chef Mohr's principle based approach takes the mystery and guess work out of cooking and builds confidence in the ability to be creative in the kitchen. I'm only a few weeks into the course but I've learned so much: the basics of making sauces, using my new found knowledge about heat transfer , how to effectively and consistently cook using my outdoor grill, and so much more. I can look forward to adding new skills to my repertoire for life long use - all thanks to the Web Cooking Classes. Read more
Ron Gaskin
It is easy to see the Chef's passion for his profession. I have applied his cooking secrets of the cream method to improve my favorite cookie recipe. The 18/10/2 repaired on online pizza dough recipe that just did not work the way it was presented. By applying the dough method weight proportions I fixed the recipe and had outstanding artisan pizza at home! Finally I allowed myself to create an Indian vegetable Korma using fresh radishes and broccoli (I did not have a red pepper or green beans) I have never cooked with radishes before. My GF said I needed to write down the recipe! So I gently informed her that this was a one shot masterpiece but there would be more of them! Thanks Chef Todd Read more
Kathy Haslam
Hi everyone. I am a newbie. I purchased the whole course and am up to the saute section. What I love about this course is the tips you get that seem simple but not, like sauteing on one side until 2/3 cooked then flip. How check how hot your pan with water vs hand over pan. Chef Todd is great and I am now able to cook a little without recipes. YAAAAAYYYY Read more
Chef Todd is the BEST instructor I have ever encountered. I have actually taken private cooking lessons before and they didn't begin to measure up to his on line offerings. He is factual, practical and appropriately entertaining. I have learned so much! How liberating to toss my measuring cups and spoons! I enthusiastically endorse these classes and Chef Todd. I am a grateful lifetime cooking member! Read more
Boris Brown
I have been cooking for many years. The information that I have learned here is priceless. It has been very beneficial to me as I prepare to branch out and begin my own catering business. The classes and videos are available as a resource whenever I need them. So glad I found these classes!!!! Read more
Darlene L. Griffin
I'm fairly new to this group, but I'm already enjoying the classes and learning a lot. I find the classes easy to follow and learn from. Plus I find Chef Todd entertaining as well as full of knowledge on the subject of cooking. I look forward to continuing to learn. I find the kitchen my favorite room in my home. In fact in my friends and family's homes as well.....LOL Read more
Cecil Hoskinson
I am enjoying these classes emincley and Chef Todd is a hoot!! Chef Todd really explains the details very well and if you do not understand he is just an email away and responds very quickly. I like the classes so much that I am enjoying the cooking you learn to the fullest before I even move to the next lesson, because the cooking is so easy and tastes even better and you start wondering why you didn't do this a lot sooner like being a teenager!!!! Here is wishing you well with your classes because they are so worth it and you will learn to enjoy the food even more!!!! Read more
Ellen Atkins
I am so thrilled to have discovered Chef Todd's webinars and tutorials. I feel like I died and went to heaven Chef Todd's energy, enthusiasm, vast knowledge and generosity in sharing that knowledge have made learning an exquisite experience for cooks of any level. As many years as I have been cooking, I still learn something new with every webinar Signing up for the lifetime membership was a no brainer. I am so grateful to be learning Chef Todd's cooking methods, knife skills, knowledge of how to cook with fresh ingredients and so much more than I can describe here. This experience is indescribably delicious! Thank you Chef Todd! Read more
Val Gauvin
I'm loving this cooking course, I can take it at my own speed and he is slowly building on the lessons from week one on-wards. Read more
Maria Canales-Freckmann
Ignorance is not a bliss! In only two weeks of cooking courses with Chef Todd Mohr I have learned more than all the years I have invested my time in search of recipes, countless hours of try and fail techniques in the kitchen, watching cooking TV shows in hopes of gleaning knowledge to be a better home cook, all to end up frustrated and hopeless. Chef Todd Mohr has the methods for cooking and opens your inner creativity to make delicious foods. You will save money as you start realizing that your food is better than a restaurant and the satisfaction you gain when your family looks forward to your new dishes! I am so glad I stumbled on this course via Facebook. Now I refer all my friends to check out his classes. Read more
Philip Millefolie
Before starting the course I relied on frozen dinners, sandwiches with store bought cols cuts and my occasional attempt to cook something. A frozen chicken breast was thawed in the refrigerator, run under warm water, put in the microwave and then fried in a pan and then because I did not trust it was OK to eat, chopped up and fried again. After watching basic sauté I was thrilled when I turned the chicken breast over and saw the "show side" had a nice brown color, just like in the lesson. I was thrilled. I was hooked, and now cook something for myself almost everyday. I could go on and on about the course but I realize if you ask my for the time I'll explain how to build a clock. With this in mind I'll stop now and will leave future comments much more brief. Really enjoying the lessons. Thanks, Philip from Chesterfield VA Read more
Sabine Lyons
Lifetime member
I am still fairly new but have enjoyed several classes and made several dishes now and am very thrilled with my experiences - even some of the ones that did not go as planned because I was able to rise above them and still come out all right because of the skills that Chef Todd has instilled in me with his classes of teaching cooking methods instead of recipes. Now when things don't go as planned for one reason or another I can fly by the seat of my pants and still go on and come out smelling like a rose. But most of the time my dishes come out spot on and my family loves them. I am so thankful for these classes. Thank you Chef!!! Read more
Bruce Berberich
I joined the Web Cooking classes to actually take my skills up a notch, and add I hoped new ideas to the cooking that I do. I have enjoyed cooking, but after the first few weeks of the program, I am seeing that the methods I have learned are adding to both ease and comfort when I seek new ideas. I joined as a life member the first day, after the initial web class and have added a few other courses to my "quiver" of skills that Todd has been helping me build. I am a fan and would recommend others to take the plunge and give it a try. The only thing you have to lose is some time, as the satisfaction gaurentees are excellent. Read more
Patsy Bullard
Retired Science Teacher
Chef Todd, I have really enjoyed your web cooking classes! After retiring, I have more time and desire to cook well! Your classes are improving the quality of my meals and my confidence while cooking! Your class on knife skills was invaluable! Looking forward to future classes! Good job, Chef! Read more
Patricia Accattato
I want to let everyone know that this online cooking class fulfills all of my expectations. I was definitely a beginner attempting to do these classes. If you have ever had a desire to know the best way to cook for your family, then this is most certainly it. I have been attempting to do this for over 40 years and am finally now finding the method that works best for me. No more wasted meals. Everything comes out edible. Chef Todd Mohr has made the method so easy to understand and has made it so enjoyable to watch the online videos and learn from each of his cooking classes. If you have the slightest desire to improve your cooking, then participating in these classes will not be a waste of your time and money. I believe that this course is the best one for everyone at all levels of expertise. Read more
Becoming a Lifetime member of Care Free Cooks is the BEST decision! As a Lifetime member I have access to all of the instructions at all times to use as a reference. Truly a fantastic benefit! Easy to learn and understand cooking methods make cooking truly Care Free. Chef Todd Mohr is a wonderful, no stress Chef and teacher. Although I have been cooking for over fifty years, with Chef Todd’s easy to understand methods and instruction I am now creating meals. I feel like an artist in the kitchen! Read more
tim curtis
i have been cooking many years,in a 3 week time period i have learned to improve my cooking by following Chef Todd. Little bones lol i love that i will probably never eat chicken wings any othey way Chef Todd trimming the fat salt and pepper 500 degree oven they are just awesome.I look forward to every class you have and cant wait until the next one Thank You Chef Todd Read more
Irene Taylor
I have been taking cooking lessons online by Chef Todd Mohr for just a few weeks now and I absolutely love them. I thought i uwas a pretty good cook until I learned that I didn't know nearly as much as I should. I have learned about being creative and not relying on recipes but rather gcoming up with my own recipes and I have more confidence than I ever have had in the kitchen.It's like having a blank ccanvas and being able to paint anything you want on it! Plus what I really love also is the fact that we can have feedback from some of the other students in the class. I can put a picture of what I made today and ask for peoples opinions on it. Somebody might have a better recommendation or suggestion. It's a pretty great community of cooking buddies. Read more
Rosemary McDougal
I love that the classes are at my own pace. Cooking and baking doesn't come naturally to me so its truly baby step. It's wonderful that I can go back to previous lessons and review what I have learned. I am only in week 2 of the Module 1 and been a member for almost a month. This goes to show how slow I learn, but I am learning and am delighted. My goal is finish the course and enjoy it along the way. Glad that my family and a few friends are happy to be guinea pigs to test my baking and cooking even if it is a burnt offering. Read more
I would heartily recommend Chef Todd Mohr’s WebCookingClasses! He is a great teacher, down-to-earth, practical and never condescending. He has taught me so much in just the few short weeks that I have been a member.. He also Is reassuring and encouraging. I like knowing that any of the classes are available to me forever since I am a Lifetime Member. The other members are great too, posting supportive comments and helpful tips. I am SO glad that I found this wonderful course. Read more
I'm in my early 60's(so I've been cooking for quite a while)...I've heard the phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"...I'm here to tell you that indeed you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Even my sons told me "why do you need to spend money on cooking classes, you are a GREAT cook!" (I love my guys & they love me ;c). I told them, "well...I thought I was a good cook too...however even in the first free episode of chef Todds presentation, I learned a LOT". So, not only did I buy the lifetime subscription for myself, but I bought one for each of my sons! Yes, I love them too, and would only want the best for them as well. When my youngest son was in middle school, I signed him up for cooking classes at a store that sold cooking paraphernalia. He and I both learned new recipes, which I don't think we bothered to make more than once (maybe twice for the better ones). Those were RECIPES ~ NOT METHOD which I am learning now with chef Todd as are they (my sons). Of course, we are ALL busy, even in quarantine we collectively have been able to fill up our days till this pandemic is over. Spending more time on the internet has proven to be a thing we are ALL doing. My thinking is, that if we are on the internet anyway, why not choose to learn a lifetime skill? There are only so many rabbit holes (on the internet) that I am willing to waste my time falling into. I am very happy that I signed myself AND my TWO boys up for chef Todds Web Cooking. If you aren't sure...there are a lot of free classes chef Todd offers online, check them out before you buy...then go forward and dive in knowing that you will be learning a LOT in an entertaining way...lessons you can practice daily. Imagine, if you're still many pennies a day you'll actually be spending if you amortize the cost of the lifetime membership over your life and how much you'll be getting out of it. I realize this sounds like a sales pitch, I am NOT a paid shill for this product. I AM a person, who likes to share anything good that I stumble upon in the hopes of bringing good to others in these crazy negative times. I don't eat to live, I live to eat! Read more
Neil Patrick Hines
Retired Detective
Amazing. Best cooking courses on the internet. I have attended some culinary classes and yet found these more on point and useful. Learning the cooking methods and necessary skills was more important than anything I learned online or in classes. My cooking improved with my understanding. I am able to make better choices while expanding my diet. Read more
Rochelle Meininger
I am in week 5 of Chef Todd Mohr's Web Cooking Classes, and it is exactly what I have needed to go from recipe-bound and still having failures, to understanding the science and methods of cooking techniques which have helped me tremendously! I am so thankful to have found this. Read more
Heath c Gebauer
I'm learning a lot. When I tell people about chef Todd they go looking on line his lessons are the right size and easy-to-use and it'fun Read more
Alan Cottington
One may think it could be a gamble when signing up for an on-line course, however I can honestly say that Chef Todd Mohr's Web Cooking Classes are well worth the time and investment. Even if you believe that you already have a level of cooking skills, these courses supplement what you already know and definitely fill in the (many) gaps in one's knowledge. There are many elements of cooking that I was already doing correctly but didn't know the background reasons why I was doing it - now I know! Above all, the Web Cooking Classes are bloody good fun to be involved with and priceless if you have any amount of cooking passion in your bones, as the passion will be fueled exponentially by Chef Todd Mohr's professional guidance. Alan Cottington ~ Huntsville, Alabama.
BECKY Carlson
After only a month my cooking has improved so much! I am beginning to experiment more and my family is excited that we are experiencing new meals! Highly recommend Chef Todd's cooking course. Read more
Joan W
I LOVE this course. I have learned so much. Last week my twin grandsons (age 8) suddenly visited and I had them help me with dinner. They loved it and so did I. Of course, my kitchen was a total mess....but it was worth it! Also, tonight I made a cucumber salad that I needed to de-seed the cumbers. Well I hated to throw out the seeds, so I blenderized them and stored the resulting juice in the freezer to use in sauteing. I never would have done that before. Thanks to Todd I don't want to throw anything away and thus consider what I could do with it and how. Thanks Todd! Joan Read more
Diane & Peter Hillman
We just purchased the lifetime membership and we have just started browsing around and trying new things. We watch a few of these lessons before we purchased and we absolutely LOVED it! Chef Todd is fun and easy to follow and we are learning not how to cook food with recipes BUT how to actually cook and how to use your tools. So easy to follow and so educational! I can not stress how much we enjoyed the classes we viewed BUT.... the best part is that we now have a lifetime membership and we can log in whenever and learn more! Read more
Gladys Elson
I'm enjoying the classes and learning lots. Read more
Tomas Spath
Hi, I'm a 4-5 week old rookie to this site. At the beginning I found this site toooooo confusing. I couldn't get to my classes so I seriously thought about dropping out and asking for my money back. But I'm glad I didn't. I got help from this site and I found what I needed. I'm slow! Last night I fixed a chicken breast using Chef Todd's sautee method. I really like the idea that I can be creative and put whatever my pallete likes in the food. But when I served the chicken with the veggies I cooked while letting the chicken rest was the best breast I've ever coooked. They always came out dry. I used my fork to cut the breast and I hardly had to use muscles.....the chicken was exceptional. Welcome to the club. It's kind of required to like your chef here and the adjectives used around here are all superlative! That's cause we feel this way around here..... Peace and Enjoy, Tomas Read more
Mike Andrys
Over the years I have been involved with food service at some level most of my working life. I was never formally trained but I seemed to have an aptitude for it and I was fortunate to have some decent teachers. What I was lacking were the actual basics needed in order to bring focus to those skills I had acquired. That's exactly what I have been getting from Web Cooking Classes and Chef Todd. He has a very easy to follow teaching style and does a great job of keeping you engaged so you actually absorb the material. Since I work full time and have life commitments I needed a program that was both affordable and allowed the flexibility to work at my own pace. So far Web Cooking Classes has done just that. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to take their cooking to the next level. Read more
Patsy K Bennitt
You can teach an old dog new tricks. I'm 81 years old and discovering cooking secrets from Chef Todd after all these years in my kitchen. Read more
Melany Terranova
Lifetime Member
TRANSFORMED! Your cooking will be transformed if you experience Chef Todd's methods cooking classes! His lessons are clear - he is very generous with information...funny too. He pays attention to you. One day I made a comment that I retrieved something from the garbage using the three second rule.....and he was on me pronto with a quick "No! Never!" (In my defense it was a new clean garbage.... I had just learned how to use what I had discarded.... I threw it back into the garbage). I came to the class with many years of cooking and a nice little reputation for tasty food. Ha! I quickly discovered I did many things the wrong way! Corrections to methods cooking has IMMEDIATELY improved the outcomes of every aspect of my cooking. What an eye opening adventure of terrific results and consistently tasty food! Also, I am saving on my grocery bills because nothing goes to waste being a Carefree Cook!! Who wouldn't like that bonus??? Transformed. You WILL become a transformed cook!! Read more
Robert Schmoldt
Chef Todd knows how to really explain things in a simple manner, I had lost my mother in my teens and trying to learn to cook by recipe left things always bland and always wound up eating the same things that were easy to make Read more
Danuta Prysak
I love to eat and to cook as well. Did not know so many details about cooking. I enjoy your cooking course, you explain techniques and method in such a great and fun way. Thank you Read more
Linda Vanderbaan
I've always been a reluctant cook - too many decisions! Thin sauces! So, with consistently thick sauce techniques, I'm pretty happy. Oh, and how to not burn meat :). This makes cooking less stressful for me. Thanks for WebCooking Classes - I have a lot to learn yet!! Read more
Margaret E Bly
I discovered Chef Todd quite by accident. I am a fairly good home chef. Even so, I find it fascinating to learn the methods and procedures to make excellent meals. My aha! moment was when I was encouraged to invest in an oven thermometer and a meat thermometer!! Knowing how to tell when a protein, on the grill, is ready to turn over was revolutionary. I really enjoy that Chef Todd encourages everyone to experiment and to use their protein of choice, rather than follow a recipe and be disappointed. I use recipes to ensure that I have all the necessary ingredients; then I branch out. Now I know exactly how to heat a pan and then heat a fat BEFORE the saute. I would encourage everyone to participate in this program. Every day I learn something new that confirms the "why" and the logic behind great meals. Bon chance and bon appetit Read more
Naomi Rodrigues
I love the cooking classes. Even though I'm a beginner I have learned so much. The information is easy to understand and the print outs are great for when you need to look back at the things you learned. I may not be great at cooking yet, but I still love this cooking class. Read more
Tom Strang
I started cooking when I was 9 after my mother died. My father cooked nothing except chipped beef and gravy on toast( learned in the Navy). He could take a perfect egg and destroy it. So I started experimenting with food. At 16, I started working in restaurants and at 25 was General Manager of a Hotel with extensive food and beverage. I watched great chefs cook and worked with one for a month totally just to learn to cook better. I knew what to do, but never why. After taking your course for just3 weeks, I know WHY! And my cooking has become so much better that even my wife commented on the sudden change. I would recommend this course to every child and adult! We all have to eat! So let's be great at cooking. Read more
Gretchen Alt-Cooper
I love these tutorials - I've been cooking for over 50 years but never had a cooking lesson. I'm learning so much - and gradually putting it into practice on a daily basis. These tutorials have revived my interest in cooking from fresh ingredients every day (it is hard to be enthusiastic about food all the time when you live alone) and are making me re-think how I shop and how I eat. Thank you so much for these wonderful classes Read more
Martin Fernandes
I am indeed having a blast since I have taken this course. I have found Chef Todd Mohr’s approach to teaching very engaging and reinforcing. I have cooked some amazing meals and I am learning so much. I am cooking almost 5 days a week and my wife just loves the meals I cook for her and myself. I retired early this year and this is so much fun as there is so much to learn. I have made some dark and blonde roux and frozen them. Using them in my cooking makes it so easy and allows one so much creativity. Thank you very much Chef Todd. You are a fun and brilliant educator. Martin Read more
Fran Saunders
I've taken two webinars and signed up for the lifetime membership and the French cooking section. So far, I've completed two lessons and working on my third. I love how Chef Todd simplifies things for us and gives us so many resources to keep and save. As a hearing impaired person, I love that I can hear every word the chef says without captioning. That's a real plus for me. Read more
Martino Fernandes
Just wanted to let you know that I am having a blast with your very effective and reinforcing teaching approach. I have been able to cook some decent meals for my wife and myself. I look forward to cooking each day by planning the previous day. I made some roux, dark and blonde and froze them as I learned from one of your videos. Such a time saver and cool way to make a dish taste so good. Thank you again for your very effective teaching approach. Read more
Charlie Snow
I am thoroughly enjoying the Web Cooking Classes. Learning the correct way to saute', correct knife skills, how to make sauces, has expanded my skills tremendously. I have used wine, milk, chicken broth, salsa and pico de gallo to deglaze my pan and create a very tasty sauce to go with the protein I had chosen. My friends and neighbors up here in the mountains have willingly been guinea pigs for my efforts. Many thanks Chef Todd. Read more
Karen Mallinger
I love the way chef Todd teaches. Fun, engaging and the information is invaluable! I've just started the course and being a single mother of two boys for most of my adult life, I hated cooking. I became the Master of the 30 minute meal. But after listening to just a few of Chef Todd's classes, I made Parmesan encrusted chicken, one of my staples, and my husband after just one bite remarked how great the chicken was. I didn't do anything particularly different except the heating method. I started out very hot and after getting the outside nice and brown, kept reducing the heat as I had seen Chef Todd do in one of his classes. Apparently, that made all the difference! So simple! Can't wait to delve into these classes more and possibly learn to LOVE cooking!! Thank you Chef Todd! Read more
Luis Augusto Mispireta
Retired surgeon
I am a life time member now on Module 1 Class 13. Prepared a simmer grouper with no recipe,but using the methods taught along during the course. First prepare a "aderezo" sauteing the aromatics (onions, garlic and the adding Peruvian chili-aji amarillo and aji panca-. For the simmering liquid used fish stock and white wine, added tomato comcasse as thickening agent and addded late some tomato chunks, green onnions and finally culantro. Served over steamed rice flavored with olive oil and garlic by sauteing the raw rice before boiling/steaming it. Worked great. Read more
Brenda J Cunnien
i have been following Chef Todd for just a few weeks and i cant stress enough how much better my cooking has improved. It has been improvement after improvement in flavor and presentation. Just a wonderful course. Definitely worth the cost ! Read more
Corey Preville
I'm about to graduate the first section of the three-section lifetime membership package. This is truly a 5-star training. Chef Todd's informal style and entertaining approach belies a tremendous wealth of experience and expert perspective on the cooking process. To use an analogy, rather than pointing out one good fishing spot, he teaches you how to evaluate all fishing spots. After that, catching (or cooking) a fish is easy and intuitive. Love the course! Read more
I love this cooking class and the web interaction Read more
My husband and I are enjoying you classes SO much. We love your lighthearted sense of humor and approach to cooking and have had success trying your methods of cooking. We would certainly recommend to friends. Thank you, Chef Todd. We have learned so much from your classes. Read more
Chef Todd has helped me to take a new outlook on how to cook. I have learned a lot from him there is no doubt in my mind anybody can learn something from these classes Read more
The best thing about this web cooking class besides learning the basic cooking steps to build from is how to modify these basic methods to make them more ethnic for the adventuresome cook, like I am. This also simplified what I had to stock in my pantry. Instead of spending tons of money on spices or herbs, I now spend a lot less and group them into families of spices. To find the spick mixture, I read cookbooks written by those who either grew up in the country or learned how to cook, as in chef cooking, and branched out to a few favorite countries. Read more
Seth Wilner
I took the webinar and loved Chef Mohr’s style of teaching. I am a decent cook for sure, but this really advanced my skills. I have a bunch of yummy dishes using what I had for ingredients based on what I learned. I got the life membership so I can keep learning more, practice and improve and then add to my skills. I highly recommend it! Read more
Janine B Hegle
1. I cook for a living now, and I learn something or understand something anew with each lesson. 2. My husband also works for our business, and the LAST place he has ever felt comfortable is in a kitchen. We are doing the lessons together and when we got to the sauces, he actually said, " I need to try and make a sauce." WOW! He also appreciated the knife skills unit as he does much of our meat and bread cutting. Maybe he'll start working on cutting veggies, etc. now! Understanding the WHYs of WHAT we do has been livechanging. I no longer wonder why my chicken is dry, undercooked, rubbery, etc. I added variables I didn't even know I added. Understanding the science between boiling and simmering is significant - it's not just to keep the water from overflowing! Read more
Robert Goser
Web Cooking Classes
In just 3 sessions I've learned more about cooking than, I hate to say it, than I ever learned from my mother! You can watch all the TV cooking programs you want, but you won't learn anything from them. Chef Mohr explains everything you need to know in a way that is entertaining, AND effective. I finally understand how cooking works, and every class gives you the proverbial "ahaa!" moment. I'd recommend this course to anybody!!! Read more
Emma Horn
About three weeks ago, I watched a live video with Chef Todd Mohr on Facebook. In less than an hour, he educated us on the 5 skills only taught in culinary college. Not only is he funny, he also breaks down the lessons in simple, easy to understand (and duplicate) snippets. Everything he shared made sense and was simple to implement immediately. That evening I put my first lessons to work, making a medium rare steak in a sauté pan using a thermometer. It was perfect! At the end of the demonstration I signed up with a lifetime membership. So far I have completed the first three classes at my leisure and use the learnings for the next few days of cooking. I have learned more and have had more cooking successes in the last three weeks than I have had in my lifetime. I am loving the kitchen! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in creating beautiful, nutritious meals at home. Thank you, Chef Todd, for your funny and simple approach to teaching! Read more
Janis Schroeder
I am a new member, gathering tools, knives, thermometer, practicing my knife skills. I have viewed impressive posts by so many adventurous, talented cooks and I have not displayed any of my own efforts yet. I recently lost my husband and I am trying to regain my desire to eat something besides frozen dinners. I am excited by Chef Todd's many instructional videos in addition to the video lessons, and I see how valuable feedback from members of the Carefree Cooks Community is. I hope to be posting soon! Read more
Cheryl Coleman
I started out with the classes on a trial and after one class I upgraded to a full lifetime membership. The classes are fun and very informative. My cooking has always been good but now I am producing incredible meals! The methods are the secret! Each day I cannot wait to plan dinner...neither can my husband! Cooking with the methods makes everything fun and creative, not a chore. I'm thrilled to be learning and having so much fun. Thank you Chef for sharing your knowledge. Read more
Helen Falk
After cooking for a large family, it has been difficult for me to cook for only 3 people with different dietary needs. Cooking became a nightmare. After watching a couple Webinars, I felt like I had a new outlook on cooking, I decided I needed to learn more. I have finished 3 classes, and have learned more than I thought possible. I have found such inspiration from the classes, and support from everyone who posts their success, failures, and questions. I learn new things everyday. I am 71, and still learning. Read more
Exequiel R. Bravo
Retired Physician
I retired last year after working as a physician for a little over 50 years.I had been cooking since I can remember assisting my mother when she cooks.My mother and grandparents were all good cooks.I inherited the cooking genes from all of them.I love cooking and followed America’s Test kitchen for many years and accumulated cases of cook books.By the stroke of fortune I came across your advertisement for Web cooking class and joined .I found the class to be entertaining, simple to understand and taught you how to create your own food. It teaches you to use left over ingredients or how to buy them ( savings ).Your presentations are easy to follow and while I make my notes to relate to my own cooking I can go back and help me put into practice the instructions you have given. I believe that at the end of the class sessions one becomes an excellent gourmet cook, not spending a lot of money by not having to buy recipe books, learning to use left over ingredients, and how to buy properly and be happy.It is exciting to be in the class.Thank you chef Todd. Read more
Vickie Purvis
So far, one of the easiest programs to follow. I just finished the food for Lesson 3. Cannot wait to start Lesson 4. I believe this is one of the best decisions I have made. Read more
I am 64 years old, have been cooking and trying to become a great cook for about as long as I can remember. Like many people I have watched countless hours of TV cooking shows, YouTube videos, read recipe books, tried following hundreds of recipes but I never really attained that consistant "great cook" status or any cooking confidence until I found Chef Todd's Web Cooking Classes! His classes and videos have taught me more about cooking in the short time I've been a lifetime member than in ALL my previous years of watching TV cooking shows, YouTube videos, and reading recipe books combined! His teaching skill is exceptional and the humor he adds makes it extremely fun. I feel like I've finally discovered the secret to great cooking! My cooking has improved so much that my family and friends rave and compliment me every meal I prepare now, which just makes cooking that much more enjoyable and fulfilling! The cost of his classes is a fraction of what I've spent on other cooking show memberships, Videos, and cookbooks. The lifetime membership is money I consider very well spent and is now being returned back to me 100 times over in better more efficient meal planning, food shopping, food storage, food prep, and a lot less cooking fails. Chef Todd, please continue your excellent knowledge sharing, great teaching style for an affordable cost. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much! Read more
I had great experiences in life making sandwiches, like PB&J, cooking bacon and eggs for myself. After many years I was inspired by Chef Todd Mohr's webinar. This opened a horizon of unlimited potential. Chef's personality exuded confidence to his targeted students :We, the People. Together with his skills and knowledge coupled with passionate cooking he is making America Cook Again. Just in two segments Chef has this home cook sauteeing fish and chicken filets that have no mathematical permutations. I never thought of using methods for a new found skill so deftly portrayed. Now new traditions are being set in this household. Friday evenings are now fish cooking events. New sauces with moist methods are tested with increased efficiency. With Chef your potential is unlimited. Chef looking forward to winning my jacket. Read more
Cheryl Smith
I recently became a lifetime member and I think this decision is going to rank among the top decisions I have ever made. I absolutely love the classes and Chef Todd's style of teaching is informative and fun. I can't believe how many of Chef Todd's webinars, I listen to each week. And these are not the online classes. I always get new and insightful information from every interaction with ( online modules, webinars, Facebook and even the questions and answers from the cooking class modules). I always thought that I was a pretty good cook and I like trying new recipes. Creating dishes from scratch was never something that I did. It's only been a short period of time but I can see my confidence increasing with each non- recipe dish I prepare. I love and highly recommend the program Read more
Connie Ng
I am so happy to find this WebCooking class. I signed up immediately right after attended the first webinar, the fact that Chef Todd Mohr teaches cooking method rather than teach a recipe attracts me. I have always proud of myself that I can cook and bake, after taking the course, I know I have so much room for improvement. The techniques and methods are conducted in such a funny and easy to remember kind of way, and the best part is you don't have to waste money in buying so many unnecessary ingredients, i.e. normally if you are following a recipe, you need to buy some ingredients that you may end up using once or twice. Another thing I really like is trimming the chicken wings, we all know the chicken has a lot of fat but I'd never trimmed the fat underneath the skin, after the course, I can enjoy chicken wings in a healthy way. Read more
Memory Rohwer
Excellent Cooking Course! Clearly & concisely presented with a touch of humor! Easily understood with good video pictures. So many tips and examples of how to do whatever is being taught. Great handouts & bonus Videos! I am thoroughly enjoying this course and because I am so busy I appreciate that I can fit these lessons into my day as they are not too long nor so short I feel they weren't worth my time. I am learning so much and having fun too! I am thankful I choose to be a full time member as I can take the classes anytime and can review them whenever I choose. Read more
GC Bellomy
This’s a very great class. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. I’ve been able to apply it at home to improve my cooking for my family. I’m looking forward to applying it to my Wednesday night meals I cook st church for about 60 people. Read more
Bernie Wagenseller
Retired Educator
I wanted to elevate my cooking game - so I took a chance on Chef Todd's online classes. I couldn't be happier and I've seen an amazing difference in the results of my culinary endeavors. Todd imparts practical knowledge in a way that is both entertaining and supportive. His personality is a big part of his lessons and you'll laugh more than you might have expected. His demos are on point and the worksheets that accompany each lesson provide excellent support documentation. I've watched many of the lessons more than once just to make sure I got every bit of information that Todd has to offer. I highly recommend this course for everyone, from beginners to veterans in the kitchen! Thank you Chef Todd! Read more
Denise Zirkle
Absolutely amazing cooking classes by Chef Todd Mohr. Highly recommend for any and all new or seasoned cooks. Over 50 years of cooking experience myself and I am learning the whys and hows of cooking methods with a bit of humor interspersed throughout the lessons. Makes learning so much more fun. Thank you Chef Todd. Read more
D Gilley
I have cooked for many years and can't believe how much I have enjoyed taking this classes! Thank you for moving me forward in my cookimg! Read more
Dianne Fritz
Web Cooking Classes with Chef Todd Mohr is really a fun and informative series of classes. I haven't been a member too long - just on my 5th class but even so I've learned a lot so far. It's nice to do this when I have free time and know there is no rush to complete the course. I like the Bonus videos each week - the pizza on barbecue was especially informative. I like getting an email each week to remind me of my next class. This is a great way to cook - no recipes! Read more
I love the classes. I am learning basic cooking like I have never known. The course is clear, funny, entertaining and informative. Thank you Read more
Gaye Morrison
This class is so enjoyable, fun not work. I'm always looking forward to the next lesson. All I can say is Dear God I wish this class was around in 1967! Read more
Joan Batten
Older Student of Food Appreciation
I had only a couple of personal recipes that I excelled at but not totally from scratch that I felt comfortable to make for company. Most of my meals were a falure to me and preferred to eat out instead of cooking a meal. Now after completing only up to week 12 I feel empowered to make a fabulous creative meal even worthy of company. I now look forward to making meals each night and rarely it out at resturants. Chef Todd is very entertaining and makes each teaching session a wonderful learning experience. I enjoy learning at each step and feel that not only am I a better cook, but a better provider to my family! Read more
Enjoy classes. Even at my age I learn something new. Read more
Debbie Duren
I'm loving it. I'm learning so much! Read more
Carmen Estrada
Though I have not been able to use this course as much as I would like, I can't recommend it enough!! The amount of information and how the courses are presented is worth every penny!!! I like how Chef Mohr takes you step-by-step to learning cooking methods that will eventually make you a confident cook! I signed up because 1) As a health coach I loves to encourage clients to cook so they get to eat nutritious and delicious foods for the least money and 2) because my husband is a trained chef and I can see how much better it is to know cooking methods than recipes 🙂 Read more
leo Marcus Whitebird
cook of the house/meal planner
I have done some professional cooking and have cooked for my wife for 41 years and I love cooking; Chef Todd is helping me refine my techniques and continue to please a picky eater for the next 41...Seriously though, the techniques and explanations are to the point and teach us what to look for . I have been cooking without recipes (for the most part) for some time, and this training will let me take it to the next level. Thank You Chef Todd! Read more
Larry W
Chef Todd's program is amazing interactive high energy entertaining and funny and best of all you learn a lot. I love cooking now and I've only just started this program Read more
Marilyn Morris
I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of Chef Todd's classes. He portrays his knowledge in a way to make it so compelling and fun. He has a lot to say that we need to know and he is so much fun. He makes learning a great pleasure. I am glad that I purchased the lifetime class because I see myself enjoying it again and again. Many thank to Chef Todd, the fun chef. Read more
Dan Rodarte
Before WCC, I was limited to the same usual "safe" recipes week-after- week. But since WCC, I've been thinking out of the box, I no longer rely on recipes, I think about what I have in the pantry and fridge and go from there. My friends are amazed at the quality of dishes I'm turning out. Thank you, Chef Todd for making this painless, and so much fun! Read more
I am so glad I signed up for this class. Chef Tod is a great instructor. Not a dull moment. I always wanted to know why I do "certain ways in cooking ". In my few weeks as a lifetime member, he has answered so many questions. I highly recommend this class. Read more
Aileen Alvarado
I am a new member who is excited to learn methods of cooking and how to create dishes without a recipe. I appreciate all the encouragement from Chef Todd Mohr and other students, as well as the knowledge everyone is sharing. Thank you so much. Read more
I have really enjoyed the realistic approach to technique which we can use and create from.The Mystery removed gives me confidence to explore and make foods I like. Read more
Nancy Nims
This is the best online course I have taken. Very interactive, I have learned sooo much in my first 3 weeks!! I thought I was a good cook, however, after the first couple weeks I have improved my skills on how to get a really delicious meal on the table with less stress, more confidence and much better quality! Thank you Chef Todd Mohr for making this available! Read more
I love to cook and make to my own creations, but was lacking technique and methods... Chef Todd has taught me, already, some invaluable methods that have changed my way of thinking and creating! I look forward to learning more!! Read more
Lisa Corn
Chief cook
I love all of Todd's classes, both online and in his courses, I have two so far. He has a way of cutting to the chafe with his teaching style, and ok, so he can get a bit corny at times, but that makes his sincerity a little more endearing lol. I have frequently been more carefree in my cooking style, but not always able to go out on a limb and make something new out of something already previously cooked. I now have more freedom and confidence to fly. Thanks chef! Read more
I’ve tried other cooking classes in the past, always with disappointing results. Not so with Chef Todd! Not only is he entertaining, he explains things clearly, thoroughly, and in a way that makes me want to run to my kitchen, grab whatever I have on hand, and get cooking - no recipe needed. From the very first lesson (sauté method), my results have been a huge boost to my knowledge and my confidence. My husband said the simple meal I prepared in just a few minutes was the best he’d ever had! Read more
Retired School Librarian
I have never been much of a cook as my sister was "the cook" and was always discovering new recipes. After watching the webinar I signed up for the class as I had already learned so much in one session. I truly enjoy each session and am finding new ways to cook. I have purchased a meat thermometer (who knew?). I have learned the "secrets" of saute, simmering, and how to create different sauces from just the "fond". I like the Chef Todd style of teaching and can pause to write something down or even watch a second time as a life member. Anyone who has made things that do not turn out needs to see this as I feel I have discovered the art of cooking. Plus I never liked to cook....I do now! Read more
After cooking for 40+ years I simply can’t believe all the things I have learned through the webinar. An excellent investment and really fun! Read more
I am an self taught cook with 50+ years experience. Mostly cooking at home but I've prepared meals for large groups over the years. Most have been reasonably successful; nobody died and I've been invited back! I wish I'd had these lessons available when I started. Understanding how and why things happen has given me insight into why some of my dishes did not turn out as they should have. The lesson on gauging the temperature of oil in a sauté pan has already improved the dishes my wife and I make regularly; no more oily dishes! Why, when and how to use salt and seasonings is another cooking skill that has helped me understand some of my failures. I am only on lesson 12 but as time permits I will be watching every lesson; if I "didn't know how to boil water" i.e. the difference between boil, simmer & poach why wouldn't I want to learn more about the why of cooking! Read more
Connie Gee Hutchins
I am 60 years old and considered myself a good cook. I purchased the life time membership of CareFreeCooks and started learning things I never knew, immediately. Chef Todd Mohr is funny, concise, easy to understand, and the Care Free Community Website is a place you feel Welcome and part of a Family. You can learn so much from other members successes and failures. I love that I invested in this adventure. Read more
Carol Adams
It has only been a few weeks since enrolling in the Web Cooking Classes and the results have been phenomenal. I can't believe the food I'm serving without the use of recipes. From Thai shrimp to absolutely perfect burgers, using the methods I've learned in just the first four classes has changed the way I cook and eat. I look forward to each new lesson every week and of course, practice, practice, practice! Thank you, Chef Todd. Read more
Marty Clark
I'm still new to the Web Cooking Classes but already I see improvement in my skills. I'm already more confident and willing to rely on the information I've gotten from Chef Todd and use the methods he imparts. I can't wait to open the next lesson and get into my kitchen and cook. Read more
Charles Needels
Since starting this class I can say this. If you are looking for some really great teaching learning the proper way to cooking properly you have found it. I already knew how to cook from recipes and could not figure why mine did not always turn out like they said. I learned why in the first three lessons from Chef Todd Mohr. Simple once you know it. I just wanted to learn how to cook better since I have to stay home anyway. I am 74 years old and have to be careful. I am really going to enjoy this class. I signed up as a life member and man what a bargain this is turning out to be. You could not make a better decision being a life member. Read more
Sibel A
I have been cooking for a long time but after Chef Todd´s Web Cooking Classes I am more motivated and more in control when I am cooking. The techniques and the methods he teaches took my cooking to another level. I call this experience ¨culinary adventures¨. Cooking is not a necessity but a hobby for me now. Many thanks to Chef Todd for making this possible. Read more
Mila Bosche
I am an absolvent (55 years ago) of a Hotel School in Czech Rep., It was designed to overlook and manage everything around hotels and, of course, kitchens as well. Yes, we learned some cooking, but not the basics, like knife skills (which are very important), preparation of different sauces and soups, side dishes, etc.... We just had to follow the recipes. To make good sauces, we had different methods... Right after my graduation, I was even training new cullinary students, and again - without teaching them "why and how". My whole life I was just applying my knowledge about cooking, but now, after joining the Web Cooking Classes, I am learning new things, which are now changing the way how I cook. From each lesson I learn something new. I also like the way how is everything explained, which makes the learning more enjoyable. Even my husband likes to watch the videos with me and is starting to help me with cooking. I really recommend this course to anybody who likes cooking and wants to learn new and simple ways how to prepare delicious meals without following written recipes. Read more
David Kemp
I cooked years with recipes and a lot were good and a lot were bad some so bad I had to throw it out and order pizza. I always wanted to go to culinary school but could not afford that. So when I saw this opportunity offered by Chef Todd Mohr to learn from a established professional chef I was excited for this opportunity and took it. It was by far the best thing I could have done for me at least. I have learned to cook without recipes and to make it my own recipe and the things I like and without all the guessing games as how long to cook it and when it is done. I am learning so much about how to cook the right way and I look forward to learning so much more from Chef Todd Mohur. If you love cooking and want to improve your cooking skills and learn from someone who will teach you the right way to cook. Then this will be the best money you have ever spent, I promise you that. I am not a paid spokesman just someone who wants to learn to cook the right way. And I thank Chef Todd Mohr for giving me this opportunity. Read more
Doris Couture
About 3 days ago I signed up to watch a cooking class with Chef Todd Mohrs and decided to join as a lifetime member. I know how to cook but never really had much of a passion for it; it was something I needed to do to survive. Chef Todd is so down to earth and easy to learn from. I am already up to week 13 (in 3 days) and it's a struggle to not just sit and watch all of them in a day. What is great is that he teaches you to use ingredients you probably already have without using a recipe and without having to measure. Cooking Chef Todd's way to so much quicker and easier than following a recipe. I am actually starting to look forward to cooking. Plus he has already answered the question I have always wondered about: should I have the lid up or down when grilling? (week 4) Read more
Gail Mitchell
I enjoy the classes so much. I have learned how to sauté and how to cook without a timer. Theses classes are such a tremendous benefit to anyone who thinks cooking is a chore I continue to try and master the art of slicing. I always held the knife incorrectly. No more "band aid cooking" for me! Read more
Lori Nettleton
I have always loved to cook from an early age. I always wished I could have gone to culinary school but never had the time. This course is like going to culinary school on your own time at an extremely modest price. I'm only in my 4th lesson and I already can cook far better than all the years I have enjoyed cooking. Chef Todd has made me feel empowered to create my own unique dishes without a recipe because he has given me an understanding of the method of cooking. I spent 12 years in college and graduate school hoping to never see another homework assignment, but I look forward to Cheff Todds homework! His course is fun and rewarding! Thank you Chef Todd. Read more
Diane Cortright
Cooking was mostly a chore for me. I had kids to feed and I worked full time and had to get on the table as soon as I got home. I not only raised one family but two. My kids were grown and then I adopted two of my granddaughters when they were one and two. So the meal train was spaghetti, meatloaf, hamburgers, hot dogs and drive through junk food for 45 years or so. You get the picture. I started looking for a class that would teach basic cooking skills from boiling to roasting a few years ago. I never did find a class to attend as they were either too advanced or offered at the wrong time. I needed to start art at the beginning and learn the right way to do things in the kitchen. The very week I semi-retired to working three days a week a Facebook post showed up inviting me to a webinar by Chef Todd Mohr on cooking methods. I attended at night so I could give my complete attention. This was just what I was looking for! The course offered is online so I can do it when it works for me. Also as a Lifetime Member I can rewatch and review and truly go at my own pace. The very first class after the webinar was the sautée method and the very first piece of chicken that I cooked was the best I have ever had, no kidding! The best thing is that Chef Todd encourages you to cook with what you have and don't shop for recipes, create your own! Everything I have cooked using these methods have been delicious! I am so stoked to learn about all the methods, food and herbs and spices. I never knew cooking was fun and very tangibly rewarding because you get to eat your own delicious food. You are a great teacher Chef Todd and you make your classes fun. For the first time in my life I look forward to my time in the kitchen! THANK YOU! Read more
This is an amazing way of taking cooking classes. I do it on my own time and no need to go out when you don’t feel like it. I’m in my comfort zone and love Chef Todd. Thank you. Read more
Mary Shipman
This is a really great course to take for beginning Cooks. It's also a good course for those who's like to Branch out a little and diversify their cooking methods. Read more
Joselle B Gatrell
For someone who has never liked to cook, I am really enjoying this class! The premise is there are cooking methods and the ingredients are up to you. If you don't know how to combine things like spices, you'll learn that too. I have really enjoyed the focus on methods! Lesson 1 Heat transfer and related terms (e.g., coagulation, gelatinization, caramelization) and how this helps understand the cooking process! The class has videos you can purchase or access by joining, has weekly live bonus sessions for 'members' and weekly impromptu lessons. Todd Mohr is a Chef, owner of a catering hall, culinary educator. He is funny but very informative. He has a freeing message that you shouldn't be restricted to specific recipe ingredients, feel free to modify, and there is never a 'fail' there is just a lesson. I am someone who ate creamed corn out of a can in my 20ties and haven't advanced much in the decades since. In the past two weeks I've sauted chicken (that I normally hate), sauted scallops (also not one of my favorites) and grilled steak (watching with my new meat thermometer in hand). All were terrific! Todd Mohr's philosophy and focus on 'methods' is perfect for me! I don't normally write this type of post, but especially during a quarantine, the class is perfect! Read more
Sandy Brown
Retired accountant/ part time Payroll clark
I stumbled on Chef Todd's free webinars about a year ago and instantly saw the value in what he was teaching. After watching most of his posted videos on Facebook, I decided it was time to take my cooking to the next level. I never was afraid to experiment in the kitchen and always used recipes as suggestions. Now I have the science behind what I have been doing for a long time. Thanks to Chef Todd, I am now a truly Carefree Cook. The best compliment I have received was from an old friend who visited us. His comment to one of my friends as we were enjoying cocktails on the patio was "If Sandy invites you to dinner, don't ask what she's cooking - JUST GO". Thanks Chef!! Read more
Pat Cunningham
I've only just started the course and have really enjoyed it thus far. The discussions about cooking methods have really changed the way I approach a meal in the kitchen. Now I use recipes for ingredient and flavor combination ideas and no longer try to follow directions per se. I especially do not cook via time any longer. That, in itself, is a valuable lesson. I trust the remaining lessons will simply add to the foundations created in the first couple lessons. I look forward to completing the entire course over the coming months. Read more
Chef Todd is an entertaining knowledgeable chef who simplifies cooking into non-intimidating memorable steps. He has laid out the content in simple to digest pieces with pre-prepared notes that are very helpful. Having come from the training industry, I give him full marks for his course. A great investment!
Deb Mahan
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
I am so ecstatic at how much my cooking skills and understanding of cooking has grown in the short amount of time I have been doing web cooking classes. I was a little reluctant to purchase the lifetime membership right out the gate but when I saw Chef Todd Mohr offered a full 30 money day back guarantee I figured it was worth the risk. I have been doing the classes in just under a month now and it is worth every penny. Not only is Chef Todd teaching me how to think like a chef and cook like a chef he does while keeping me laughing the entire time. I am loving the go at your own pace set up as being home during Covid19 I have really been able to keep rolling ahead at a quicker rate. He gets 5 stars in my book and every time my husband sees me doing another class he is like oh yes I love when you are on that website lol. So, I am going to say he feels the classes have taking my cooking to next level as well. Tonight I was making shrimp tacos for my family and the ingredients I planned in my head I was gonna use I did not realize I was out of till I started but with the new data base on sauces and thinking like a chef I quickly made up something new with what I had and they were a huge hit. I feel fortunate to have found Chef Todd and Web Cooking Classes! Read more
David Holloway
Office Manager
This course has been the BEST investment I could have made in learning to cook better. I have only been through about 9 weeks of the course but it has already completely transformed my cooking ability. I no longer have to look for a recipe to decide what to cook and my family is loving what I am able to cook. I can only imagine how much farther along I will be when I finish the course. If you are on the fence about purchasing this, get off the fence and purchase it now! You will not regret it and go ahead and sign up for the Lifetime membership too. It will be the BEST investment you could make in your cooking. These classes are worth a TON more than Chef Todd is charging and I am SO grateful that I have found them. Read more
Debbie Ryniker
I am 66 years old and have been cooking for many years , sometimes successfully and some times not with no idea why. I had no idea how many little things I didn't know that made a huge different . It is a work in progress but now I have a source of information that is always available and that is worth it ! Read more
Sue Weiss Friedland
I am relatively new to Web Cooking Classes, and it is the best thing I have done for myself in a long, long time. I could follow a recipe, but the thought of making something with just what is in my pantry terrified me. Chef Todd is entertaining, while being helpful and informative. As a Lifetime member I like that I can look at all the classes and go out of order to something that I I want to make in a later lesson. I especially like the extra classes and videos and am extremely grateful for the community site where other members are supportive, answer questions and are helpful. Best course ever!!!!! Read more
Lauretta Thompson
I love to cook and basically it was from recipes. I watch the food competition shows and have always thought how creative these individuals are to be able to come up with such dishes. It is because they know the basics. After watching the free webinar given by Chef Todd I could not believe what I learned in one hour. I became a lifetime member, the only way to go if considering taking the cooking classes. In 5 lessons I have learned so much. One of the most important things I learned was that my oven temp was off by almost 20 degrees. Poaching eggs? Who knew how wrong I was poaching eggs!!! How to create a sauce WOW my husband is in heaven and I only am on lesson 5. If I have a question I post it and Chef Todd get backs to you with an answer. True personal attention! Another perk of being a lifetime member is the Facebook website for lifetime members. If your hesitating on becoming a lifetime member, DON'T I assure you if your just considering being a lifetime member these classes are for you! Read more
Janice Bennett
I am still in the beginning module of the Web Cooking Classes but I can say that I am already very impressed with these classes and the teaching of Chef Todd. Chef Todd teaches in a very understandable and often humorous way that makes learning fun and accessible. The homework is essential to learning each week's lesson because after all, we wouldn't want it to be just head knowledge. The FaceBook group is fun and friendly and helpful. You can ask questions or show your latest creation and have a receptive audience. All in all, this is a wonderful experience and I'm glad I signed up for a lifetime membership! Read more
Mary Louise
Hoping 5 is the top rating. I am having so much fun taking these classes. Chef is so much fun and makes cooking quite easy. I’m glad to be a lifetime member because now I can go back and review anytime I want. I have learned SO much and the anxiety of what to have for meals is gone. I actually like being in the kitchen now and I’ve brought all of those expensive cooking tools out of the cobwebs and have learned how to use them. I am as ? as a clam!!!! Read more
Marie Stoves
I thought that, at 60 years old, I knew all I needed to know about cooking. BOY was I wrong! After one of CHef Todd's free webinars I realized what I had been torturing my family with all these years. We were in a ' food rut" and that had to stop. I signed up for the lifetime membership and am loving the classes. Yes, I managed to set off the smoke alarm (twice). but now I know not to use butter for my fat in a really hot pan. But even with that, my flavors have improved. My husband has been tough since anything new is suspect. "experimental food" he calls it. but the kids get him to try it and so far he is enjoying the new stuff. Slowly I am perfecting new flavors and new foods. One word of advice for you all. Pay close attention to the knife skills class! I didn't and took a chunk off my fingertip! I tried to julienne a large carrot but holding it and cutting between my fingers. one slip later and ouch! On the plus side, I get out of washing dishes while it heals. But seriously, these lessons are short, full of great info, and fun to watch. and that makes me want to sit all day and watch. But you need to practice and experiment too. My first dish was fresh, seafood counter tilapia fillets with a white wine sauce.Sprinkled with a little truffle oil right at the end. Served with fresh steamed vegies. Thank you Chef Todd for waking me up to better cooking. Read more
Elaine Chapman
Retired Consumer Service Rep
As a retired person, I finally have the time to do explore interests, cooking being one of them. I spent hours browsing websites for recipes and after a while they all seem to have the same ingredients, same finished product. Chef Todd has encouraged me to break out of the recipe dependence. Just the first lessons on saute and boil, simmer, poach have been eye openers. I am going slow fortunately because I signed up for lifetime membership. He amuses and well as teaches, not a slow boring lecture. I encourage any who is the main cook in the household to join him. Read more
Megan MacNaughton
I am not new to the kitchen, but have learned so many "behind the scene" tips for Chef Todd. This web cooking class is worth the time and money in my opinion. Read more
City Girl
Love Chef Todd's cooking classes! The format is perfect for me as they are only 15-20 minutes long. Very easy to fit into a busy schedule and I'm learning a lot. If the classes were longer than this, I probably would not stick with them. As it is, I try to watch a class a day, and it's very doable. The classes are not boring as the chef is entertaining and a good speaker. So happy I signed up (just in time for the holidays). Read more
Sandra Reault
Because of this course, I have a deeper understanding of the ingredients I am using and the methods to successfully prepare them. I save money at the market, buy better quality foods and have much less waste. Now when I look at recipes I am looking for the METHOD that is used and accepting the ingredient list as a suggestion that I am no longer chained to. I am not afraid to try making any dish, from aspics to wellingtons, because I understand the methods of cooking more than I ever have before. Read more
Ellen Hurd
I absolutely love these cooking classes, they are so easy to follow, Chef Todd is a great teacher who explains things where you can completely understand what he is telling you and he is a great motivator!! I find myself thinking (picture light bulbs going off all the time) hey I could do this or maybe try that...he makes you feel like you can't screw up!!! The knowledge he is teaching is a true blessing and is great for anyone who cooks. I am so glad I found this class and didn't hesitate to sign up as a lifetime member!! I love the fact that I can go back and watch whichever class I want as many times as I want. That is huge to me as I have some memory issues from a series of viral meningitis in my past. The offer was a perfect solution for me! Thank you so much Chef Todd for offering this training/education it is a true blessing and I have learned a lot thus far. I also love the facebook group, the extra tips, the what is it game.....I am having a great time if you could only see the smiles, hear my comments, and see all those light bulbs coming would understand how much I love this course! I hopes this will help anyone contemplating on joining so they do not hesitate I am so happy I joined!! Read more
Lloyd Dais
I have been a life member for 3 weeks. I've completed a few modules in order but have also moved around to learn about food methods for what I wanted to cook that night. Chef Todd is very entertaining and does a lot of reinforcement without being boring. So much so that even I can learn without repetition. The price for this life membership was very reasonable and I wish that I had heard of this course 5 years ago! I am really glad that I decided to join and especially become a life member. Read more
Melissa Bickford
Owner of Morrison's Munchies
I am creating a menu for my food truck and there is steak flank taco I want to serve. However, I felt like it was missing something special, unique. I watched Chef Todd's Hawaiian cooking video and learned some cool stuff that I never thought about. thanks to that video, I found my secret ingredient for my tacos and I think people are going to pleasantly surprised. Chef Todd has completely changed the way I view cooking. It's not just cooking, it really is art!!! I enjoy cooking so much more as I experiment with new ideas that never existed in my head only a month ago. Read more
Miki Russell
I love these classes. I have cooked a lot of stuff over a lot of years, mostly with recipes. Some have turned out, and some have not. But now, I am responsible for my own recipes and not afraid to try new things or make something with just what I already have in the house. It is a sense of freedom I have never felt in cooking before! Read more
Lauren House
Fun delivery of useful culinary skills. Read more
Dee Sherwood
I am 67 and have been told I am a good cook. These classes helped from basic skills, to a reminder of some things I use to do and new tips to help me make home cooked meals and avoid too much processed food or going out and eating in places where we cant even see the kitchen or who is making our food. He speaks in simple terms anyone can understand and takes a moment to explain things he feels we may not understand. Interesting and worth my time Read more
JoAnn Becht
Just loving these classes. The videos are short and to the point. Great to know the methodology of cooking. Loving it. Thank yo! Read more
Jeff Tipke
Thank you Chef Todd Mohr, your Web cooking classes are awesome. You are very passionate, informative and entertaining. I am a very good cook, but I was always guessing and wondering why my meals were good. Cooking methods NOT recipes are/you, are teaching how and why. I have a full kitchen and a half of a cellar full of kitchen gadgets, you do not need them to be a great cook. Anybody, no matter what level of cook you are, don't buy another kitchen gadget. Purchase a life time membership of Web Cooking classes with Chef Todd. It is the only way to become a better cook. P.S I always travel with my favorite chef's knife, cutting board and thermometer. Thanks again , learning, cooking great, saving money on groceries, most important no more food is wasted. Read more
Deb MacKenzie
Taking a cooking class was something I always wanted to do and to be able to apply it to my daily routine has been amazing! Learning the basic methods has helped me tremendously and helped build my confidence in cooking with whatever is in my cabinet and fridge at the time. Thank you Chef Todd! I'll keep on learning!! Read more
Laurie Southward
I just started with the classes and I find them to be extremely informative. Chef Todd teaches us to use method cooking instead of just reading recipes. I love it. I have learned so much just from the few classes i have taken. I can't wait to take more of them. My cooking as so improved. My husband is loving the difference in my cooking. More creativity and just fun to cook this way. Thank you Chef Todd. Read more
Jason Ripley
Chef Todd's cooking lessons are phenomenal. There are simple and to the point, and help you learn the fundamentals to cook well at home without having to go through the pains of culinary school. I'm not going to a professional cook, but I do enjoy cooking so his courses have helped me get the basics down so I can enjoy it so much more. Thank you Todd! Read more
I never was a good cook. Always wondered how others did it. Now I know. I cannot believe I never knew any of the things I am learning. I love these classes. I have made a few dishes I never dreamed I could. Made an Olive Garden type soup that I love without a recipe!! It was even better than theirs. Thank you for these classes. You ate a lifesaver. My first meal for family is going to be a large pork tinderloin. Would never have considered that before!! Read more
Rutaua Ranapia
Lifetime member
Kia ora everyone. I'm new to this form of learning & although I've yet to post any pics I've enjoyed the journey I'm on. Chef Todd has been instrumental in the progress of my been able to improve upon my mistakes/failures I've made and there have been a few. I've since recommended to colleagues & whanau (family) to join me. The methods & techniques have been invaluable. Read more
Karie Morehouse
Have learned so much!!! The best choice I have ever made was to take your class. Thank you for all these cooking methods, my family is loving the new me. Read more
Phil Skinner
Chef Todd, Thank you. You know not what you have done for my self-esteem, confidence, joy and love of what I really have wanted to do all along. I have an MBA, that has never been put to use, I have been a Marine Corps pilot in combat, a Production Supervisor, a Production Manger, a Director, a VP, and a President and owner of my own consulting business.... Now, with your classes I want to be a line cook so I can learn the basics and work my way all the way up to owning my own restaurant, then chain and then write on the Joys of Cooking Well. I never wanted to enroll in a cooking class since I know how to cook. What I wanted, and what I found, was enrolling in a cooking course. I've always said I've never made the same thing twice and that is because I don't use what is written down. I may make something AGAIN, but never that same way since I don't know how I made it the last time. The 'cookbook' was always in my head. Your course was PERFECT for me and I am learning so much. I THOUGHT I knew what I was doing in the kitchen. You have shown me all I knew how to do was add numbers up, for others, in a Calculus class. I was dreaming and hoping to ace that cooking class but that was no what I needed. Anyone can follow an instruction and hope for the best and blame it on the cookbook later. You are showing Leadership in i your style, and as a Marine Corps Officer, I like that. Seems I'll I was was doing was adding up the numbers while real Chef's were taking the cosine of the reverse asmuth and squaring it with the shadow angle to determine the distance of the nearest black hole. To which all I can say is..... Nice, glad that people like Chef Todd is here to impart his wisdom. I have learned more here than in my International Econ 580 class, which I thought the next semester ! Thank you again Phil Read more
I love Chef Todd! I am a retired teacher and absolutely LOVE Chef Todd's teaching methods. I recite the directions in my head when I cook...(Step 1 Pan hot) His methods make it easy to practice at home and he give you everything you need to know, including materials lists. I've seen many videos on knife cuts and never could get then hang of using a knife properly. I can now! And this is only after 3 weeks!! Can't wait to see what is next! Read more
Elaine Gibson
I went thru culinary school and yes graduated with high honors. But felt that I needed a review on my skills. And learn from someone new. Chef Todd has proven to be a great asset for me in what I am wanting to do Read more
I never was a good cook. Always wondered how others did it. Now I know. I cannot believe I never knew any of the things I am learning. I love these classes. I have made a few dishes I never dreamed I could. Made an Olive Garden type soup that I love without a recipe!! It was even better than theirs. Thank you for these classes. You ate a lifesaver. My first meal for family is going to be a large pork tinderloin. Would never have considered that before!! If you were taught to use recipes to cook and were never any good at that then these classes are for you. I have learned more in 3 weeks than I learned in 60 years! I am having more fun learning to make new dishes WITHOUT a recipe that tastes better than anything I ever made. If you want to become a really great cook then these classes are for you. You will never regret it. I can finally cook like I always wished I could but did know how. The lessons are great and easy to follow. If you have a problem you can ask questions. Never dreamed there was anything like this available. Thank you for this gift. I am already saving money and still eating better. Read more
Betty Parcher
I am loving the cooking method classes.. I sometimes, watch 2 or 3 a day... Great Job Chef Todd.. Read more
Very interesting and informative. Chef Todd keeps things lively. His sense of humour and style makes learning fun. I am really enjoying these classes . Definitely recommended! Read more
I love watching Chef Todd’s live webinars (always tries to make it fun!) and I’m so glad I chose to become a member! If there’s one lesson that I have learned from Chef it’s this... learning methods is liberating! Methods help you to understand how to cook what you are cooking?? Thanks Chef? ps. My knife skills are coming along? Read more
Bryan Labelle
I have been cooking for years and often modify or even don't use a recipe. Everyone always thought I was a good cook but I knew there were gaps in what I could do. After just a few lessons with Chef Todd my cooking went to a whole new level. The dinners I am turning out are better than many of the restaurants we go to! This from a guy who has been cooking for decades and is known as the chef in the house. I really can't express the difference this has made in my kitchen. I can't wait to make the next dish or meal. Thank you so much Chef Todd Read more
Ross Damante
Retired Systems Engineer
I only wish I had found Chef Mohrs Cooking Course a lot sooner because I could have avoided some disastrous meal preparations. The cost of the course is nothing compared to the knowledge and skills that I have learned, in just the first 4 weeks of the course and there's so much more yet to learn. Chef Mohrs teaching style makes learning fun and easy and I can't imagine anyone having any regret in deciding to get a lifetime membership.
David Wojnar
I enjoy this immensely. I've only been taking the course for about a month and already my confidence has increased greatly. Everything I've made so far has been met with approval. People have always liked my cooking but now I've improved with just a few of the things Chef Todd has discussed and taught. I believe this is worth pursuing. I bought the whole course so I can jump around to those things that really interest me while doing the course in order, so to learn the basics. Read more
Scott Hollinger
I've read a zillion cooking books and I've taken an expensive course with a French-trained chef. The problem every time — as Chef Todd says over and over — is that they all focused on making recipes. What I've been looking for over the years is instruction on "how cooking works" and how to select ingredients to match with cooking methods. That's exactly what Chef Todd offers. For example, when do you use milk versus cream (or evaporated milk or buttermilk)? When do you use sour cream versus yogurt or buttermilk? I haven't run across the answers to these exact questions yet, but I have dozens of lessons still to tackle. I'm so pleased, finally, to study cooking METHODS that allow me to cook what I want how I want and achieve success — without being bound to recipes. Web Cooking Classes with Chef Todd Mohr are excellent. Read more
Armando Martínez Salas
Since I started cooking with chef Todd Mohr's method, I have greatly improved my concept of cooking, it is much easier and this allows cooking to be a pleasure. Read more
Riordan Crawford
Kia ora Chef Todd, I am thoroughly enjoying the course and as a total novice in the cooking field, have learnt so much within a short time. At the moment I am experimenting with learning to control heat and practicing my sauteeing skills. I have a long way to go but improving all the time. Also learning how to make different stocks to add flavorsome liquids to the dishes that I am attempting to make and getting to know what seasonings and aromatics compliment each other. There is so much to learn and I truely appreciate the time and passion you share with us to help us develop our skills in the culinary/cooking field. Read more
Marcy Miramon
I am a foodie at heart and have always enjoyed cooking. It's just so rewarding to have family and friends gather around the table and enjoy a meal you've prepared! I have always wanted to learn more about cooking and to develop my skills in the kitchen -but I'm a busy mom working full time so I figured I just didn't have the time for that right now. I am so excited that I found this cooking course - it is EXACTLY what I need! I can watch the training videos when it is convenient for me which makes it easy to fit into my hectic schedule. Chef Mohr does an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating the various cooking methods in a simple, easy to follow, and concise way. I love that I can take it one week at a time and gradually build my knowledge and skills each week. I'm building the confidence I need to break away from the recipes and I can't wait to be able to serve friends and family something I actually envisioned and created myself! Read more
New to the cooking site but not new to cooking, however, I'm still finding new information that is making my husband please with the sauces and new ideas that I'm trying based on what I have learned in only the first 10 lessons. Read more
Scott Ceaglske
Here is what I can tell you about Chef Todd Mohr and Web Cooking Classes....after watching the first free video I figured all the best "stuff" was presented in that video to get you to buy the subsequent classes. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN "MOHR" WRONG!!!! Every single class is just as informative and genuine as that first one. I have been blown away by every one of them even the ones I did not think I had an interest in like "Boil, Simmer, Poach"-did not care but I watched it and I have never skipped a class. Yep it was that good! I have watched "Knife Skills" 3 times because it is so full of information, out chefs knife has laid in the drawer for 30 year and now I have a high quality chefs knife named "Sigrid" after my grandma. I am now a lifetime member and it has been worth 5 times the price. My wife has stated watching them with me just because she had overhead one of the teachings as she was passing by. Out cooking has truly become more enjoyable, I know everyone says that. But in our case we used to just throw something in boiling water, a fry pan, or the microwave for meals. Now its creative and fun to try the new methods not to mention everything tastes better. Read more
Marianne Garrett
retired elementary teacher
Although I am about on week 6 lesson, I tried Ratatouille yesterday. Have never eaten it but wanted to try it. My chef's knife is 40 years old so all the chopping was, well, a labor of love. it took an hour and a half! But I was anxious to try the tomato skinning method. It worked!! how fun. So many fresh veggies and fruits are available this time of year, so not hard to find what I needed. I will make this again after I can afford a new chef's knife!! Lots of fun and a great feeling of accomplishment. Read more
Karen Sievert
I have enjoyed these classes ever so much!! And the best part is that not only am I getting sound, solid information, I'm able to implement it immediately!! Having never been 'much of a cook', I'm personally thrilled by all I've learned thus far!!!I Feel so much better about my abilities, and it just seems that the better I feel, well, the better things turn out!! I'm no longer just putting food on the table....I'm doing it with a taste and flair I've long admired....Thanks Chef Todd, I'm truly grateful!!! Read more
Mary Jo McKay
Family means the world to me and we often gather around a meal. Being free to think outside of recipes is wonderful and I love learning new methods and techniques. Much thanks to Chef Mohr for sharing with us all. Having something to share with my nieces and great nieces alike is great too. My mother is 96 years young and she has expressed interest in my new endeavors. Read more
Robert E. Gardner
I have attended several short cooking classes sponsored by various culinary entities (mainly retail stores) over the years, but not one approached cooking based on the simplistic steps developed by Chef Todd Mohr and staff. I also subscribe to a number of recipe based Television sites. Previous classes were recipe based and the "why's" were barely discussed, maybe this was a fault of class participants, however, the instructor(s) were under severe time constraints. This simplistic approach used by Chef Mohr is designed to increase one's cooking knowledge, skills, and abilities to answer the basic questions of why, how and when. The aforementioned has generated a high level of enthusiasm in me and it shows in my household. I look forward to going up the cuisine ladder with the Chef as I am quite sure the rest of you are. Now if I can just temper this enthusiasm at home.
Tara Mills
I've read so many glowing testimonials about this course and Chef Todd in particular, that I doubt that I can add anything new. However, I will say that Chef Todd is one of the best presenters I have come across in this area or any other for that matter. He has the ability to make the subject clear and entertaining at the same time. I've learned more in just 3 lessons that I have in all of my amateur studies of food and how to cook it. Chef Todd is a delight and he has an authenticity that is lacking today. He presents the science and the art of cooking in a way that gives me confidence. I'm so grateful that I found WebCookingClasses. Read more
Treg Owings
I am from Moscow, Idaho. On Christmas day I watched one of Chef Todd's webinars. I told my wife that it was fun and I learned some things. She then surprised me with a gift of a life time membership. I have been through the first 4 classes. Here is my attempt at cooking chicken breast and using white wine to make a sauce with the fond. It worked great in my cast iron skillet. However, I cooked a little long and evaporated my sauce. It was still good. I have always cooked and love to use my pellet grill. Now I need to move on to the stove top and learn more things. Thanks Chef Todd for the opportunity with these classess. Read more
This is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Having been so invested in my career-I never learned to cook. But now I'm beginning to understand how to do things in the kitchen. Each lesson is easy to follow and understand. Thanks Chef Todd! Read more
Kathleen Quinn-Wild
Though I have been cooking for years, I have always relied on recipes. However, even after all these years, Chef Todd has already taught me so much about the techniques of HOW to cook (which I thought I already knew but didn’t) that it has changed my focus entirely and I no longer have to rely on any recipes. Thank you, Chef Todd!!! Read more
I am only through 6 of the 48 classes, but I am very pleased so far. The Chef has a style of explaining cooking concepts in a simple, easy to understand manner. And, he is entertaining. I look forward to completing the classes, and to using what I learn for the rest of my cooking life. Read more
I have learned to used my pantry and heat. How fun lunch is when I open the pantry and say YES, to what I have. Thank you. Read more
Bill Wehking
I highly recommend Chef Mohr's to anyone who wants the freedom to cook by methods and not be recipe. The lifetime membership is a bargain allowing lifelong access to all the lessons and other resources available from the website. Thanks Chef Mohr. Read more
Sandy Davis
Love these classes. Read more
mary hippen
These classes are so well done and easy to follow you will be amazing your family in no time with beautiful dishes, from pan to table in under 30 minutes. Fresh food, flavorful sauces....beautiful and healthy. Read more
Dave Benjamin
The most detailed and easy to follow cooking classes I've ever found. I've paid for other classes from well known TV chefs and always went back for a full refund. If you REALLY want to know HOW to cook, SIGN ER' UP! You will not be disappointed! Read more
Jan Goodman-Willits
I have learned so much by taking the Web Cooking Classes! Chef Todd teaches with humor and a wonderful approach with methods rather than recipes. He's always there to encourage everyone and/or answer questions. I highly recommend this course for those who want to learn how to truly cook. The community is full of generous, knowledgeable people willing to help anyone with questions as well. I also enjoy the weekly live Facebook classes Chef Todd holds. Read more
Gayle Thompson
The classes and demonstrations are very good. I love it that Chef Todd is not afraid to make mistakes. So we are not frustrated when we make them. The hot pan, hot oil method has improved my saute efforts considerably. I had made a cheese sauce before and scorched the bottom. Now I am making a delicious bechamel sauce and no scorching. My husband loves the grilling techniques. I am very glad I made the decision to join. Read more
Neil Patrick Hines
Retired Detective
Love this course! Read more
Enjoyed Chef Todd's presentation. Signed up as life time member, only had opportunity to browse lessons, but have attended webinars and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Very informative and educational . Looking to forward to purchasing correct knives and practicing knife skills. Info on use of herbs and seasonings very well explained. Great course looking forward to getting fully submerged. Read more
Brenda Keene and Neal Gilchrist
We are enjoying the difference in the meals we set on the table. We're just beginning (not yet through Module 1) but the confidence the course has given us is every bit as important as the skills learned. The trust in what we put together from what we have that sounds good--and not from a recipe--is giving us a great serving of freedom in the kitchen. Read more
David Shipman
I was hesitate on joining web cooking classes, but am so glad I did. There are multiple things I love about this series. First, Chef Todd is a very good teacher and is able to keep you connected to the class. It is definitely not dry and boring. Secondly, what you learn can be put to use immediately. The evening after I watched the first class I was implementing things that were taught. Thirdly, the lessons are reasonable in time. This was one that I was concerned with. If they were one or two hour classes then I knew it would be difficult for to complete. However, each class is roughly 15-20 minutes long, moves quickly, and a great skill is learned. The final thing I've liked about joining is that it is changing my attitude towards cooking. I hated cooking, but now I look forward to doing things because I am starting to know what I am doing. Read more
Chris Rillo
I was drawn to Web Cooking Classes because I was desperate for someone to show me the 'how' and 'why' of cooking in a structured and thorough way. Chef Todd is that someone. I do feel as if I have my own personal tutor as Chef Todd gives me prompt feedback on my comments. I can also post my efforts anytime on the community page where I can hear from hundreds of likeminded cooking fanatics. Chef Todd is like that teacher you had at school that you actually learnt something from. Thanks Chef! Read more
Blair Derry
The videos are easy to follow and understand, gets you away from cookbooks. On the lifetime membership you go start and stop as you need to. You don't need to run out and buy items and spices that you only use for one recipe which is a waste of money. Read more
Mary Kirkham
I love the cooking class. I have learned so much that I wish I had known years ago. Instead of dreading dinner preparation, I now look forward to trying out my new skills in this exciting new adventure. Thank you Chef Todd for sharing your knowledge and skill. Read more
Lorna Nuovo
Hi I have just started Chef Todds’ online cooking course and I love it. I was a bit sceptical at first but I have been quickly convinced that I did the right thing in joining so much so that I am now a lifetime member and learning so much. There is a big difference between being shown how other people put together their recipes and learning how to make your own and control the cooking process every step of the way. Thank you so much Chef Todd for putting this course together and doing it with a sense of fun that makes it enjoyable. Thank you Read more
Maggi Daly
My family is in shock. About a year ago, I decided to remove the foods that weren't supporting my family's health and replace them with healthier alternatives. That left me without many of the dishes I had relied on for years, and nothing new to bring to the table (pun intended). I came across an invite a couple weeks ago for Chef Mohr's webinar that had been due to start within minutes. Jumping right in, I've never looked back. I learned so much in that first hour, that I signed up to become a lifetime member without a second thought. Now in my third week, not only do I not hate cooking anymore, I can't wait to come up with new things to put on the table for my family. There's no more 'I'll grab something while I'm out', but instead 'What time is dinner tonight?'. As I said, my family is shocked -- and delighted -- and so am I. This program is packed with information -- and I mean PACKED! Not only is there a plethora of knowledge imparted and tools available, but Chef Mohr is omnipresent - answering questions, commenting on posts, and always offering encouragement. This is a life-changer for me and also my family's health. I couldn't be more grateful to Chef Mohr! Read more
I have enjoyed the class, it is fun, imformative and educational. I was watching on of the classes and my boyfriend had to watch it with me. He also enjoyed it and also liked my cooking that I cooked for my homework. We both like it and are glad to cook by methods instead of recipes. His instructions are easy and fun. Come and enjoy our group. Read more
Robert Fidler
I have been cooking for over 65 years Mom taught me to very carefully follow the recipes and over all it has been great (when they were tested).I never knew why things turned out the way they did.Now that i have joined Chef Mohr's web cooking classes,i am beginning to understand why the cooking method makes the changes in the taste and and overall consistency of the food i prepare. i never thought that i would enjoy going back to school at 72 but here i am on week 17 and cannot wait for the next lesson Thank you Chef Mohr. ' Read more
Debbie Kashdan
I have completed through lesson 11 and watched the videos of a few of the "live" classes. I love this course. I never knew how much I don't know about cooking, and am learning a lot. Read more
Judy Furr
I have started and gone through the first lessons of this course. I am a 68 year old woman and I can say truthfully that you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks. I love the simplicity and complexity of this course. I have been a cook for most of my life and always used recipes but always yearned to be the kind grandmother that used a pinch of this and pinch of that. With this course I have been able to start this process. I love love love this chef Todd Mohr. It's so easy to follow his classes and making your own dish. Read more
These classes have given me not only a ton of helpful information, but a lot of confidence that I can make healthy, quality meals at home. My family is raving over the dinners I have been serving, and I am enjoying cooking more than ever. This is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. Who needs a restaurant when I can do it better myself at home? Thanks Chef Todd! Read more
Howard Brayton
I have thoroughly enjoyed tthe course since signing up for the lifetime membership. It is definitely worth the price (actually a bargain). It is fun and I have learned a lot. Read more
I totally enjoy this website and I enjoy chef Todd's teaching style. I think this course would be a bonus for anyone who wants to learn to cook, or improve their cooking skills. Thanks for the experience. Read more
Bill Schweigart
I bought the Web Cooking Classes and am very pleased. These classes have changed my whole approach to food and cooking. My wife is happy helping me in the kitchen and we now cook together. We are having a lot of fun learning new things and I made a stock of my own after our thanksgiving dinner. This is great course and I am so glad I watched my first webinar and purchased the whole set of 48 classes. The Facebook for lifetime members is great. Just ask and you get many answers to your questions. Read more
Pamela Roth
Since my oven quit working a few days ago, I thought I'd have to stop baking until my new oven arrives. But after listening to lesson 4 bonus video, I began to think of how I could use my grill as an over. So I heated up my cast iron skillet in the grill to the correct temperature, turned off the heat on the side with the skillet, added some biscuits and baked them with the lid down. It took a few extra minutes than in my oven, but they were just delicious. Thanks to Chef Todd Mohr teaching me how to properly apply heat to my food, now my family can still enjoy baked goods. Read more
I am mom to a culinary student and love the web cooking classes. I am learning so much basic information and using it every day. The basic things like sauteing, grilling, using my thermometer and making sauces; have not only transformed my cooking but they have given me a new confidence in the kitchen. My children, all 10 of them, say I am a good cook, why do I need to take a cooking class? I want to learn the basics behind what I do, and do it better. I am totally enjoying the classes. Read more
Michael Ray
#3 Home Cook
I'm a new student to the Web Cooking Classes. I've only been a member about a month. I truly enjoy Chef Todd's style of training. In the short time, I have learned so much. I have been skipping around the modules and found that any lesson I review, I can go from start to finish with a very good outcome. Chef Todd's has captured a unique teaching aid, in that you can start on lesson one and continue in numerical order Or SKIP around to the various modules and lesson. His ability to teach and to incorporate the key essentials to the lesson allows you to create a good dish on your first try. I truly wish I had joined when I first became aware of his teachings. My second accolade to Chef Todd is that He can teach old dogs, new tricks... Read more
Debbie Stanley
I am so glad that I signed up as a Lifetime member. I have learned so much from Chef Todd and this website. The methods of cooking are an eye opener. I have made some amazing items using the cooking methods and everyone has loved what I have become... a home cook. Read more
Olga Sosa
I have not had too much time to immerse enough on the classes , but the few time I had done it, I am impressed about the important and useful knowledge acquired. I am more than satisfy with this site. Highly recommended. Read more
Jeannie LeMire
I have learned so much from this cooking coarse. For the first time I am cooking without a recipe and enjoy cooking again. Thank you so much Chef Mohr for this enlightening cooking course. Read more
Tonya Johnson
I've never really been a fan of cooking because I get tired of making the same meals over and over. I'm not even to week 16 and my creativity has spiked and my meals have become hits. The ONLY challenge that I have with this class is that because I'm not learning recipes, but HOW to cook, replicating a meal is difficult. That's a "me" thing though I guess. I'm going to start writing down what I do, in order to create my own recipes that I can repeat. Read more
Janice Wyrick
A few months back, I happened to stumble upon a free cooking webinar, hosted by Cheff Todd Mohr, on FB... Always intrigued by the art of cooking, yet lacking in basic skills and confidence in the kitchen, I decided to tune into the webinar, and was immediately hooked! Cheff Mohr's user-friendly manner of teaching, along with his keen sense of humor, takes any sense of intimidation away from the learning experience, and makes me want to build upon my skills, and keep coming back for more... As a lifetime member, I have many more weeks of culinary instruction, and all the time I need to make that journey... I can go as fast or slow as I want, and can review any classes as many times as I want---with Chef Todd always in the wings, should I have problems or questions... If you've been wanting to take your cooking skills to a new level of confidence and basic (all the way to advanced) understanding, this course will definitely put you on the right track... In just a few short months, I'm already surprising myself, and impressing my husband!!! Who knew??? ?? Read more
way over the hill
I began thinking "I won't learn much" but, Within the first few minutes I knew how wrong I was. And how much fun this is going to be. Read more
Willie Aniton Aaron
I'm absolutely pumped at what I'm learning on! Chef Todd is a super Chef and he loves what he does and it show in his videos. I'm not a very good note taker, but my memory is pretty good and I do take notes when he gives secret ingredients o certain things so I'll have them. I hope when I get to Pasta and baking he'll tell us which flour to get. I.m so excited that I bought almost all the things on his list of things we'll need for this class, and I'm on a fixed income but I made it work. but I still need the knife set and the stainless steel cookware. I can't wait to see what week 7 has in store, but then every week is like opening up Christmas presents. I have a daughter who is a Chef and she specializes in international cuisine, but she did teach me how to make her special sushi and once you've had hers you won't eat anyone else's sushi. Gee I wonder if Chef Todd has a class on the subject? The people on Facebook are helpful and friendly and honest. The only complaint is my status reads week 3 and I have moved on, i'm going to need that to reflect that. Thanks Chef Todd Mohr for all that you do!! I have one question, the fresh produce dvd offer for $97 I would love to get but I am not able to until the 27th. Could you extend it till then and send me a link to purchase. Thank you in advance for being understanding. Read more
Brad Spalding
Home Cook
Although I just started I believe this mode of learning is right up my alley. I have always picked up things better with understanding than to have it thrown at me in test format. Instructor Chef Todd Mohr really seems to care and that comes across. I appreciate the quick turnaround on questions answered. Another Testimonial toward completion may be in order but I'm sure it will be great... I highly recommend this course for anybody who does not want to be anchored to a cookbook. Read more
Diane Johnson
I was looking for something to occupy my time while I was home over summer vacation from school. After the first free episode, I knew this was it. I have had so much fun and learned so much at a fraction of the cost of culinary school. I owned a restaurant for 18 years and never knew about these methods and techniques. I am too old to open another restaurant, but I am so enjoying using my new talent to cook some amazing meals. Cant wait to get back to socializing so I can show off to my friends. This class is well worth the money, you will not be disappointed. Read more
Anne Haworth
These classes have been bought for me as a Christmas present so I haven't allowed myself to do more than a sneak peek so far! They're looking good! Read more
Tom M.
I'm glad I got a lifetime membership with Chef Todd Mohr's Web Cooking Classes. It was worth the cost. Chef Todd Mohr is a true expert on the science and art of cooking. This is what I needed to learn to cook. And he's an effective teacher. And I think he's a good guy--I feel that I can trust that Chef Todd Mohr will always keep his word and do the right thing. (And no, I don't know Chef Todd Mohr personally; I've never met him in person. I know him only through his videos and online course materials. But I like the guy, and I believe in him and his teachings.) Read more
Anne Banks
Like a lot of other people I’ve been cooking for many years. I’ve completed Module 1 and have loved learning and understanding the basics. Am putting lots into practice weekly. Thanks Chef Todd. Can’t wait to start Module 2. Read more
Hal Richard Lefebvre
camp cook, small engine mechanic
I have been cooking professionally for over 30 years,but never completed chefs training at a college. I learned everything on my own or by watching other cooks that I worked with.With you course I have learned more technique in a few weeks than in those those 30 years. Thank you very much for your course ,I only wish that it would have been available back then as I am now retired but am enjoying cooking for my friends and family with your methods. Read more
Retired but full-time Care Giver for my disabled daughter
I have been enjoying Chef Todd's classes very much. I am always anxious for each new class! I have been cooking most of my life, as learned mostly from my mother, yet still wanting to know much more. Since I must make pure (without additives) foods for my daughter's needs, this is a great help. I am anxious to be able to make my own stocks, sauces, etc. so she can enjoy a larger variety of foods and meals. If you have any help, Chef Todd, for gluten free AND dairy free substitutions, that would also be greatly appreciated! I know substituting almond or soy milk for cows milk is easy, but things like sour cream and heavy cream are difficult, as well as good gluten free breads are VERY hard to find and good tasting gluten free bread recipes I have not found! Both my daughter and myself have gluten and dairy allergies. Since my husband does not want to give these up (I certainly don't blame him) we have to cook two meals rather than one. I have had a desire to learn these things for quite some time, was excited to find Chef Todd, and enjoy each class! I would not hesitate to take these classes. They are very enjoyable and informative--you can't beat that! Read more
Cindi Heller
Property Caretaker/Security
I have been a stay at home mom forever. I love to cook, but I can never get the recipes right or always missing something. Since starting the cooking classes with Chef Todd I am using stuff already in the house and not losing so much food. In fact, my family is not very veggie friendly. I have made beef and vegetable stocks and both turned out good. I challenged myself to make Pho. Fresh broth, fresh produce, several different choices to add to soup. My non veggie loving family ate new items I used and are still raving about it. I love this class, love all the new knowledge and LOVE EATING MORE NOW. I am so happy to be a part of such a great group of people always willing to step in and help AND such a great teacher, Chef Todd. Read more
from the first lesson Chef Todd touched on basic methods I studied in Foods & Nutrition classes years ago. I sat there listening & the light went bulbs were flashing and I kept saying to myself "I forgot that". I've been cooking for a very long time but creating a dish has disappeared over the year. So I created a dish with bechamel sauce & my dinner became an evening meal. My chocolate chip cookies came back! So sit back, learn the methods & be prepared to be willing to create meals with what's on hand without a recipe.Enjoy! Read more
Deborah Jeffrey
Although I operate a successful business making fondant and gumpaste cake and cupcake toppers, I never learned to cook or bake. BUT, thanks to Chef Todd, I am learning the basics of cooking, and look forward to learning how to bake also. Todd makes each lesson fun, and breaks down the various cooking methods to make his students independent and creative cooks. I no longer am a slave to recipes and have already cut my grocery bill almost in half, because I have the confidence to make things from scratch. It's funny, I thought making things from scratch would be so time consuming, but Todd's methods are quick and I am actually spending less time in the kitchen, less time planning what we are going to eat, less money on ingredients, and less money on take out. THANK YOU CHEF TODD!!! Read more
Chef Todd does a great job. Glad I was able to join his group of Care Free Cooks and benefit from all of his cooking expertise. I've found, listening to Chef Todd's class, my learning curve on cooking has expanded and, yes, I do feel empowered to cook anything. Read more
I've been in the cooking class for about a month and find it fantastic -- so I also bought a few of the specialty classes (I just signed up for Sauce Boss, ha!). I've learned so much, and it is fun. However, everytime I need to chop something, I hear "consistency of cut is consistency of cook". Also, my partner might slap me if I say "I need to check if my proteins are coagulating" one more time, ha! Read more
Robert May
I have been cooking for decades, but after several lessons i finally realize that I had no clue what i was doing. Now with chef Todd’s help I have picked up the little details that take what i have been doing to something that actually makes since and taste amazing . Read more
Amateur chef
Not only am I learning the “how’s “ of cooking but also the “why’s “ and I can’t wait to see each video class. For beginners and advanced cooks! Read more
Nancy Richert
I joined the Web cooking classes several weeks ago and I'm loving it. Chef Todd is very enthusiastic and I have learned so many basic techniques e.g. how to use a chef's knife properly, how to test whether a saute pan is hot enough, why you add COLD liquid at the end of sauteeing. He teaches from his heart and I feel like I've enrolled in a top notch cooking school that I can do from my computer. LOVE THIS COURSE Read more
Iris C
I am learning methods I didn't know before. Cooking was not something I particularly enjoyed, so I was hoping this course would give me a boost in that area. Being a vegetarian a lot of the information doesn't translate completly to my needs since I don't cook any of the meats that seem to be the focus of many methods. Otherwise I have been happy with what I have learned and it does inspire me to cook more. Read more
I started to be the main cook in our home back in 2005 when we lived in China for a year. Since then I have collected cookbooks and taken a variety of cooking classes and I was still recipe bound. I picked up on bits and pieces of what Web Cooking Classes is teaching but it was haphazard. I've been here for a month now and it has finally all come together! My pantry is being reorganized, cooking is even more fun, my wife is enjoying the changes, I am weening off recipes, and, to quote Chef Todd, I am cooking with confidence! This programme has been inspirational for me and I look forward to each lesson and webinar. Thank you Chef Todd! Read more
Hanan Krayem
This is the best cooking course I have taken. I have enjoyed Chef Todd Mohr’s class and learning how to cook without using recipes. You learn to cook what you like using his cooking methods. I have always considered myself to be an excellent home cook. I did not realize how much I did not actually know about cooking until I started taking Web Cooking Classes. I started implementing and using the different methods I have learned and have noticed a difference in the food I prepare. The course also teaches you how to be creative as well. Read more
Marilyn Shultz
Hi, I love Chef Todd's cooking classes!!! I am starting to learn to cook without recipes, by just knowing the methods. I made a Ratatouille after his fresh herbs class which was wonderful, with just a few ingredients! I bought his DVD's which are great! I am beginning to enjoy cooking! I hadn't much before because had trouble deciding on what to make and how to vary my menu. Thanks again!!! Read more
District Manager
My husband and I have only made it to week 3, but we are eating so much better already! We are excited about dinner again instead of dreading it. We have sauteed delicious chicken, scallops and pork and the sauces have been delicious. We love Chef Todd's style of teaching, the way he recaps in each lesson what we have already learned. We are building on skills week after week! Can't wait to get to the next lesson! Thanks Chef Todd! Read more
Lisa B.
BEST PRESENT EVER!!! My mother gave this program to me as a birthday present and I am so glad. Due to a very restricted health related diet, I had lost all interest in cooking. Through these lessons I have regained my interest in cooking, found myself making better tasting and less time consuming meals, AND have begun saving money on groceries. The videos are well delivered, easy to understand, easy to fit into any schedule, very informative and Chef Todd is just plan fun to watch. Getting to share, on the online community, with others on this journey is just the proverbial icing on the cake. Totally would recommend this program to everyone regardless of diet preferences. Read more
Lynn Dennis
If you want to learn how to cook, not just try recipes, Chef Todd Mohr is the best teacher. As a Certified Culinary Educator, you are shown the very basics of working in your own kitchen. The beauty of these classes is that you do not have to travel anywhere, park your car, attend classes, take notes, travel home and do the same thing the next day! Your class is right in your own home...take it anytime. If you need to review, replays are available. And, the professionalism in the downloadable documentations is 1st Class - clear and simple. Chef Mohr has a gift for teaching (fun) and is passionate about sharing his years of experience and skills with anyone who wants to learn. You will be inspired by every class and take away something simple, something new, something that will give you confidence in cooking. Read more
Diane Poole
This program has really helped my self confidence in not only cooking basic meals, but also with more complicated baking techniques. Just a simple technique that a small amount of melted butter swirled around will melt the rest of it so it's not overdone, has helped my results. Taking these courses has allowed me to work through bug-a-boos with more self confidence and "save" dishes. It feels good to say to myself, "Just calm down and fix it," instead of overreacting. I like being able to look back at videos for extra support when I get stuck. I've attached a picture of a complicated cake that I made for Christmas. It was from a Southern Living Recipe, but I improvised, taking a broken cake layer with truffle icing on it, blending with cream cheese and dipping the cake balls in melted chocolate. They were delicious! Read more
Loving these classes. I’m retired and I am finally learning how to cook without a recipe. My mother, bless her heart, had lost her mother at a young age and she never learned much about cooking. Thus, I never did either. Basically, I made roasts and anything in the oven. I love making new dishes and trying my hand at new methods of cooking. These courses teach you a lot of basics. Have a lot more classes to go and am looking forward to each one. Read more
Candace Isaac
This is an excellent web site. I have been a life-member for close to a month and have enjoyed all the Tuesday live classes. I have also gone into module 1 and have been practicing and experimenting with all the wonderful cooking tips and wisdom of Chef Todd. It has already improved my cooking and made me more adventurous in my menus. I would highly recommend these cooking classes. Read more
Mike Zeko
Having so much fun learning new methods. I'm upping my culinary game and looking forward to diving into making pasta with my newly acquired pasta maker. Going to make it a family group activity. Thanks for the tools, Todd. You have freed me from the tyranny of recipies. Read more
Doug Westerhaus
I have enjoyed cooking since going off to college more than 50 years ago. I have never been very good about following specific recipes; however, taking Todd's course on cooking methods has markedly helped me be a better cook. IT IS A GREAT PROGRAM! Read more
Gaye M Drew
I'm very impressed with your cooking program.. and excited about all I will be learning as we go along. It was neat finally learning how to use a knife properly and with a lot of practice, I must say I almost got the hang of it!! lol Your billing department has be very nice as we tried to get my billing right, finally there was success!! Ya!! I sang your programs praises to all who will listen, I'm only on model 3 and have learn lots.. it all makes sooo much sense!! I'm excited about when we get to the baking, pies and the science of it all still has me confused. So thank you for coming into my life., I'm retired now and have lots of time to cook and enjoy this coarse!!!! xo <3 Read more
Trina M Adams
I have learned so much in the short time I have been a member. I would highly recommend this to anyone who whats to learn more about cooking. Chef Todd presents in a very informative and entertaining way. I'm excited to try what I have learned. As old as I am I'm learning new things. It has helped me get out of the rut of cooking the same things. I don't run to the store when I don't have ingredients called for in a recipe. Using his "method'' for cooking I have learned to substitute ingredients and cook from my pantry. I am finally understanding why I am doing things and don't feel the need to cook exactly from a recipe. I can't seem to stop talking about my classes to my friends. Being part of the community and seeing what others have done and learning from them is another benefit. This has been the best gift to myself in years. Keep up the good work Chef!!!! Thank you Read more
Nancy Richert
I am so pleased that I joined this web cooking class. Chef Todd teaches you the basics with enthusiasm !! I have only been a member for several weeks but have learned how to correctly use a Chef Knife, how to tell when a saute pan is properly heated, why you add cold liquid at the end of a saute to scrape up the fond. I feel like I've got access to a cooking school rather than just recipes -all from my computer whenever I have time to do it. GREAT COURSE Read more
Laurel Young
I really believe that you are a miracle worker. Your classes are delivered in an interesting, professional manner and you manage to make me laugh over my incompetence in cooking. I have gone from being totally uninterested in cooking to quoting what "Chef Todd" said each week at our sewing groups. I am only Class 3 at present and still not really good but I am trying and learning heaps. I would recommend these classes to anyone. Read more
Brian Maday
Old-Fart food lover, and "Home Chef"
My eyes have been opened! Sure, I watch cooking shows on TV, but "miss" the MAGIC of how Chef Todd brings genuine cooking skills into focus. I'm a Lifetime member and will be using this greatest of Cooking Tools for a very long Time. Cheers to CHEF TODD! Read more
Ben Gabus
As s a caregiver for a 92 year old Lady, myself being 87 years of age, I feel that I'm in in a fairly singular position. My past professions, in no way, prepared me to be a cook, housekeeper, therapist and loving companion. I could prepare a few simple meals and order in some and take her to diners, but, when I saw Chef Todd Mohr's first video , explaining the different changes certain temperatures made to different foods, I knew I had to learn his method for both myself and the person I was caring for. That was about three weeks ago and although one doesn't become a chef overnight, I've amazed myself with food combination results and awakened her appetite. Now She wants to know what we'll be having for dinner. Sometimes I just tell her we'll both have to wait 'til it's done. I must admit that I was a little hesitant about forking (No pun intended) the cost of the course, but, so far, it's been worth every dime. Read more
Lynda Burton
Entrepreneural Freelancer
I absolutely LOVE this course!!! I'm not new to the culinary arts. Years ago, I took a small program in catering and gourmet cooking and have done some catering, but this course is so incredibly awesome because he makes it so fun. I'm learning so much in this course that I never learned in the one I took years ago -- and that previous program was quite expensive. I very much recommend this course. Worth every penny and more -- seriously! Give it a try. You won't be disappointed. Read more
Reynaldo maldonado
I highly recommended chef todds web cooking classes to everyone ! Through my experience as a student and a personal cook I've learned so much from the cooking classes and also deboned a whole chicken . And advanced my knife skills ! Read more
Home Cook
I've been to Chef Todd's Webinar and I was hooked. The information I have gained from Web Cooking Course has LIBERATED me from recipes! Having learned methods, formulas etc. I am now able to create anything and everything without the use of any recipe. Method, technique and flavoring anything whether it's with seasoning spices, herbs. I make it to my liking. I find it difficult to look at a recipe and decide I want to make that, because, I know already what I want and how I want it to taste. With everything I have learned I'm able to put it together. Thank you Chef Todd, You have liberated me, and put me back into the kitchen with a new found approach to how I cook! Read more
Daniella Stukel
Office Manager
I have taken the Web Cooking classes just for personal interest and to update my cooking and get out of the rut of making the same thing every week. Chef Todd Mohr is great and explains everything in a great way that everyone can understand and transfer into their own cooking. Great Information, Well worth the Cost! I strongly recommend this course if you like to cook and you want to spruce it up! Read more
Jim Sauer
Have not cooked much yet. Too busy binge watching the series. It’s incredibly fascinating Read more
Wendy Barfielf
Absolutely love the classes .....learned and put into action so much. A very worthwhile Christmas present to myself. Read more
I found your site through an invite from Facebook for a free class. I signed up and learned so much I signed up for the cooking school. Unfortunately my sister passed away and I have not started the classes but I am looking forward to getting started but it won't be until I get home after Jan. 3rd. I am a mom who wants to learn to cook. I would like to start a soup kitchen that is open everyday to feed the poor. People say that is a big dream and I say that's ok I will start at the beginning one step at a time until my dream is realized. Thank you for making my dream within my reach. Thank you for making the classes easy to understand for the person with no professional training. I can't wait to go through the school in Jan. I will show pictures on Facebook as I make things. I have to say I checked out the Facebook page and there are so many wonder people sharing their dishes. Great job to all who shared. Thank you for the opportunity I plan to do great things. Read more
I'm learning a whole new way of cooking via these easy method classes, like measuring ingredients using a scale, the importance of using a thermometer, the various methods of cooking, adding flavor to your meals, etc. I could go on and on but take one of the free classes on line and see for yourself, you'll be glad you did. Read more
Karin Truxillo
I’m actually a pretty good cook and have used both methods and recipes (Which I doctor) but Chef Todd has taught me what I’ve done wrong and how to rectify it. During the Sauté and sauce class I realized why sometimes my chicken is a little tough when I make chicken piccata, it’s because my fire is too high when I put the chicken back in to heat it...such a little thing but makes all the difference in the outcome. I’ve actually started cooking on a lower heat as well, it really seems to make such a difference. That’s just one example of a way to make my food better. I’d say that the cost of his courses are really reasonable for what you get in return!!! Thank you Chef Todd for your humor, quirky jokes and your expertise as it is so appreciated. Read more
Sue R
I have been a member for 3 weeks now I love these classes. I am learning things I never knew before. The best part is using what you already have, rather than going out and buying expensive ingredients. You can still do that if you want to, but I stuck with what was already in my pantry and freezer. Chef Todd makes learning fun. Not boring at all. Read more
Bruce Gale
2 year hotel &rest Management. Over 40 years working or selling food to rest. I have found some new helps in all 19 lessons I have viewed. At 77 years old I am pleased with my 44th anniversary present from my wife. Read more
Brian Maday
Depends who's asking
I thought I KNEW how to cook... but only a few weeks in, I realized that I basically followed Recipes or "package directions"! Chef Todd is most engaging, fun to follow, and really knows HOW to cook - I have become a LOT better already. I'm really glad I purchased the Lifetime membership. Read more
I've only been taking the cooking classes a few weeks now, but have learned a lot. I am enjoying making up my own recipes with confidence. I'm doing the homework and never knew I could add baking soda or vinegar to veggies.....lots of fun!
Life Member
I live outside of the US, but took the class with a keen interest in learning how to cook without depending too much on recipes. I have just 3 lessons so far on week one, and I find it quite helpful so far in what I am learning. I have applied and noticed an improvement in the results of some of my dishes, and hope to continue to learn more. However due to being outside of the US, I am careful about the extra purchase with each lesson as our conversion rate to the US can get quite hefty. I am a retiree and am on dialysis, and am also careful about being too overzealous with my ingredients due to a restricted dialysis diet. So I will continue to learn and apply as suitable to my needs. Read more
Charles C
Great classes. Learned stuff from the get go. While recipes give you a destination, Todd gives you the method to drive your car and what you should look for along the way. I’m looking forward to driving mohr. Read more
Roger Mullins
I had loved cooking all my life but never really new the science behind what I was doing. I am finding the Web Cooking Classes really informative and helpful and can’t wait to get off this diet I’m on to use what I’m learning even more.
Jody Harmon
I have been cooking all of my life and have learned a lot in a few weeks, these classes are great. Read more
Joyce Rager
I have completed Weeks 1,2,and 3, then skipped around a little to the classes that I felt I needed right away which were Sauces and also Herbs and Spices. I am really enjoying it and feel that I have learned a tremendous amount already...but so much more to learn. It's hard to be patient...but I love it! Thanks Chef Todd! Read more
Dianne Henley
I have been a member for 1 month and I'm loving all the new things I'm learning along the way, even though I've been cooking for years. I am much more confident BBQing a steak or pork chop now that I'm using an instant read thermometer. Also having fun doing saute recipes. Looking forward to learning more every day. Enjoying the Facebook posts from the members and watching Chef Todd on his daily cooking videos. Read more
Terri Morrison
I'm going into wk 4 of module 1, I can't believe how much I have learned (re-learned) already. I have been dependant on recipes, for over 42 years of cooking for my family. Not any longer thanks to the techniques/methods taught by Chef Todd. I have started teaching my 17 year old grandson to cook, using these methods. He will soon be off to college possibly cooking for himself, he too is excited to see what Chef Todd has next. Chef Todd has been an incredibly exciting and humble instructor throughout this process. Thank you Chef Todd for making my retirement much more eventful. Read more
Judy Boyd
I am so happy to be a Life Member of Chef Todd's Cooking Classes. I've always considered myself a pretty good cook and baker, but now I'm learning the Science behind the hows and whys of Cooking and Baking. I'm almost 70 years old, it's never too late to learn a new trick. Thank You Chef Todd. Read more
I am enjoying the videos and learning a lot. I learned to cook with instructions over the phone from my mother who worked so feeding my father and sisters meant I had to do it. I never had very much confidence and didn't really remember much so over the years it has been much trial and a lot of error. I'm glad to learn better ways to cook in order to make my meals look and taste appetizing. Thank you, Chef Todd! Read more
Jayne Fleming
LOVE this program !! I am learning so much. It has made me brave enough to tackle cooking again, after years of feeling intimidated and defeated..... wonderful for me; would really consider this for a gift for a newly married couple or a graduation gift for a young adult Read more
Cynthia Capezio
Class student
I’m 65 years old and learning new things from Todd’s class & video’s. Yes, your never to old to learn. I’ve been experimenting with all the new methods and finding simple ways to make a variety of new dishes & sauces, even my husband is enjoying the new variety of dishes..A very fun way to deal with this new at home situation..Thanks for all the help. Read more
Learned so much - I have been doing things all wrong! Read more
Captain Bill
Hi Chef Todd: I an 77 yrs old and have never so much as hard boiled eggs. I have been telling my wife that I would like to go to a cooking school for seniors but have never found one that I felt was for me. I found you school and felt 'Hey I can go at my own pace and view classes over and over is needed. Perfect' So hear I am learning the why thing are done a certain way in the cooking school and I love it. Fishing season is starting hear in the Chesapeake Bay and cannot wait to get some fish and apply what I have learned and what I will learn in the future to cooking these delicious fish and crabs. You go Chef Todd. Read more
I considered myself a pretty good cook, and I'm not afraid to try new things, but I have to say I learned more than I expected from these courses! It's worth the money and your time so give yourself permission to learn something new and enjoy! Read more
Bob Pisel
I have been cooking by these methods for years but now I understand the mechanics and chemistry behind it. By the second lesson I learned the hows and why some of my methods were not working. I am already becoming a better cook as attested to by my wife and friends. I look forward to coming home from work to watch previous lessons or go on to a new one and trying different dishes. Has been a wonderful experience. Read more
Elizabeth Shaw
This has been the best investment I have ever made. I wish I had done this 30 years ago. I thought I knew how to cook and grill but I have been doing things all wrong. Thank you, Chef Todd! Read more
Lifetime Member
Web Cooking Classes with Chef Todd is so much fun! It makes learning enjoyable. I've always considered myself a fairly good cook - now I am learning different techniques (some I've never even heard of) so one day I can be a great cook! Thank you Chef Todd! Read more
Linda Baker
I have been cooking for family for many years and was getting bored with meal prep. I signed up with web cooking classes and found the inspiration I was looking for. Now I use the same ingredients my family love with new ingredients inspired by Todd. I am again happy to be in the kitchen experimenting with new cooking methods and plate presentations . I am also enjoying my own cooking. Thank you Todd for your relaxed way of teaching and for your corny jokes.just kidding!! Read more
Love these classes. They have helped me to do a better job at preparing meals. Read more
Maureen Linker
I started this course a month ago after watching a teaser, then signing up as a lifetime member. At the age of 57 I couldn't cook! Ok, a few dishes, maybe. Most ended up in the garbage...and lots of money wasted. My husband and I took turns at who sucked more in the kitchen! I am into week 5 and a couple more out of order, but so far I can't express enough how wonderful this course is! Chef Todd is so easy to learn from, he talks to you, not at you. He makes techniques understandable by the normal person. We have not thrown one meal away since I started this class and my friends are drooling on FB! My brother considers himself a Chef, and he is good, but he was so envious when I told him who I was learning from! Once you are a lifetime member you have access to the private FB group that simply rocks my world! I have gleaned so many ideas for methods that I am now trying my own...and succeeding! I am about ready to toss all Cookbooks in my possession! Not joking! Oh, I have much more to learn, many more classes to take, but one thing about this Covid virus is that it Made me learn to cook. And I am, by who I consider to be the best. And we are saving money on groceries. Thank you Chef Todd!!!! Read more
Carol Beard
The web cooking classes are awesome! I have expanded my cooking skills so much and am eager to try new methods. No longer am I leery to experiment with seasonings, sauces ...and broths, they are actually fun to make with all the items I put in my designated broth bag in the freezer. Before, grilling was just not my thing, now smoking, steaming, searing whatever and with any kind of protein, let’s try it! Learning to cook with what I have in the pantry instead of blindly following a recipe has been liberating. Add a little of this or that and wow, I have a whole new taste for dinner. So exciting! Signing up for the lifetime classes was the best decision I could have made. Thanks for all of your efforts! Read more
Leo George Jr
I spent a lot of time researching online cooking classes since it was something I always wanted to do. Being retired has given me the time to enjoy and learn. If you are interested, DO IT! I choose Chef Todd's Web Cooking Course for many reasons, the biggest one is I like his style of teaching. He is funny, and he teaches in down to earth language and methods. I an getting ready to start Week 8, and I am like a kid anticipating Christmas morning. Between the classes, the webinars and the extra videos, I am enjoying my decision to trust Chef Todd and his organization. The meals I am producing are keeping my wife and I well fed. Please, do something good for yourself and your family, become a member of Web Cooking Classes! Read more
Jennifer Lewis
Love the videos and the information is so clear to understand and replicate. Highly recommend WebCookingClasses. Read more
Just beginning. I feel certain that I will learn so much from this course. I only hope I can remember a lot of it! Read more
Linda England
Health Coach
I think this is one of the best sites I have ever come across. I have been cooking since I was about 4 years old and I have learnt so much, no more following recipes I simply follow the steps and away you go. My family have been very complimentary about my cooking and I can get creative as well. Read more
My cooking has improved a lot and I am learning more, every time I watch a class. Read more
Roberta Mann
This is the way learning should be. Access to instruction presented in an interesting way, in a time frame that fits my schedule. I’m enjoying understanding the “why” of cooking. Have tried numerous methods from heat transfer to knife skills. The community on Facebook is also helpful, if you have questions or to get ideas. This is a Chicken Parmesan dish. I’ve learned a lot and I’m only on Lesson 9. Thanks Chef Todd. Read more
This is the very best thing I have ever done for myself and my family. I have so much fun now and learn at ton of new things everyday as well. Read more
Lauren C Tyson
Chef Todd's course is the first-ever training or education I've had in cooking. I love everything about it--from Chef's expertise and entertaining style, to the self-paced, bite-size lessons, helpful handouts, well-timed follow-up emails, bonus videos, and supportive, fun private Facebook Group. I can't turn back the hands of time, but only look forward to how this course is enriching my life and making it easier! Highly, highly recommended. Read more
Mike Bradshaw
I'm 65 years old and have enjoyed cooking most of my life. Both my parents were raised on southern farms and were great cooks. I learned what I could from them. But I've mostly been in the dark as to the "how and why" of cooking, guessing my way through it over the years and mostly guessing wrong. Like many, I've read cookbooks, tried scores of recipes, watched countless hours of TV cooking shows and cooking videos online, and up until I found Chef Todd's "Web Cooking Classes", I've had only limited success. After watching just a few of Chef Todd's instructional videos, it was easily a "no brainer" for me to become a lifetime member! Admittedly, in my haste to learn, I scanned through most of the classes, but learning methods from Chef Todd that immediately improved my cooking so much more so than ever before! Now I am starting back at the beginning with Module 1 to slow down and get more out of each lesson by reading the material, watching the video lessons a few times, and doing the homework assignments. I am already more confident in my cooking and know I will only improve from here thanks to Chef Todd sharing his professional Chef knowledge and skills with his excellent teaching methods. The Lifetime membership is truly a great value and if you've been struggling with cooking "know-how" for years like me, here is your chance to make significant advancement and improvement to your cooking. Chef Todd takes you as close to culinary school as you can probably find in an online format and makes it a blast to boot! My many thanks to you Chef Todd! Please keep up the great work and education for us all! Looking forward to seeing and taking more new classes in the future! Read more
Rebecca Bowles
Unemployed cook
My first cooking job was at the age of 15. I started in the dishroom, as most chefs do, and moved on to prep where I got my first and last lesson in how much a steam burn can hurt! Although my careers have been Army, post office, and IT, I've been fanatical about cooking since my 20's, although mainly recipe cooking. After becoming vegan, over 25 years now, I had to start making my own dishes and methods in order to eat more than just vegetables. I've studied molecular gastronomy, plating and methods from books, videos, and other chefs, some good some bad, now that I've been back cooking in restaurants for about three years now. Culinary school would be wonderful but quite expensive and pretty hard to make dishes that i cannot taste because of my veganism. It is also a problem getting hired as a cook. I'm not even sure how I stumbled across Web Cooking Classes but after watching one live webinar, I was hooked. I thought the price was too good to be true. I thought I was a great cook but I have learned so much already from these classes! I feel like I'm starting over in a very good way. I also thought I was pretty creative, but using these methods and picking whatever ingredients I want has made me even more creative. I'm obsessed, humbled and yet proud that I am able to learn so much. And what's really thrilling is all these lessons are still very helpful for a vegan diet. It still all applies. This is the best move I've ever made in my culinary training! Read more
Lauren C Tyson
Chef Todd's course is the first-ever training or education I've had in cooking. I love everything about it--from Chef's expertise and entertaining style, to the self-paced, bite-size lessons, helpful handouts, well-timed follow-up emails, bonus videos, and supportive, fun private Facebook Group. I can't turn back the hands of time, but only look forward to how this course is enriching my life and making it easier! Highly, highly recommended. Read more
Art Ardolino
I am very impressed so far with the lessons. This is what I've been begging Food Network for years now, and never got. I don't want entertainment - I want to learn. These courses are great and I would highly recommend because the lessons really help you understand the science behind cooking. And its really not that hard, but these are all secrets that professionally trained chefs already know and the average home cook does not. Read more
Love...Love...Love.... Your classes !!!!! I'm going to make pizza dough from your last week's webinar for dinner tonight! Read more
Rosemarie Belcher
I have been cooking for my family for more years than I care to tell you, and I learn something new with every class. I look forward to each class, and enjoy tryiung out the methods instead of hunting up recipes, then finding out I don't have all the ingredients in the pantry. This way feels so much more creative and is certainly more enjoyable. Thank you! Read more
John Morgan
Entertaining and very good presentation! We look forward to each next class. Read more
Scott Green
Charge Nurse/Student of Chef
Hi there! I'm Scott. Don't let the picture fool you, It was taken in 1978 in Basic Training. I love to cook. It began with my Grandmothers and Mother. They were always skimming through cook books ,newspaper clippings and the like and trying new things. I loved most of what they prepared and recall them spending hours in the kitchen to do so. At 60 I still love to cook but while it was still mostly from glancing at recipes and adjusting to my taste, It was many hours spent. I was content. "Note the past tense." Then I stumbled across Chef Todd. In a short few weeks my eyes have been opened to many ah ha moments where I discovered I was so close but still missing by a mile. Suddenly, my knife skills, properly using heat, and with some effort leaving the cook books and online recipes behind have drastically changed the quality of my food. Fond is my latest discovery and what a difference it makes in deepening the flavor and leaving the calories behind. Many other tid bits too which have left me shaking my head as I realize how close I was in technique, but when you miss you miss. I'm just a few weeks in and admittedly not spent the time I want to in this course. But given the times we are in (Covid) it has been a source of great inspiration and joy for me. Read more
Shirley Isett
I've been in the web cooking classes for a few weeks now and have learned so much. My cooking is improving. Chef Todd Mohr is an excellent teacher and does so with such enthusiasm that he just leaves you with a great feeling and such a desire to learn more. Read more
Shirley Baron
Baron Classes are short, very informative - no matter at what level one is at - and also entertaining. Read more
Carol Barber
I started cooking in my teens, so I've been cooking for nearly 50 years. But even so, I knew there was quite a bit I didn't know about cooking. A couple of years ago, I started looking for cooking classes that were more focused on methods and techniques rather than the standard learn to cook one dish or worse, a demonstration, classes offered by stores such as Sur La Table. My only other option was culinary school, and honestly, at my age and for my purpose, that type of time and money committment just wasn't worth it. So I gave up trying to find classes. Then one day in my Facebook news feed, there was a post by Chef Todd for a free webinar. So I signed up for it. After watching the webinar and doing some internet searching, I talked to my husband about Web Cooking Classes. He told me to go for it, and I did. I've only been a member for about 3 weeks, but I've learned quite a bit that I didn't know. I like Chef Todd's no recipe approach. If you learn the methods, you'll be able to cook just about anything. His teaching style is great. He's the type that would be every student's favorite instructor and the one everyone wants classes with. I also like that you can work at your own pace, review the lesson videos as much as you need or want to, and jump around to fit your needs. All in all I'm very pleased, and looking forward to finishing the classes. Read more
Deborah Hucker
For years I have followed recipes and just hoped they would turn out but never understood the how and why. Now the mist is clearing! Thanks Todd.
Sara Mason
Thank you Chef Todd for the opportunity to understand why recipes don't often work out and how dependable, repeatable cooking methods bring success! My knife skills have improved about 80% as I regularly practise more consistent cutting and my confidence in creating sauces adds a further depth to dishes for our family. The cas cooks segments from your home are wonderful and I appreciate your passion to generously share your knowledge and skills with so many across the globe, especially relating to different international cuisines. My heart is to invest what I am learning, through providing nutritious meals for those who struggle in our community and I am very thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Web Cooking Classes family. Thanks Chef Todd!! Read more
Helen Wilkins
I am learning so much from these online classes! I am so glad I joined and and I look forward to each new class. Read more
Gal Ennis
Financial Controller- Moose Jaw Multicultural Council
I have enjoyed going on this journey with Chef Todd and the other members of this group. My cooking has become more interesting and better tasting then it ever was. Read more
Hi Todd, I am enjoying your classes very much, I find myself having to go back to the classes many times.Thank you for making cooking great again.
Harold Van Brunt
Am enjoying the classes very much. They have helped me get away from recipes and try things my self Read more
Christine LoCastro
I have been enjoying my best money spent in years, I am hooked on Chef Todds cooking classes. I consider myself a pretty good cook but now it’s even better. My boyfriend always brags to everyone about how great I am in the kitchen 🙂 Now since taking these classes and talking to carefree member and seeing their results is awesome. Chef Todd does a phenomenal job at explaining all the methods we need to know to achieve an awesome outcome in our cooking. Read more
I have really enjoyed these classes. These classes will definitely improve my sautéing and sauces. I have the Burn your recipes video set and they are very informative. The free video I received was Sassy Sauces. I didn't get to see what was being made due to the students in the class were up front. I was so glad the videos I paid for were beneficial. A lot of the information I already knew, but never hurts to find out what you do know is correct. Thank you Chef Todd! Read more
Chef Todd's classes are so much fun; never mind all of the great skills I've learned! I've been cooking for 40+ years and I learn something new with each video I watch. Thank you for helping us home cooks to have an easier job! Read more
Anna Ferreira
The knive cutting class helped me a lot in preparing foods. It made things much easier. Read more
Julian Fuentes
I have really enjoyed the lessons, looking forward to continue learning and practicing. Read more
Rick Gerlach
I’ve been a Life Member now for about 3 weeks, the amount of information I’ve learned in that time is AMAZING. Chef Todd’s method of teaching is fantastic!, very informative, easy to understand, excellent demonstrations, & the best part is Chef Todd has a way of making you want to get into the kitchen right after watching a lesson. My cooking has IMPROVED A GREAT DEAL in just 3 short weeks, can’t imagine where I’ll be after the full 48 week course. Thank You Chef Todd, I LOVE this Membership!. Read more
Judy Frett
retired educator
I cannot tell you how much I have learned from Chef Todd's classes in the few short weeks I have been a member. The CFCC on Facebook is invaluable for sparking my creativity on a daily basis, and receiving feedback for what I have done wrong and what I have done right! Thank you, Chef Todd!!! Read more
Coleen Power
I thought I knew how to cook until I joined Chef Todd’s classes on I soon discovered that it is more important to cook by METHOD rather than by recipe. Besides immediate feedback from Chef Todd, another bonus is the Care Free Cooks group on FB where thousands of Chef Todd’s students give you positive support and advice. Cooking has now become exciting and fun. Read more
Stacie Thomas
I have always thought I knew how to cook but now that I'm taking these classes, I'm really learning to cook. Thank you Todd! Read more
Bill Kennell
Todd your a great teacher you put humor in your always up for learning new things Read more
Tammy Maure
I love these on-line cooking lessons. I am only in my 3rd week but have gone ahead and watched the 4th week on grilling already. I am going to grill chicken breasts tonight! I have done my homework, practiced and experimented. My family & I are enjoying having a little more variety in our meals. Thank you for terrific lessons!! Tammy Read more
Gayle Sokolsky
I am amazed at your generosity in sharing so much of your knowledge and experience for such a moderate cost. Your classes are really worth considerably more. I was raised by older parents, born in the late 1800's and my earliest favorites are memories of “old fashioned” foods, some of which have long been forgotten. While growing up I've enjoyed foods cooked in various ways when I lived in Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, California, Arizona and Michigan, where I am now planted. I am very excited to being able to put it all together and come up with my own style. Thank you, Chef Todd!!
Patty Weeks
Hi there everybody, I am rather new to the site. I am on week 3 of my homework. Have been having a good time as my husband has been learning with me. Conjured up some interesting meals , and they have been very good. Lots of learning going on in this kitchen. I would recommend this experience to anyone who likes to learn , cook and eat. Very pleased with all the information. And I do believe that whatever your level of experience is in the kitchen , there are always new things to learn. Happy cooking everyone , and I hope you enjoy your time in the kitchen as well as we do. Read more
Terry Lewis
I joined Web Cooking Classes a couple of years ago and I have been enjoying cooking ever since. Last Friday before going to the hockey game I met up with a friend and client of mine and I showed him how to cook about four or five Chinese dishes. I even bought him the ingredients for which he paid for. I could never have done something like this without the web cooking classes but also all the information and advice provided by Chef Todd. Read more
I’ve always loved to cook. However, recipes just didn’t always turn out or I would modify them. It’s so nice to have the tools to just do my own thing. I always wondered why my homemade gravies turned out all pasty and floury tasting. Now I know why. ?. I’m so happy that I gave these classes a try. They have completely changed the way I cook and eat. Thanks Chef Todd Mohr! Read more
Dean Fleming
I'm new to cooking classes and have been thoroughly enjoying them. I've learnt heaps and have been able to put it to use immediately. Understanding the methods has meant I know what to do and why without blindly following recipes. It's been fun and I can't wait to learn more. Chef Todd's style is relaxed and fun and I'd recommend him to anyone. Read more
Bonnie Brandeberry
Oh My! Since I have begun cooking classes with Chef Todd my dinnertime meals have become so much more nutritious and interesting and fun to cook! He has taught me how to cook with what I have in the cupboards instead of running to the store for every meal. I just love using the skills that I have learned. Read more
Harold Van Brunt
Home cook
Still learning from all this course had to offer.So far it is great. Just made grilled tuna basted with honey and water. 115 degrees internal temp love using the thermometer it has made cooking so much more precise. Thanks Chef Todd Read more
lucia ehu-hamilton
It has inspired me to have a go at cooking without a recipe and the web classes are very informative helpful and full of inspiration. I am very grateful for the web classes. Read more
This has been really fun. Gives us something to do during the pandemic. Todd's personality and teaching methods are both great. Having extra resources for the live classes during the week has been fun too. Definitely worth it. Read more
Mary Hollaway
I cooked meals for 20 years for a family of four, and since the boys moved out on their own, had lost interest in cooking the same old things. Having helped out in the kitchen of a restaurant/lounge for a few years when unexpected situations arose, got the taste of culinary cooking. I am so glad I clicked on that link on FB. I have learned more about saute' and BBQ than I ever knew before, and am learning the methods instead of the recipes and learning to use a thermometer to test for doneness, as well as being able to look at the meat and know when it is done. I have stocked my pantry with Chef Todd's suggested items, and am discovering things like couscous that I never would have tried before. Every time I cut up items to prepare a meal, Chef Todd's mantra of "consistency of cut is consistency of cook" is going through my brain. What a difference it makes! Now all my vegetables are cooked evenly, and it makes a big difference in the outcome of your meal. Having the guts to try different combinations is so much fun, as you can imagine the taste as you read the labels on the bottles and cans and know what is going to taste well. What a great experience! Thank you Chef Todd, for teaching me to think about my cooking, instead of reading someone else's recipe that always fluctuate so much. Now my meals are turning out perfect every time. Read more
Just purchased a lifetime membership because you are so passionate about cooking methods - not recipes. (You are very good at explaining.) You have opened up a whole new world for me. I am so tired of the hum-drum recipes that don't taste right or look right. (I have so many recipes....900 to 1,000.) I am excited to begin the experience of enjoying healthy food that is easy, cheaper, able to go with everything and I know the taste will be out of this world!!!! Thank You!!! Linda Read more
Rose Wood
Web Cooking Class Subscriber
OMG!!! I am so glad that I was inquisitive enough to check out the "Free Online Cooking Class" I consider myself as having an addiction for purchasing recipe books and magazines, and subscribing to online recipe sites and blogs, only to find myself overwhelmed with information. Many books and food magazines that eventually became stuffed in the bookcase and many donated to Goodwill. The information and tools I learned from Chef Todd are tools I can use daily and no more do I have to waste time and energy researching, thinking about and looking through recipes. His information and techniques make it easier to think creatively for yourself about what you have on hand and how you can combine different ingredients and methods to create delicious meals without long drawn out steps. Thank you Todd for sharing your professional secrets to so many home cooks who love cooking and aspire to create gourmet quality foods for their family and friends. Read more
Laura Saueracker
My husband and I are enjoying these courses, Friday evening date night. Even though I have a lot of experience cooking for living I haven't any formal training and I'm learning, My hubby is gaining a lot of confidence cooking and is cooking more than he ever has. We've recommended to several friends that they would enjoy this course. Read more
Nancy Springs
I am really enjoying these classes. I learned a lot from the very first one, knife skills and heat distribution. I am watching live classes as often as possible and am thrilled to be gaining knowledge from each one. So fun! Read more
Cindi Knight
So I've been a member for one month and I'm doing "funny" things in the kitchen such as: using tongs for turning food instead of stabbing them with a fork; caring about moisture in foods; understanding the term "deglazing" and using the goodies left in the bottom of the pan; and I'm learning about food colors (I can't wait to play with that lesson soon). I'm watching a specific cook behind the counter in our neighborhood small cafe and appreciating that squirt bottle of water he grabs in an instant. I didn't know there was a difference between flavoring foods and using spices to enhance foods. I'm an educator myself so I tend to be critical about teachers making those teachable moments count. I respect Chef Todd's teaching style and skills in the classroom - um - in the kitchen. Loving this learning curve journey I've begun. Yipee!!! Read more
Noel Mendoza
Thank you Chef Todd Mohr This cooking class got me excited in the kitchen again. It's enlightening experience and you make so much fun that it has been very therapeutic for me. My counselor told me that this is good for I have been diagnose with PTSD. Again many thanks to you and your staff. Read more
Office Manager
I love Chef Todd Mohr’s cooking course! Even the simple courses like knife handling have improved my cooking tremendously! My family are excited to eat my meals now and I rarely want to eat out. Well worth the price!! Thank you Chef Read more
Vickie Nagel
I love my classes from Chef Todd. I have learned so many basic methods I never realized were so important: making sure my oven is calibrated, important steps for successful saute and sauces. We have had several great meals using his methods and my creativity. I enjoy the classes and will continue until the end. Well worth the money to be committed. Read more
On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest rating I would rank Web Cooking Classes as a 5. I say that because it helps make sense of the methods used for cooking that make any meal a "Shazam!" experience. I have learned so much in such a short time with the classes that my husband gets up asking "So what's for dinner?" It has helped my gain more confidence in my cooking, and I truly am enjoying the experience. I am experimenting more since I understand more about what to expect from various cooking methods. I would highly recommend this course for the cook who just wants to understand not only what they are doing, but why they are doing it. Read more
Norma Hunter
Hi Chef, I am loving the cooking class. I tried a salmon and a salad for dinner this evening. I want to try some more fish. Going to try a filet M. Steak tomorrow if it is still good. Picked it up Saturday. Thank you for teaching. Norma Hunter Read more
Sharon Alters
The idea of learning techniques instead of more recipes intrigued me, so I signed up for Chef Todd's class. Wow, oh wow, am I glad I did!! I have learned so many little tips already that I am using every day and have much less food waste because I use up that last scallion, those few carrots, and celery stalks that used to go in the trash. Same for dressings, etc. I made biscuits with confidence with our grandson a couple of weeks ago and they were perfect! Learning how to properly sauté and take advantage of the fond - that alone is worth the course, but there is much, much more. Who knew carmelized onions were so easy and absolutely delicious to make a fabulous tart plus think of all the uses for them - French onion soup, sandwiches, eggs, etc. If you like cooking and even if you're not sure if you like cooking but would like to know more, this is the class for you. Plus, Chef is so much fun to watch! He incorporates his sense of humor and you get to see him be real - like overheat a pan and cool it down (something I have totally done). Plus there is an awesome Facebook page to see what dishes members make and extra bonus videos for dishes, like the onion tart and biscuits, fall cooking, and much, much more! Read more
Radiologic technologist
Since joining Chef Todd, I now have a love for cooking that I never had before. I am cooking healthier, saving money at the grocery store, learning to use what I already have in the kitchen, and even losing weight as a result. This was well worth the investment. Just ask my family. Read more
Chuk Campos
Chef Todd does a great job approaching cooking from the "methods" angle instead of the "recipe" angle. I appreciate his clear and easy to understand instructions supported by common sense down to earth practicality. I've taken the first 4 weeks of training so far and 3 of the "marketing" courses. I've benefited from them a lot. His style supports my instinctive approach to cooking and helps me better understand what works better and why.
Lynn Suter
Hello Todd--I am retired and enjoying every minute of life. However, I have lots of time on my hands. I have always considered myself above average on the stove and grill, but decided to try your course of cooking, thought I could pick up some hints. WOW!!! Now I realize how little I know. I am not only learning, I am enjoying each session. Thank you, and I will update you with my progress as I learn. Read more
Mike Schwan
Registered Dietitan
I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with the web based cooking classes provided by Chef Todd. They are very educational and inspiring. Coming from someone that has some culinary education, the classes have served to solidify the methods I was introduced to years ago. My wife also loves them. Being a Life Time member is awesome and the Facebook community is very supportive! I highly recommend anyone interested in learning chef methods to invest in this course. Mike Schwan Read more
Carol Fairbanks
I have been cooking for years and I stumbled across Chef's webinar and so I watched just to see if he could teach me anything new. What I found was a fun and exciting world of cooking and food that I never knew I could experience without dining in a fine restaurant! My husband has thoroughly enjoyed all my assignments and experimentation that I have been doing! The heavy veil of using recipes has been lifted and I am free to do and try anything my heart or palate desire! It is so fun and exciting and I am thrilled to part of the Care Free Cooks Community on Facebook that gives me feedback and support in all that I do! It is wonderful! I have talked to everyone I know about how much fun I am having and how much I am learning! I would recommend this program to anyone who has even a small bit of knowledge in the kitchen! It will change you and your cooking abilities for the best!! Love, love, Love the Web Cooking Classes!! Read more
Je suis très heureuse d'avoir choisi de suivre votre formation sur le web. Ça vaut vraiment le coût d'inscription. Cuisiner est devenu un vrai plaisir dont je peux me prévaloir à tous les jours. Merci Chef Todd Very happy to have subscribe to your web cooking course. It is really worth the cost of the inscription. I enjoy cooking very much and can do so as often as I want. Thank you! Read more
Jim Esten
Having grown up in a household with a chef and restaurant manager/chef, I have always been fortunate to have a pretty good comfort level in the kitchen and have always loved to cook. But I always felt something was missing ... and oh was that correct! Just a few weeks into Web Cooking Class and every day in the kitchen now is an exciting adventure. Add tried and true methods to that comfort level and the whole family is loving it. So happy to have found Chef Todd's course and look forward to the new lesson every week. One of the best investments I've made in a long time! Read more
Marcie C Hammers
I am extremely excited and happy that I am a part of this wonderful new-to-me way of cooking! I am completely satisfied that my money went to such a worthwhile cause and am learning something new, not just every day, but with each application of my new skills. I would recommend this site, Chef Todd Mohr and his teaching of methods to anyone that desires to acheive a handle in the kitchen. Many thanks for all you do and supply us amatuers with, that desire only to make a pleasing meal for ourselves and others. You go above and beyond and I wish to express my deepest appreciation. Read more
I have completed week 5 of the webcookingclasses and I'm enjoying them very much. These early weeks are basically revision of earlier learning but helps to reinforce knowledge. I've found there has been a new idea or understanding though in every lesson. I've only done 2 of the homework sessions but, I have to say I've learnt something every time. Simple saute of onions in a pan before grilling a piece of steak gave me beautiful caramelisation so went on to make a yummy sauce adding shiraz to pan after removing steak & onions. Taste sensation. Thank you Chef Todd Read more
I have been cooking and baking for all my life and I have learned a ton from these courses. Simple and practical "tweaks" that make all the difference between an okay meal and a fabulous one. Thank you Chef Todd! from a fellow Baltimorean Read more
Pharmacy Owner
Have viewed the first 4 videos of Module 1 - and have found them to be very significant. At our pharmacies- we actually want our patients to get off medications - and the best medicine is highly nutritious food, now changing their culture to cook more is key - as we want to teach them how - so far this program is a resource we are likely to recommend! Read more
Sally Moya
love the classes!!! but sometimes I fall behind. As long as I can progress at my own rate it will work out well. I am learning new information and puttng it into practicre Read more
Susan Mendez
It took a pandemic AND Chef Todd to get me cooking in the kitchen! I went from most meals being dine in or take out experiences to actually cooking (almost) on a daily basis. Why? Because it's definitely a healthier option and a smarter way to spend money. My cooking confidence is growing and I have Chef Todd to thank! Read more
Dawn R
I found Chef Todd through a webinar advertised on Facebook and thought I would sign up to see what it was all about. I am not a good cook so I always tried recipes as a way to feed my family. I would scour through cookbooks and internet sites to find recipes that looked good. Sometimes they worked out ok, sometimes they didn't - it didn't matter how positive the reviews were by others that had tried them. I got very frustrated when recipes didn't turn out well or when a recipe I tried once didn't come out the same the next time. I wanted to be able to look and see what I had on hand and use it to create a meal and I just wasn't comfortable doing that. After watching the webinar, I decided to become a lifetime member of Chef Todd's cooking classes and I am so glad I did. I am now on week 5 and I feel much more comfortable picking out my ingredients and combining them to make a meal for my family. The methods Chef Todd teaches are easy to understand and implement to make my cooking much more creative and individualized to my family's tastes. I am excited to continue this journey and become a better cook! Thank you, Chef Todd, for your humor and insight - you make learning fun! Read more
Jayne Fleming
SO HAPPY I joined!! learning so much from the comfort of my home, at my speed and convenience. PERFECT Read more
I started my subscription earlier this month and I am enjoying every minute that I dedicate to the course, I have put into practice some of the methods that I have learned and I am really satisfied with the results. thank you very much Todd Mohr! you are just fantastic!! Read more
Since becoming a member it is changing the way I cook I am a 78yo widowed male who before I got married my other always cooked and then my wife always did the cooking. While I could cook if I had a recipe to follow in the few short weeks I have been a member of the cooking school I'm now beginning to get the confidence to cook without slavishly following a recipe thank you Chef Todd Barry Read more
Susan Wise
Loving every minute of the four lessons in Module one I have watched. Now, every time I go to cook, I try to remember what each lesson said…….working pretty well. Thank you. Read more
Dick Quick
Home cook
Your class is amazing I've learned so.much Read more
I’m 70+ and been cooking all my life but never, it seems, so intensely since the pandemic began our quarantine back in March. I wasn’t tired of cooking but I was tired of cooking the same things! I love Chef Todd’s online classes. They have refreshed my memory about things I used to do, confirmed some things I had discovered on my ow, and taught me brand new techniques that I’m incorporating into my daily routines. Thanks Chef Todd and keep them coming!! Read more
David Fountain
I am extremely happy I joined as a lifetime member. The course videos are easy to follow, Chef Todd keeps it interesting and sometimes humorous. I am 65 yrs old and have learned a lot. I like that I can go back and review videos because I have a poor memory and I can rewatch the video till I get it right. I would recommend the lifetime membership, you won't regret it. Read more
Carolyn Demaree
I have appreciated this 'method' class. I knew there were ways to make my cooking efforts better to the end result that I was wanting. With the knowledge given by Chef Todd, he has shown how easy it is to change just enough or a lot to achieve the best results. I am in my late 70's and am enjoying cooking again, and its really less stressful. So glad I am a lifetime member, and can go to the areas of classes that interest me the most. Read more
Lillian Houle
I love this course. I have been all over the place with the lessons because I have so much to learn.. Being 83, I have been cooking all my life out of necessity without really enjoying it. Now, with these courses, I am finally learning the right way to cook. Cooking with a thermometer has been a revelation , I always overcooked meat. I finally know the right way to sauté , have already learned so much. Wish I had found Chef Todd when I was younger. This course is worth every penny and there is a lot of follow-up. It’s never too late to learn new things. Thanks Chef Todd. Read more
Deb St.Pierre
I am 62 years old and just moved to Tampa last year from Southern Maine. Like most, I have followed recipes most of my life. I have not been gifted with much creativity when it comes to cooking and lately have felt even more challenged. The reason being is my picky 15 year old grandson whom is a very picky eater. So it has become increasingly harder to be imaginative in meal prep. Therefore, it's the same old stuff. Then I saw the free cooking class offered on facebook. I am so excited to be a part of this community. I am only three weeks in and already am learning so much, not just in the mods but from the group as well. Grandson is going to have to learn to eat my creations or cook for himself. Being retired it has given me something to look forward to. I feel I've just met a whole new family and I'm so proud to be a part of it. Thanks Chef Todd and this group for allowing us newbies to ask those silly questions and for you posting your amazing creations and sharing with us. You are so inspiring!! Read more
Helen Jackson
Like most parents, much of my time was spent in the kitchen providing for the needs of my growing family--time spent out of necessity, not for pleasure. That sure has changed. Thanks, Chef Todd, for making the time I now spend in the kitchen really fun and pleasurable, even exciting. So many things new things learned!! Read more
Jennifer Mitchell
Chef Todd's Tutorials are one of the most informative, helpful and absolutely fun way to learn Cooking Methods. He stimulates your CREATIVITY and has many helpful aids to help you along your way. He is accessible if you need help and is happy to do so. I wish I had learned of this Cooking Class years ago. Read more
I am totally loving these classes. He has opened my eyes to so many things and I don't dread cooking anymore (although it would still be nice to have a personal chef). It has been a great investment and the best part is I can go back to any lesson and review at any time. Read more
Very educational and entertaining. I’m learning so much. Read more
Dianne B Bartley
I love my cooking classes with Chef Mohr! I have already learned many helpful things and look forward to continuing! Recommend this on line class to anyone no matter how experienced you are ... there is always something to learn! Read more
Ron Felder
I've only gone through the first 3 modules but I've learned so much in a short amount of time that really can't wait to see what's next. Just knowing the basic cooking methods has made a huge difference on how i approach cooking now. Chef Todd does an excellent job in demonstrating and explaining the procedures and I especially like that he reinforces the basics with each lesson Read more
sarah berto
I LOVE what and how you teach the methods of cooking. I love to learn this leaves an open book for experimentation as long as one follows the 5 basic rules! Well done, and thank you so much Chef Todd! Read more
Caroline Vornberg
new chef in training
Chef Mohr makes the lessons fly, with enough redo to make me comfortable with practice. I must say that after lesson 5, I'm getting so anxious to wrest the flipper away from hubs and try (GASP!) grilling myself!!!!!! Building confidence in my ability is the primo takeaway for me. Try it - you'll like it! Read more
Connie Reid
I've only a newbie at this Web Cooking Classes course and I'm enjoying it very much. I used to be passable cook once upon a time. I lost my enthusiasm for cooking a while ago but these web classes have definitely brought back my interest in cooking and the lessons are excellent and easy to follow/understand. Some are a good refresher for me, and from others I've learnt a lot. Thanks Chef Todd for helping me and others enjoy cooking again. Read more
Jeff Cooper
Head Chef of my home kitchen! Ha!
I've always been a foodie, and taken great pride in my ability to follow any recipe. But as a newly single parent with the recipe's I find I've wasted so much food as half of it spoils before I can eat it all. Learning Chef Todd's methods of cooking have enabled me to come up with my own recipes, in the serving amounts that are appropriate and have saved me money. In addition, I have type 2 diabetes and in less than a month I have brought my daily glucose within my target range and it has been so easy to keep it there! I actually can't wait for my next doctors visit and A1C test, my doctor will be blown away I'm sure! And it is vastly attributed to the methods of cooking I'm learning here. I can go on and on. But the most impressive thing is I'm now able to cook for my picky 12 year old son without it coming from a blue box or the freezer section, its healthy, and he likes the things I'm making him! Heck Yeah!!! I've been needing something like this for so long! Thanks so much for this course Chef Todd. P.S. -- as a newly single guy entering the dating scene again, this has given me something to be confident about, and something to talk about with women. They say confidence is sexy, it appears when you have something you can confidently talk about, and lets face it - who doesn't have an interest in the food they eat, the results have been pretty great! Read more
Suzy Scuderi
Web Cooking Classes are fantastic- and Chef Todd is a wonderful, gifted teacher. His enthusiasm for the subject and his thoroughness- I commented to my spouse the other day, that I wish Chef Todd had been my University Professor in my least favorite subject- because he's so engaging. The class format is well-organized and the modules are thorough - especially with the helpful handouts to guide. I highly recommend these courses to everyone who wants to really learn HOW to cook! Read more
Steve Weston
Chef Todd's Web Cooking Classes are not only educational, but a lot of fun, as well. I came into this program hoping to learn better techniques and to gain some new insights into how to put meals together. I not only learned great methods and techniques, I found that my creativity, when it comes to creating new meals and recipes, was dramatically enhanced. I heartily recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a better cook. I came in calling myself a "Home Chef", mostly as a joke; but now, I no longer consider it a joke. Thanks, Chef Todd! Read more
Mary Christiana
A couple years ago I turned down an invitation to join WebCookingClasses because, as I said in my email to Chef Todd, they look wonderful but I'm over 70 and doing fine following recipes. I wanted to spend less time in the kitchen, not more. I recently watched the free cooking class again and, because of spending so much time at home because of COVID, I thought I would challenge myself and give it a try. Maybe I would start to enjoy cooking again. I'm early on in the classes, but I'm really glad I became a member. The classes are easy to understand and the instructor fun and generous in his sharing of knowledge. I'm looking forward to knowing exactly how to cook something without relying on recipes, though I don't see myself abandoning them altogether. I recommend these classes and wish they had been available when I was much younger. I would have enjoyed cooking so much more! Read more
I have been with his course now for about a year and a half one of the best things that’s happened in my retirement I don’t think I’ll ever feel great cook but I am certainly better than I was by a mile I recommend this to anybody who has to cook even if you don’t like it if you got a cook this will make your life so much easier it has sped me up tremendously and now I kind of know how things fall and my cooking is consequently better. I have sent signed up for just about all of chef Todd’s courses and grateful that I can have them to study. Read more
Cheryl K-G
From the very first day I enrolled in Chef Todd’s classes, both my cooking and my confidence level have gotten better than ever. My husband and guests have always complimented my cooking, but now my husband keeps saying that my dinners are better than any restaurant. (I can’t wait until I can once again have guests visit!) I find myself relying far less on recipes, and just reaching into my cupboard and using what’s there. Plus, Chef Todd’s lessons are packed with information and he even makes me laugh! Highly, highly recommend these cooking lessons! Read more
Marsha Ralston
Working in my daytime job , I am not able to go to culinary school but by learning in my off hours I can get more comfortable in cooking at home and then hope to venture out . I love the way this is taught because there is no one scolding you but everyone, including Chef Todd, encouraging you to keep trying. Thanks for giving your time to make this online for people like me. Read more
Terri Mohr (no relation to Chef Mohr)
This program had deepened my understanding of food, and I just love to cook that much more. I just followed the easy techniques that Chef has presented and use them in food preparation. I'm not just fond of "fond", but fond of Chef Todd (and his wife Heather). Thank you for making cooking so much easier for the those who haven't gone to culinary school for this, Thank you for this program I'm hoping to get into to cooking as a second job. Terri Mohr Maple Shade, NJ Read more
My luckiest day was when I found Chef Todd Mohr on the web by accident have been a member for a couple weeks but have watched a handful of the videos online when they were free it is a wonderful glass I would recommend anybody and we'll be referring to these videos the rest of my life I immediately signed up as a lifetime member because I had seen enough free stuff to know how good it was thanks chef Read more
Jeannette Cornett
My decision to take these home chef classes is one of the best decision I have ever made! I have learned so much through them. I can't believe after ALL the years I have put into the kitchen that I could of saved a lot of time and stress. I go into the kitchen now with confidence and excitement at what I can create ! This is what these classes have done for me!! Chef Todd shows you ways to save time and how to create great home meals with knowledge & humor. You enjoy listening to him! What an opportunity for anyone that spends time preparing meals! I'm sure glad I didn't let this pass by me!! Read more
ken hornung
I have just started with the web cooking classes and really like the idea of starting with the basics to reset my thinking process about cooking. Read more
Dolores Lee
Hi Chef. For years I could nit and would not ever cook chicken breast in any shape or form be it boneless, skinless, fried it didn’t matter because it always taste like how I imagine sand would taste and definitely has the texture of sand or plaster. So after I did week 3 of class I finally went and purchased boneless skinless chicken breast and followed your instruction of cooking from bottom to top 75% and 25%, and guess what for the first time ever I actually had juicy tender and tasty chicken breast. I did the same with my steaks. Got the pan hot then added fat, looked for the stripes added the steak, perfect! Thank you Chef. I so enjoy your way of teaching and explaining the science of why things happen as they do on the stove top. My cooking has already improved. You have also taught me how to shop for vegetables and fruit. I am so happy I am taking these web classes and that they are even made possible. Read more
Mike Young
I really enjoy Chef Todd's teaching method. He explains the techniques to cooking in a manner that is simple to follow and allows you the freedom to make educated decisions in your own cooking recipes. Thank you Chef Todd Read more
While working in restaurants most of my time, you never know everything. Decided to take these classes and really glad I did. They are informative, but more importantly ,they are understandable and fun. The facts are clearly stated and the techniques demonstrated so that all levels can feel they are directed to them. This is so very important. Read more
Bri Loftis
I am a very new member, but I love the classes! Chef Todd makes cooking fun and so far, everything he teaches is very doable! There are bonus videos also. Chef Todd is so funny - I will be laughing a long, long time about his reaction to boiling vegetables. I am so guilty as this is what I was taught and what my Mom and Grandma did. (Even so they were excellent cooks). I am very visual, so the videos really work for me and teach me what I need to know. A book with photos just isn't the same. I highly recommend the Web Cooking Classes! Read more
Mary Robinson
Good 'recipe' ideas from the Care Free Cooks. Learning methods from an entertaining instructor. Read more
I love cooking and this has helped me enjoy it even more because now I actually know what I'm doing!!! Highly recommend these classes. Read more
Dave Goodman
I have been cooking for many years and now finally understanding what I have been doing right and often wrong. I originally signed up to sharpen my knive skills and kinda thought I would bail out before the 30 day grace period expired. Not a chance. I am really enjoying this course. Thirty years ago, I signed up for a 2 week course at a highly regarded culinary school, only to have it cancelled as I was the only one interested in it. Wish I could have found this course then. Read more
Kylie May
I love these classes. I have done other cooking classes but this one is my favorite. I feel like it’s more hands on and that I’m learning more from this then I have when I first start any of the other cooking classes. Read more
I have learned so much about cooking in the last two weeks! I have been married for 28 years I cook every day, most of the time without a recipe, but the cooking methods I learned from Chef Todd makes cooking much easier and a little fun. I don't dread cooking any more I look forward to using the methods Chef Todd teaches. plus he is so funny. I watch the videos in the kitchen while I cook. thanks Chef Todd, you are awesome!! Read more
Bill Recca
I signed up and have no regrets. I love cooking and these classes have brought me to heights I never imagined. Totally love it and highly recommend. Read more
Dean Fumasi
I would recommend this class to anyone who loves cooking. Whether you think you know how or just want to learn. I have already added to my basic knowledge. Found out some why's and why not's. On top of that......the way Chef presents the information is FUN!!!! Read more
Ana Kanashiro
Mental and Physical counselor
The best online cooking course. Chef Todd has an excellent step by step teaching cooking curriculum. The site is well organized that's why it's easy to learn, rapidly get back to where you want to review. The prints and the homeworks are so comprehensible. Never ever you'll get bored or be without clue about anything in his lectures. You will change completely your culinary concepts for better, he will make you feel like a chef and confident when you cook. I highly recommend him. I am a vegan, however, I can apply all the cooking methods to my plant-based meals. Thank you very much. From Japan Ana Kanashiro Read more
I considered myself a good cook but after taking some of the Web Cooking Classes I realized how much I didn't know and how much I can improve on my cooking methods. Now I'm learning how to make my food more moist, learning to know when is fully cooked, how to control the heat properly and how to take advantage of different methods of cooking for different kind of meats. I'm looking forward to learn a lot more specially sauces. Read more
Lisa Labelle
I love Web Cooking Classes and Chef Todd. I've only done a few of the lessons thus far, but I have already learned so much in such a short time! I love watching all the videos and belonging to the Care Free Cooks Community. I am always walking away with something new from them. I have always enjoyed cooking, however, with the skills and techniques I have already learned, I am now LOVING cooking. I can't thank Chef Todd enough for the valuable lessons, videos (and the humor he has in them) and the wonderful cooking community. You have all helped to inspire me and my dishes. I thank you all and more importantly, my family thanks you for the amazing and very flavorful food they have been eating! I would highly recommend this to my friends and family! Looking forward to what the future holds for me and my dishes! Buon appetito! Read more
Petra Shaw
Web Cooking Classes by Chef Todd Mohr . I like to recommend this Class to all people they like to cook. i am pleased with the incredible pleased .This is a fun class. Chef Tood Mohr has a gift of teaching ,he is very funny , and all you learn is so much. All i learned so far ,all i cooked is delicious . thank you very much indeed Chef Todd Mohr. I am in Lessen 12 . Best Money i Ever Spent . My Husband love my new cooking. Read more
Home Cook
I am so happy to have found Web Cooking Classes. I've always enjoyed cooking but it's Web Cooking Classes and Todd Mohr that showed me the true meaning of cooking. Right from the first lesson you take away knowledge. There will be a lot of surprise aha's you know those moments when you say, "Really, I never knew that"!, Your family and friends will be impressed with your new knowledge and the amazing dishes you make time after time. Chef Todd is the best and he explains everything in a language we all understand. If you are hesitant about cooking, this is the place you need to be. Your fears will dissolve instantly and you will truly be glad you found this site. Bon Apetit, Happy Cooking 🙂 I'm so excited for you. Read more
These classes are amazing! After a few classes, I'm cooking better than ever. Chef Todd teaches the science behind cooking along with indicators to get the timing right. I live in a neighborhood full of nice restaurants and now I can creatively saute up a sweet meal on my own. What a money saver! I can't wait to learn more. Read more
I can’t adequately describe for you how instructional and empowering this culinary course has been for me. Thank you, Chef Todd for teaching us the METHODS, so we are never limited by anyone else’s recipes! I am so grateful to you! Read more
Debra Thomas
Just started class to gain confidence in cooking. Amazing how much I have learned so far and very much enjoy Chef Todd Mohr style of teaching. Read more
Stacy Melde
Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm just a few weeks into Chef Todd's classes and I've already learned so much! Things I should have known a long time ago and would of made making meals for my family so much easier. I was a little hesitant about paying for a web class but I'm so glad I decided to do it anyways! Chef Todd has a way of making it fun and also understandable. I'm looking forward to learning so much more! Thanks Cheff Todd! Read more
Lois Grossman
I'm a 71 yr old widow and having a ball. I am the youngest of a family of 14. Sadly to say there are only 3 of us left now. I love cooking so my family has pretty much considered me the cook in the family for as long as I can remember. When I told my brother about my taking this class, he wrote back ... "But I thought you were the "Chef". " LOL I've had to pretty much rely on written recipes and so many are lacking in instructions or missing ingredients. Not so much fun, although I've gotten pretty good at winging it. I've never been one to open a can or box and call that dinner. Most of my meals are pretty much from scratch and my little know how. I'm tired of making the same things over and over again. With Chef Mohr's demonstrations and explanations so much is coming to light, either why I was taught to do some things a certain way or a whole new way of doing it. Loving it ! It really is helping me build my confidence in the kitchen. I'm really looking forward to my time in the kitchen again, spending time with family and friends there and sharing these wonderful, healthy meals with them. Thank you Chef Mohr for coming into my life. Read more
Todd Rice
These classes are probably the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I recently had weight loss surgery (Gastric Sleeve) and have been paying a lot more attention to my diet. These classes allow me to eat healthier, better tasting food. I can cook anything to my taste instead of depending on someone elses idea of perfect taste. Probably the best thing about the classes is that it makes me think and plan meals much more than I ever did before, I can take ingredients that I have here at home, and turn it into a great meal in a short period of time. I find myself daily thinking about what ingredients I can combine to come up with a new dish. If for some reason, you are on the fence about these classes, take my word, you will not regret this small investment with exponential returns. Read more
Greg Godwin
Normally I don’t do reviews, but with The Web Cooking Class I feel it is deserving. I have learned so much in the first 4 weeks(really from the 1st week) that it is well worth the investment. I have gone from following recipes to using new cooking methods that have opened a whole new world of cooking for me. I am excited as I learn and grow as Care Free Cook that one day I can pass that knowledge onto my Children and grandchildren. Many thanks Chef Mohr. Read more
Elena Riestra King
I love Webcookingclasses with Cheff Todd .= He gives instructions very easy, simple and are all easy to follow I love this course. I am beginning, but already making progress. Thank you so much Read more
great classes chef Todd puts on. would recommend to anybody wanting to learn and enjoy cooking. Read more
Karyn Vampotic
Entertaining as he is informative! I'm 69 years old and just learning the proper way to learn when meat is done, how to saute and create a sauce - so much to see and do! What a great value! Thank you, Chef Todd!! I'm enjoying my lifetime membership at my own pace. What fun!! Read more
Sauce Boss - gosh this add-on is fantastic. I've been going through the main website but took a detour with this class and have found so many helpful hints; I'm actually taking notes to help remember things, ha! Read more
I took over cooking little over a year ago and have progressed to where what I cook is edible about half the time. Couple of videos in and I'm learning why REAL quickly. I am just thrilled to have bought the lifetime membership and join this cooking family. Read more
Cheryl Lloyd
I became a Lifetime member of Web Cooking Class on May 9, 2020. I was astonished that I made a quick decision to spend the money on Chef Todd's class. But after listening to his introductory lesson about basic Chef skills I was hooked. I've been watching The Food Network Channel for years and have learned a few things, but I've always needed a recipe and craved the ability to be creative with on-hand ingredients - kind of like "Chopped" but in a reasonable, "care free" way as Todd talks about. So now I'm up to Week 12 (after 4 weeks!) and I have no regrets about joining this group! Todd is funny, an expert in food and cooking skills and genuinely wants to get people to be able to cook well and enjoy it. And he's authentic about it! Yes, this is his business and he probably makes a good living doing it, but I'm so glad he does because he really gives it all away when he teaches. So much of what he gives is free, too. The Facebook group is amazing. His students post pictures of their food creations - the good, the bad and the ugly - and describe what they learned and their enthusiasm for creating something they never thought they could! I'm one of them. When I posted my first success with creating a white roux and using it in my meal I was ecstatic!!! I'm 61 years old and never thought I'd love to cook. Now I wake up at night thinking about what I'm going to cook the next day! I'm an athlete - a runner - so food is extremely important to me. Now I'm learning how to cook so I really love it. I'm so grateful to Todd for his work and commitment to others to learn these skills. There are soooooo many lessons yet in this course. It will take me a while to get through them, practice the methods and get them ingrained in my brain. And then I will always have access to them. That's probably the best value of this whole thing! Thanks Todd. I could go on and on but I already have! Read more
Karla Heath
I highly recommend that you join the many followers of Chef Todd Mohr. His online classes are clear and concise. Easy to understand and follow. He really makes the important basics of cooking available and attainable for everyone. I am a self-taught, small caterer who got my love of cooking from both of my wonderful parents. They loved to entertain and growing up I just naturally helped out! The beginning classes of Chef Todd's have been a good review for me and I look forward to completing the course! Read more
Anita Ellsworth
I enjoy the Web cooking classes. They are fun and informative. I told my friends that I was taking a Web cooking class and they told me that was like Rembrandt taking art lessons. I told them that I am a passable cook as I don't understand cooking methodology. This is what I am learning and having fun to boot The only thing that I would like to be able to do is go back to a previous lesson or skip ahead to a future one. I highly recommend this series. No matter how well you cook there is always room for improvement. And to be able to infuse some art and fun in your cooking is well worth the cost of this series of classes. Thanks Chef Todd! Anita Ellsworth Read more
Brenda Lindsay
This is the kind of cooking I've always wanted to learn! I never realized that I needed to learn the methods of cooking! Chef Todd makes every lesson fun and enjoyable. He's quick to respond to any questions and Care Free Cooks (for lifetime members) on Facebook is one of the most supportive groups I've ever encountered. Thank you Chef Todd! Read more
Caroline Rogow
Wow, You had me at ‘hello’. I was looking for something I could become passionately involved in and improve my quality of life, a tall order. Your cooking classes delivered and more. I signed up and engaged in your 1st class. I struggled to get past my resistance to needing to know how to select and use the correct knife! The thoughts going thru my head were not good. I got hugely rewarded for trusting The Professor/Chef. I know understand the need to cut, chop, dice etcetera affects the outcome of item being cooked. Who knew? I do now, thanks to Chef Todd. Wait, that was just the beginning, we then went on to learn the basic methods to creating Any sauce. Geez, and that was just first class. I’m hooked. Thanks Chef Todd, I’m know a Toady. You gave me something that has and will affect my life for the better. ?????? I am grateful. Read more
Ana Echenique
Miami, FL
"I now have the confidence and ability to change recipes, using ingredients on hand." Read more
Bobbe Leviten
Oakland, California
"I've always been a decent cook, but a better baker, and for years, I've considered myself a "chef wannabe" in that I've never actually wanted to do this as work, as that takes the fun out of things. I recently received an email inviting me to sign up for a free webinar, "5 Essential Cooking Skills Taught Only in Culinary School." My interest was piqued, the price was right, and lo and behold! I truly learned a few things I hadn't known before! At the end, Chef Todd (who is having a ball and it shows) not only offered links to sign up for his 16, 32 and 33 week culinary school, he made an offer that was just too good to pass up. I went ahead and signed up for life membership, the best of the deals available, and have been cooking my way to culinary mastery since. Chef Todd eschews "recipes" in favor of cooking "methods", so that if you know the "method" of how to prepare food, you don't need a recipe. Chef Todd gives you skills to prepare not only anything you want, but to make it uniquely your own. That alone is worth the price of admission. Since I started the video lessens, I have successfully prepared chicken breasts, tomato sauce (who knew it was that simple?) and my latest piece de resistance, sauteed scallops, deglazing the pan with seafood stock, and creating a pan sauce with white wine, butter, fresh rosemary and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Chef Todd starts with the very basics -- temperature control and how very important the thermometer is to not destroying the protein you plan to cook. Each lesson builds upon the last one and he reiterates the skills that we've already built while adding a new layer - kind of like cooking. In only three weeks, I've experienced a new excitement when I plan a meal and actually execute it like a pro! Chef Todd is always there with comments and encouragement when we post our successes, failures and questions following the homework assignments that accompany each lesson. The videos are always there to re-watch and review, and there are plenty of printed handouts for each lesson, along with bonus videos. The bottom line is Chef Todd is so obviously having fun and is passionate about imparting his knowledge to us and it's downright contagious. Now that I've had a chance to actually get in there and cook, I have only the highest praises for Chef Todd and his teaching methods. If you don't know how to cook going in, you'll be cooking like a pro in no time; if you are already an accomplished cook, you'll be even better! This is money well spent I would definitely urge anyone and everyone to sign up and partake of Chef Todd's culinary expertise." Read more
Carol Orr
Brewster, NY
"I'd NEVER made pasta dough, mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce. Amazing. You're a very good teacher. Thanks so much for the encouragement and thanks for the continual push for me to do new things." Read more
Christopher L Smith
United States
"I found the webinar while browsing Facebook, I signed up and watched. Chef Todd was such a help with his webinar, (I had forgotten some of the skills), that it inspired me to brush up on my culinary art skills. I signed up to become a lifetime member on Web Cooking Classes. His videos are very educational as well as keeping your interest, never boring. Chef Todd even takes the time to answer any questions you have or just to comment on something you did, all positive, no negativity. Chef Todd is a great inspiration to me and I am glad that I accidentally found the invite to one of his webinars." Read more
Dave Goerzen
Salmon Arm BC Canada
"I've cooked for years and seldom used a recipe for more than an inspiration. Still I found that I had the 5 or 6 go to recipes you've mentioned. This course has dramatically increased my confidence, inspiration and ability in the kitchen. My wife is enjoying the benefits of all of this. Friday was her birthday and I took her favorite using new methods and recreated chicken pasta primavera. I sauteed the chicken and degazed with red wine before adding it to the garlic cream sauce. It was incredible. I can say only good things about this course and have recommended it to 3 friends and family already though I'd like to keep it a secret to impress them with my new talent. lol. The lessons are brief and entertaining. Chef Todd is an exceptional teacher. I've signed up for the lifetime membership and glad I did. If you're considering this I'd highly recommend it." Read more
Dave Greenlee
London, Ontario, Canada
"I am a 51 year old HVAC Mechanic , I have always had a passion for Cooking , filling my place on Sundays with friends and Family to enjoy Dinner. Then I found Web Cooking Classes , and let me tell you , this course has been a God send. After only after about a week , I began to prepare my Meals with Confidence, patience, and without guessing at cooking times or other peoples Recipe's, as now I create Meals, I don't copy them. I would like to Thank Chef Todd Mohr and Web Cooking Classes for expanding my knowledge of Cooking Methods. You have made me, my Wife, Children and Grandchildren very happy. The last 6 weeks have been exciting, and I can't wait to get to the next Lesson. Thanks again for your personal attention Chef Todd, I never expected that, you are amazing." Read more
Dave Williams
United Kingdom
"Since starting these classes I have immediately taken my cooking to a whole new level. My large collection of recipe books have now largely become retired. Rather than following a recipe blindly I now use them just for ideas. I now cook using imagination and method. My cooking has now become more exiting and rewarding. This course is easily well worth the investment!" Read more
Debbie Holand
Phenix City, Alabama
"Before Web Cooking Classes, I considered myself an excellent cook. But now, I have more joy, confidence and pride when I prepare a dish. I have gained the ability make more tasty and more nutritional meals, and (most valuable) is the understanding of the hows and whys involved in cooking processes and ingredients." Read more
Debra Wray
Peculiar, Missouri
" I thought I could cook, only to find out I didn't know how. I have always wanted to go to a culinary class, but didn't have the money. After the first 3 lessons, I realized that I really didn't know how to cook before the class, but I had gained the skills to do so the proper way. Chef Todd guides you through each class and keeps you wanting to go on through the classes. He keeps the motivation level high with bonus handouts and videos. I finish one class and report my homework to him, to which he ALWAYS quickly responds, and I am off to the next lesson, hungry (no pun intended) to learn more. Yet I know that if life's obligations get overwhelming the course is self-paced and I can take a break if I want to. Beg, borrow or steal the money - well don't really steal it, but somehow come up with the money to take Chef Todd Mohr's class. You won't be sorry as you learn to cook the proper way." Read more
Westfield, MA
"Hi! I am a stay-at-home mom. I love cooking along with my husband and so does my daughter and her friends. I have been looking for some kind of cooking tutorial for some time now. Being a stay at home mom, we are always watching the budget. I have looked into private training in the home, to private chefs doing group cooking classes to taking a 2 yr. program in a culinary school. The expenses are tremendous. Finding this program was a god-send. It fits our budget, my schedule and I feel more confident doing this in the privacy of my home making mistakes and being able to put my creative touch on things than in front of a group all doing the same thing. I've always wanted to start a small catering business so that when my husband retires, we have an income and are doing something we both LOVE. We love to feed people. So starting from the beginning and learning the how-to properly is important to me. I have learned a lot about people with disabilities and food allergies through our own family. I want to expand outside our family and share this with our community. SO, THANK YOU!! I look forward to each week (I'm only on week 1) and to have my eyes opened. Excited for my Ah, ha moment!!!" Read more
Dr Danny Kolotyluk
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
"It has been three weeks since I started Web Cooking Classes. The amount of material that I have learned is fantastic. I love to cook and play on the kitchen, and with Chef Todd Mohr's teaching style, it has been an extremely humorous informative journey. Chef Todd's message is if one can learn methods of cooking then you will be able to cook anything, anytime, without recipes. You learn to use recipes for ingredient ideas but cook in your own style, because we were taught cooking methods and how to control heat. With that knowledge, you can make anything, in your own style just like a restaurant only better and much cheaper. My friends have been amazed by the meals I have produced since starting Thanks Chef Todd!!!" Read more
Eric Beard
Springhill, TN
" I signed up for the web classes after watching the 5 secrets webinar. I have always wanted to learn more about cooking. I tried to find classes at a local culinary school, but they wouldn't let me audit classes -- at any price. I went ahead and bought the "lifetime" membership after watching the webinar. I guess the question you want answered is: Was it worth it? And I think the answer is yes. I haven't found every lesson to be beneficial, but I'd say 75%-80% taught me something new. It may feel expensive, but 2 or 3 cooking classes where you learn to cook a specific meal and you will have paid the same as lifetime membership -- and you will learn more techniques and skills with the membership." Read more
New Mexico
"I've found Chef Todd's classes to be very informative, easy to follow and I must add that his upbeat personality holds your interest so you get the maximum amount from each class. I'm glad I became a Lifetime member and can refer back to any of the topics whenever I should desire." Read more
Grace Fuller
Incline Village, Nevada
"Chef Todd is the best, I wish I had this information when I was feeding a family." Read more
Igor Eren
Ontario, Canada
"I cannot believe I started your course less than a week ago with all I have already learned. Problem? I cannot stop watching it. Even though I spend a lot of time in my kitchen mastering my skills, taking courses (I had few in local college this year), traveling a lot overseas (always learning local cuisines as part of my journey) - I can find a whole bunch of new things in every lesson I take. And this is endless, I love it.” Read more
Las Vegas, Nevada
"I have completed Module 1 and 2 and have been taking notes and doing my homework like a good student. Now I feel my cooking skills have improved by having the information about the methods. Having the information about why things work is essential to great cooking. Recipes do not tell you that side of the story. I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning or improving their cooking skills." Read more
Janice Scott
Annapolis, Maryland
"My reason for taking this cooking course may be a bit different than most. First, I have been cooking for many years and I'm pretty good at it but there is always room for improvement. I am very interested in the science behind cooking to take it to the next level. I am very pleased and eager to continue after just a few classes. Second, at the age of 57 I found myself having to choose a new career path and with neither the money or the time to go back to school was very fortunate to find a job in the new Wegmans that was opening in my area. I say fortunate because I started in customer service in the prepared foods department but was given the opportunity to show our head chef that I had enough skills and determination to become a cook. And so here I am. Even though this course is designed for the home cook, everything I am learning is helping me to be better at my job as well. For me it's the best of both worlds. On behalf of my family who will enjoy even better meals from me and the customers we serve who will continue to enjoy consistently good food, thank you." Read more
Joan Record-Vezina
Wallingford, CT
"I have found this class brings you back to the basics. The things we learned years ago and have forgotten especially if you are not a professional chef. But I think the best part of all is that Chef Todd shows his excitement with the knowledge to make each class interesting and fun. Doesn't feel like a class or learning, but a way to learn without the stuffiness of a classroom and a professor yelling! I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone who loves food or wants to learn about food. Chef Todd takes the time to explain how and why each step is done, but doesn't drag it on and on. He;s gotten a perfect balance of old and new schooling and learning. Thank you Chef Todd for coming up with this course. I am totally enjoying your class and look forward to the next one you come out with." Read more
Leesburg, Virginia
"I consider myself a seasoned cook, and really enjoy being creative in the kitchen. I wanted to become better, so decided to enroll in Chef Mohr's web classes. I was amazed at what I didn't know about different cooking methods, such as sautéing and grilling. After just 2 classes, I have already improved by leaps and bounds. On lesson 3, now, and realize that this has been a great investment!" Read more
Mid-Atlantic Area
"There are a number of ways to learn how to cook: learn from a relative, attend a formal cooking class or culinary school; or just jump in and try on your own. This program is far and away the most straightforward, affordable and error proof means for the beginning cook and for the experienced ones, as well. While only in week three, I have already added to my knowledge of the basics of heat transfer to food (aka cooking) and can't wait for more in-depth and intense topics in the coming weeks. Having contemplated other culinary offerings I am glad I found this one. It is by far the most affordable and a good fit for someone looking for a course that can provide confidence in ability in the kitchen while urging the student to be creative and to think for themselves and not simply be a slave to a recipe." Read more
John Deyeso
New York, NY
"Web Cooking Classes has eliminated the expense of cooking with recipes from my life. I now have confidence in my cooking, ability to think beyond the recipe and the skills to focus on cooking with what we have in the house, which is a big money saver. I have quit cooking with recipes, and have expanded my cooking repertoire by cooking at least 3-4 times per week, using what I've learned in the online course. I've already been telling friends about your course, and telling them the fun that cooking has become through structured success--and through freedom from recipes." Read more
John Norris
Apex, NC
"Todd's style of teaching method versus recipes just changed the whole way I thought about cooking." Read more
Joyce Spears
Ft Worth, Texas
"I have learned knife skills, lots of new techniques and now cook with confidence. Do it! Join up, You will love Chef Todd and his method of teaching and his funny additions." Read more
Juan Rosa
Puerto Rico
"When I discovered Chef Todd's Web Cooking Classes and watched the free introductory video, I was impressed with his teaching method and immediately decided to sign up for a lifetime membership. In lesson #1, I learned the Saute Method of Cooking and how to use it to create endless delicious and nutritious meals without using a recipe. Amazing!!! Today, I feel happy about the decision to enroll in the Web Cooking Class because they have continued to take my cooking to a higher level and have surpassed my expectations. Thank You, Chef Todd Mohr !!" Read more
Judi Harris
United States
"I don't remember how I got invited to take the Web Cooking Classes courses, but I'm very glad I signed up. Before signing up, I watched the free video demo that came with the email that was sent to me. Hmmm - I was intrigued. By what, you say?? By Chef Todd and how he conducted himself - extremely professional and at the same time sort of goofy. My kind of guy to teach me how to do the professional kitchen things I've always wanted to learn. As of this writing, I am in my 6th week of class. Chef Todd's weekly videos (yes, WEEKLY if you are going to do this - otherwise you will get really behind and that's not a good thing if you want to become a Professional Chef), are very informative and you find yourself WANTING TO learn more. I am always saying to myself " so THAT's HOW they do it!" The best thing is that I get to try how its done for myself. I always come away from my homework with new insights in cooking, especially the professional way. I am not the least bit disappointed that I am taking the Web Cooking Classes. Chef Todd is a great teacher and he's there for you every step of the way. Don't be afraid to let him know your failures as well as your successes. Chef Todd is also very funny at times and that really helps the lessons - believe it or not. You can't go wrong with Chef Todd; he's done this for so many years and is excellent at it. If you're wanting to go to Culinary School, take this course instead. It's 1/4 of the cost and you will learn just as much HERE as you will in Culinary School. Plus, if you become a Lifetime Member, you will have FULL ACCESS to this site - FOREVER!! It couldn't get any better! So sign yourself up!" Read more
Kathy Rafter
Rockford, MI
"Take it from a week 48 grad, this is really worth it. You can learn to cook like a pro just going through the 16 weeks. I had always been a good cook, but this program helped me to take my cooking to a whole new level. It's very affordable, too!" Read more
Ken Hadley
“When I discovered Web Cooking Classes, I was a total novice with one main goal: to be able to cook and serve up nice meals for my family. What I ended up with was confidence in the kitchen, which I didn’t have before. I used to panic! My cooking has increased 100% considering I did none previously. If you want to be able to cook nice meals for your family, and you are considering investing in Web Cooking Classes, I say, ‘go for it!’” Read more
Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
"I am really enjoying this course and learning more about cooking than I already knew. Since I am retired now, I finally have the time to pursue cooking with a real passion. I am excited to learn more cooking with Chef Todd and I look forward to each week to see what we are going to learn! I am so glad I found this course!" Read more
Kimberly King
McKinney, Texas
"I have really enjoyed Chef Todd & his wonderful cooking instruction through this online cooking course. I've just started week 5 and have already learned so much & my cooking skills have improved tremendously. I love that it's so easy & fits into my busy schedule. Each week I look forward to building new skills & I really can't wait to see what I will be able to do by course end. My family is really impressed. I just can't say enough. Thank You Chef Todd!!!" Read more
Lance Golden
BC, Canada
"I have always considered myself a decent cook , but these classes have taught me so much , in so little time . I honestly feel i could cook for a living once I'm done the 48 weeks lifetime membership . Best money i ever spent . Because i am enjoying it so much i think i'll get a return on my investment on money i save not eating out as often 🙂 Thx to Todd (BIG thumbs up )" Read more
Alberta, Canada
"Since starting the Web classes my cooking has improved dramatically. No longer am I afraid to try new things and my knowledge in cooking has improved greatly with the extra cooking classes and mentor ship of Chef Todd. I recommend these classes to everybody who has an interest in cooking. I look forward to every lesson and my family looks forward to the new creations. Never have they said the meal was tasteless or mediocre." Read more
Lissa Conger
Cobb, California
"I was already a good cook, but wanted to cook with flexibility, not having to rely on recipes, and being able to use whatever's in the kitchen. With Web Cooking Classes, I have learned basic knife skills, saute method, making pan sauces and so much more! I no longer need to look through tons of recipes to decide what to make to eat. This is a great price on culinary skills through videos that are fun and educational." Read more
Maria Golder
Spencerport, NY
"These classes have really given me a whole new canvas as far as different cooking methods. I feel qualified to cook a meal by choosing a flavor profile and matching it with a method. Chef Todd's lessons are easy to follow, and he is very approachable with questions. I am very glad I invested in the cooking classes!" Read more
Mark Horton
Clinton, MS
"I started trying to learn to cook when I was 4 years old. I'd follow my grandmother and my mother around in the kitchen, then try to make up my own "recipes." Although I learned to follow simple recipes before I could read (by getting an older sibling to read them to me), I never learned the whys and wherefores of each step. After 50+ years of cooking, I became proficient in following recipes, and had a great cooking vocabulary, but still did not have the building blocks for making my own dishes. Chef Todd has been changing that week by week. My first attempt at creating a recipe that was truly "all mine" was a smashing success. Adding to my delight is the fact that I no longer have to cook recipes that are designed for way more than I need - I cook what I need and that's it. No more wasted food! What I've saved in wasted food costs, alone, makes this course worth the investment. But, the fact that I'm learning to create my own delicious recipes takes it off the charts!" Read more
Marlene Nippe
Morrisville, NC
"I cook for myself and (cooking classes) made me want to cook more. I've always cooked, but it's more fun gives you confidence...I feel much more at home in my own kitchen." Read more
Mary Lewis
New York, NY
"I’m so glad I made the leap and took the Web Cookin Classes. Chef Todd and his team are helping to take me from an ordinary 'what will I make for dinner today' cook to the 'real deal.' It is amazing to watch him in action and apply that knowledge to my own skills. I can’t wait to sit back and watch the new video content each week, and the BONUSES are like opening "Christmas gifts". Each time I watch, I pick up a little more information that helps me hone my culinary skills." Read more
Mary Swink
"I have been a student at Chef Todd Mohr's online cooking class for 4 weeks now. At first I was intimidated by the type of cooking he was demonstrating but the first week I was able to overcome my fears and succeed where I thought I would fail. It has been a boost to my confidence and a boon to my pocketbook and diet. I had always been envious of people that could throw anything in a pan and make it taste good, but now I AM one of those people. Thanks Chef Todd. Your help and passion for cooking has made me a convert to sautéing." Read more
Matthew Hunt
Birmingham, Alabama
"I started cooking when I was 12 years old. Both of my parents were very good cooks (Southern Style). I am now 64 years old and I truly love to cook. That said I knew I was limited since I was mostly restricted by recipes. I do watch the cooking channels and knew I needed some professional guidance to learn the how's and why's of cooking. I looked around for months and found nothing I could afford or would fit my schedule. I am retired but I do have a family with a 16 year old very active daughter. I saw something on Facebook inviting me to a free cooking class that would teach me 5 basic things every Chef knows and does. I watched and instantly knew this was for me. I purchased the lifetime membership with the 48 classes and couldn't be happier. I am still in module 1 but already have prepared high end restaurant quality food for my family. I am not looking to become a professional chef, I am doing this for my family and myself. These courses will allow me to prepare quality, wholesome food at a fraction of the cost you would pay someone to prepare. I have control of the ingredients (and they are as varied as your imagination), as well as the process. I highly recommend this series of classes, I promise you won't regret it." Read more
Merle Scott
Vancouver, Canada
"I have now finished the first Module of Chef Todds Cooking classes and before I started I thought I knew most things as I have been cooking forever. Well was I wrong...I have learnt so much more and not only that but can now put my own recipes together which is half the fun. This has been the most wonderful course I have ever taken and would recommend it to everyone as he has so much information to offer. Looking forward to the next module!!!!" Read more
Michael Bernard
United States
"I am at best a self taught home cook, I do currently work at a non profit organization as a cook, it's all homestyle cooking. Thanks to and chef Todd I am learning new skills, becoming more knowledgeable in the kitchen and upping my game, Thanks Chef Todd" Read more
Michele Jackson
Bartlett, TN
"I have now been a lifetime member for six months and can't tell you enough that lessons I have learned. I have been cooking for over 40 years and never in this time have I experienced the true joy of cooking, but thanks to you Chef, I have learned so much and my cooking has been brought up ten notches where my husband and his co-workers can't wait to try my new dishes!!! Thanks Chef Todd for all you do!!!!" Read more
Michele Jackson
Memphis, Tennessee
"I love these web classes. It has helped me improve my cooking skills immensely. While I have been cooking since I was two and received a cooking certificate at the age of nine, I still needed more. Chef Todd has helped me improve my cooking and my husband and two furbabies are so pleased with my culinary expertise since taking these classes. I was enrolled in Escoffier online, but didn't learn as much as I have with Chef Todd!!!!" Read more
Salt Lake City, Utah
"I have always been a good cook and my family loves my food so when they asked why am I taking this course I told them I want to be a GREAT cook, no more cookbooks for me, I am only on week four but have already improved my skills by ten fold! the saute' class was perfect way for me to learn how to cook for just one without excessive waste and make a great pan sauce for one to finish my dish and my knife skills have improved by leaps and bounds, I no longer spend more time chopping and dicing than I do cooking. I cant wait for the next class, Todd makes it fun but most importantly he makes it easy to learn, no games no gimmicks and no skipping over the little things that can make the difference between good and great food!" Read more
Paul Madritch
Cary, NC
"I go to the store and look at the meats, and before, I didn't know a top round from a flank I can say 'yeah I know what to do...I want this piece of meat as opposed to that piece of meat and I know what to do with it...I can tell the difference between braising, broiling, sauteing..." Read more