Home cooks learn to cook all wrong. They’re told to focus on the wrong things and must re-learn cooking every time they step into the kitchen.

It’s no wonder cooking is dreaded, feared or ignored by most people. If you learn to cook all wrong, it creates stress. Stress devours your confidence, and lack of confidence makes people want to avoid things.

If you are stressed by cooking, it’s not your fault.

I blame recipes and cookbook authors for making cooking seem so difficult when it really isn’t.

Recipes have inherent flaws and variables that make them difficult to recreate. If you follow the recipe exactly and your dish doesn’t look like the photo, you feel like a failure.

But you’re not a failure. It’s the recipe that has set you up for failure. Recipes don’t understand your uniqueness, your kitchen’s uniqueness, even the different ingredients you use.

Written instructions for cooking always concentrate on the long list of ingredients. You need “one onion, chopped”. How big is this “one” onion?

Recipes always skip the most important part, HOW you cook that list of ingredients. “Cook under medium heat”. What exactly is “medium”?

Recipes assume every stove is the exact same temperature when they’re all different. “Cook for 3 to 5 minutes”. That can be raw or burned depending on the particular kitchen.

Now that you no longer trust a recipe to guide you toward a greater variety of interesting and healthy meals at home,

How will you learn to cook better?

Keep in mind there is a difference between following a recipe and feeding yourself for one meal, versus learning HOW to cook so you can create endless original meals.

Culinary college students are taught to cook MUCH differently than home cooks. We don’t focus on recipes in culinary school, we go a different route to add confidence, creativity and variety to our professionally cooked meals.

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