Who is Chef Todd Mohr?

Chef Todd Mohr is a Certified Culinary Educator, former Executive Chef, Cooking School owner, mentor and educator who has taken on a cooking cause that no one else in the food world will touch with 10 foot tongs,the fact that RECIPES DON’T WORK!

 Chef Todd’s Mission Is….


Chef Todd is the creator of WebCookingClasses.com, and has taught thousands of people all over the world to “Burn Your Recipes” and learn to cook like a chef at home.


What is Web Cooking Classes?

WebCookingClasses.com is a unique internet-based cooking video school. Students discover the empowerment of using basic cooking methods over written recipes to generate endless dinner ideas using the ingredients they desire.


What is a “No Recipe Lifestyle”?

Simply, it’s Lifestyle Improvement Through Food


Who Lives a “No Recipe Lifestyle”?

Smart and curious people looking for new ideas to make their cooking better and easier,
not by following recipes, but through an understanding of how cooking works,
confidently creating meals for their budget, diet, health, or social needs.

Are YOU Living a “No Recipe Lifestyle”?

What’s Chef Todd All About?

Watch his “demo reel” for a quick sneak peek at his edu-taining way of teaching.


Who Else is Talking About Chef Todd?

NBC-17 depends on Chef Todd for great stories!

NBC-17 Loves His “Adult Hot Chocolate”

Maclean’s Magazine Credits Chef Todd As
“The only chef-teacher in the world…”

How Do You Contact Chef Todd?

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All media interview requests and public appearance proposals should be directed to:
Heather Mohr