Pumpkin Ideas for Pumpkin Puree

Don’t forget this holiday season, that the gourd you’re using as a porch ornament is actually food. Poor gourds, they are so horribly misunderstood. They emerge this time of year to look strange in their multi-colored, twisted shapes and tough skins that seem more like decoration than food. Gourds need a lobbyist in Washington, because there’s a general bias against pumpkins, winter squash, butternut squash, and countless other varieties. As with most stereotypes, they come from lack of knowledge.

Winter squash and gourds have a sweet, clean flesh that is excellent for winter soups, side dishes, and fillings for other end-results. Squash is a very versatile ingredient, once you carve through the tough skin and pick out the seeds. Roasted pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite Fall snacks. The seeds of this orange orb are high in protein, and also high in fat, but “good” plant-based fat. They are high in amino acids, and studies have shown positive effects on diabetes, prostate health, and in lowering cholesterol.

Pumpkin can be cooked in many different methods, depending on your desired outcome. In this video, I’ll demonstrate both moist and dry methods for using your scary porch ornament as food. Pumpkin can be simmered in flavorful liquid, or roasted in a dry convective process. These two methods of cooking will yield different results, one being more appropriate for soups, the other better for pies and fillings.

Don’t discriminate against pumpkins, squash, and gourds just because of the way they look. They’re quite sweet underneath that tough skin.

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