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What will I learn in Web Cooking Classes?

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Web Cooking Classes is designed to teach you the complete science and basics of cooking so that you can enjoy preparing, eating and sharing food. The information is the same information taught in culinary school, but in a convenient weekly course that you can take right from home. It is divided into 3 Modules: Basic Cooking MethodsAdvanced Cooking Techniques and Cooking & Baking Mastery. Each module is 16 weeks long, but each weekly lesson stands on its own. You will learn something new each week and can cancel anytime. We believe that learning to cook will change your life. And we believe it because we’ve experienced it ourselves and shared the experiences of so many other clients and friends over the years. For more on Chef Todd’s philosophy on food, cooking and life make sure to read About Chef Todd and follow his Blog. If you have any questions about the program, You can Learn More Here or Please Contact Customer Support for assistance and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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