By Chef Todd

Just a Trifle of a Homemade Mothers Day Gift

A homemade Mothers day gift is neither small, of little consequence, nor something that you’d only think about in passing. However, “Trifle” means something small, noticed in passing, of not much consequence. So, what the heck is a Trifle when it comes to Mother’s Day?

A Trifle as I’m using it is a dessert that you can create yourself. Your Mom will love it because you created it using the ingredients that are probably already in your house. She’ll especially be flattered with a gift for her special day that is an original. One that was created specifically for her by the children that love and adore her. No store-bought gift could ever replace the value of one made with their own two hands.

In its historical and traditional sense, the name “trifle” was used for a thick cream of sugar, ginger and rosewater in the first recipe published in 1596. About sixty years later milk, eggs, custard, and alcohol soaked bread where added to the formula. However, I think a dessert trifle can be anything that your mind thinks up. Who’s to say that it MUST include cake, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate or fresh strawberries? Actually, that sounds pretty good, but you’ll have the ability to break the rules and make something that comes directly from your own imagination.

If you’re creating a homemade Mothers day gift, I don’t think you should worry about 450 year old recipes or some dictionary’s definition of what your trifle should be. I see it as an opportunity to express your love and admiration for your Mom with an original creation.

Starting with an attractive glass bowl or bar glass, you can arrange Mom’s favorite goodies in layers so the entire goodness can be seen from the side profile. You can create a dessert trifle in a martini glass, margherita glass, basic water goblet, or even disposable plastic wares.

So, what does Mom like best? Can I make some suggestions?
pound cake cubes
Oreo cookie crumbs
Ice cream sprinkles
Crushed chocolate chip cookies
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate pudding
Whipped cream
Toasted coconut
Toasted nuts
Chocolate chips
Caramel sauce
Fresh strawberries
…soaked in brandy.

You can see why this would be so much fun for children to create a homemade Mothers Day gift for their Mom. If you assemble the ingredients, the kids can play “ice cream shop” and create a layered dessert trifle that is truly one of a kind, just like Mom.
What do you think the Number 1 combination of ingredients for a dessert trifle is?
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