By Chef Todd

Hot Chocolate Recipe for Adults ONLY!

Don't deny it! You were with her. I saw you with her. That Swiss Miss is no good for you. Forget that chemically powdered hot cocoa mix this winter. She's a big fake! You can create your own hot chocolate recipe with just a few simple ingredients, including a special gift for adults only.

Why is powdered hot cocoa made with water acceptable to many people, but you'd never think of helping yourself sleep with a warm glass of powdered milk and water? Powdered milk isn't comforting enough when mixed with hot water. Hot cocoa mix with water should meet the same repulsion.

The best hot chocolate is made with MILK, not water, and contains any type of sweetener you'd like along with the warm milk. This way, you control the intensity of the cocoa, as well as the level of sweetness. My secret to the best hot cocoa is using flavored liqueurs to give it an "adults only" appeal.

If you get the greatest enjoyment from things you create yourself, as in cooking, then your signature hot chocolate recipe should be one of your best kept secrets this winter season.