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By Chef Todd

Sword Poppin’ Champagne IN Champagne France

Your Paris tour or trip to France cannot be complete without a journey to the Champagne region. This is where they’ve made champagne for hundreds of years and where you hear all the poppin champagne corks. Enjoy your virtual tour in this champagne video.

GH Martel Champagne
It’s a 2 hour car ride from Paris to Reims and the GH Martel Champagne company. However, the trip won’t take us two hours because this champagne video starts aboard a 165mph bullet train.

Once at the Martel Cellars, we walked down a very long, old staircase that lead 25 feet under the earth in champagne cellars that were dug in the year 400AD.

Champagne Discovery
While the Martel company has out-grown this cellar, the methods remain the same. What the famous monk Dom Perignon discovered was the ability to add yeast and sugar to wine inside the bottle to facilitate a second fermentation, adding the bubbles that characterize a good champagne. “Brothers, come quickly, I’m drinking stars!” were his words upon the discovery.

Poppin Champagne
Our tour guide, Emmanuel made it very easy to create this champagne video, because he explained the process so well, which grapes are used, how the sediment is removed from bottles, and even how the cellar master prefers we drink the champagne. He even demonstrated the correct way to open a champagne bottle, and it’s not the way you think.

But the most exciting part of the champagne video was when he opened a bottle using a large knife “le sabbatier”. We were really poppin champagne bottles then! Whether it's your first trip to Paris or your third, don't forget to make this trip a part of your Paris tour. Maybe you will make your own champagne video!

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By Chef Todd

Why Eating Healthy Food is Easy with Paris Cuisine

Since I’ve been on my Paris tour, I've discovered that eating healthy food is much easier than I imagined with Paris cuisine. I’m also noticing that everything I’ve eaten tastes incredibly good, so fresh, amazingly flavorful without being overly filling.

For someone who already studies food like it’s art, my Paris tour is bringing more questions to my mind than answers. What is it that makes eating healthy food in Paris so easy?

Can it have anything to do with the size of the stores? I haven't seen any convenience stores included on my Paris tour and there are no mega-grocery stores. Each store has a singular purpose and is an expert at that one thing. Whether it’s baking bread, butchering meats, making pastries, or squeezing fresh orange juice from their store-front machine, the small-shop owners take great pride in the single thing they excel in.

Paris vs. United States Cuisine
The greatest difference I've seen between Paris cuisine and cuisine in the United States is the great respect that Parisians show for food. To continue my search of why the food in Paris is so good, I jumped on the Metro and headed for the world-famous Rue Cler market. Along the way, there was a short sight-seeing stop at the Arch d’ Triumphe and a walk down the Champs de’ Elyssee.

When the continuation of my Paris tour finally drops me at the Rue Cler market, I can see why eating healthy food is easier here. There’s more healthy food available, and they know how to cook fresh.

The Paris Market
The fish market is clean and fresh, no flies, no fishy smell. The fromagerie specializes in cheese. They sell nothing but cheeses and are experts in cheese. These are family businesses that take great pride in what they’ve been doing for generations.

There are not mounds of food displayed in the market. There’s a select few that are fresh, in season, and incredibly fragrant. The markets here show great deference for the raw ingredients. This, combined with simple cooking techniques yields the best meals.

Paris Simplicity?
Why is Paris cuisine so flavorful and so good? What makes eating healthy food in Paris so easy to do? Is it because of the greatest chefs? The most complicated recipes? No, my Paris tour is causing me to suspect that it’s something much simpler than that.

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