Make Coconut Rum Bananas Foster a New Holiday Tradition

New holiday traditions are being created in my house with Koloa Coconut Rum.

Bananas Foster is easy, fun, entertaining, and even tastier with coconut rum. This dish was created in New Orleans originally, but food is globally mobile. The history of food is filled with explorers, pirates, and adventurers. An ingredient was brought from one country to another, conquered islands saw new foods brought from their occupiers, and chefs today combine world flavors into "fusion" cuisine.

So, there's no reason I can't take this southern American dish and make it Hawaiian with the help of the Koloa Rum Company and their new Kauai Coconut Rum.

Bananas Foster uses a basic saute method, just as if the bananas were a chicken breast. The method is the same.

1 banana
Brown Sugar
Koloa Coconut Rum
Shredded Coconut

You know I don't believe in recipes, so the amount of the above ingredients is entirely up to your tastes and desires.

1) PAN HOT FIRST - the biggest mistake home cooks make in saute is starting with a cold pan.
2) Melt Butter - The best thing for melting butter is.....melted butter! (You'll see why)
3) Add Brown sugar - make a sweet paste with the butter
4) Saute the banana - I like the banana split into two pieces, but you could certainly cut rounds or "coins" from the fruit instead
5) Deglaze - cover the bottom of the pan with Koloa Kauai Coconut Rum and let it reduce into a thickened sauce.
6) Garnish - shredded coconut

If you decide to ignite the rum, "flambe", PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Never pour alcohol into a pan over an open flame. The flame can ignite the rum all the way into the bottle in your hands and explode! If you're using a gas stove, pour the rum into a small dish first, then into the pan. Or, remove the pan from the flame, add the rum, and return to flame.

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope it's filled with food, friends and family!

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