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  • The Chef Test Reveals The 7 Skills You Must Have
    If You Want To Learn To Cook

    Over the years, I’ve had to hire dozens of chefs and cooks. During their interview process, I don't have them cook their signature dish. Just  Read Full Article

  • Sharpen Your Own Knives For A Few Bucks

    You don't need to have your knives professionally sharpened. Perhaps if you've been using it as a machete against trees or concrete, you might need  Read Full Article

  • The 5 Things You Should Know Before You Cook For Your Date

    Cooking for your date doesn’t have to be complicated to be appreciated. Preparing a meal for your date shows the thought, effort, and  Read Full Article

  • Choosing Kitchen Knives By The 3 Metals They're Made From

    Choosing kitchen knives means giving a lot more thought to your purchase than the brand name. All popular knife makers have a low-end model and  Read Full Article

  • Maximize Your Limited Time For Cooking And Fitness

    Chef Todd Mohr and fitness instructor Donavon Israel have combined to share their tips to make the most of your limited time when it comes  Read Full Article

  • What You Must Do NOW For Great Summer Meals

    When daylight savings time comes around, it's said that you lose an hour of sleep. I just sleep an hour longer, but what I do  Read Full Article

  • 10 Mardi Gras Foods and The Skills You Need To Make Them

    It’s Mardi Gras time and that means parades, beads, boobs and good food in New Orleans. But, you don’t have to go to the city  Read Full Article

  • A Healthier Lifestyle Through Food and Fitness

    There is no ONE singular path to a healthier lifestyle.  Everyone must find their own personal combination of guidelines and habits that help them achieve  Read Full Article

  • Olympics Theme Party Ideas Worth The Gold

    If you're planning an Olympics theme party, I've found something from my archives for you.  It's my "Around The World Hors d' Oeuvres  Read Full Article

  • Stay Home or Go Out For Valentines Day?

    Stay home or go out for Valentines Day? You’re probably asking the same question. What are the advantages and benefits of a fancy dinner  Read Full Article