If you’re in Hawaii, you must know how to cut a pineapple for pineapple recipes or to make a decorative pineapple boat. Chef Todd Mohr is on the edge of a 300 foot cliff in Princeville, Hawaii to show you how to cut a pineapple.

Excellent knife skills is the key to cutting pineapple. The challenge is having enough horizontal knife control to cut as closely to the tough skin as possible without leaving the pineapple fruit behind. If you’re preparing a pineapple recipe, or just want to present a decorative pineapple boat, this quick video will show you a simple secret.

Basic knife skills are essential to any kitchen success. Even with cut pineapple. Items that are cut consistently will cook consistently and have better eye-appeal. The old adage is “you eat with your eyes first”. If I were to present you with a bowl of soup and one piece of carrot was large, one was small, one oblong, one square, your eyes would tell you that it was made without much regard to presentation. Upon tasting, the large carrot would be hard, the small one would be mushy.

A chef’s knife is the first knife you should have in your kitchen. It’s the work-horse of most kitchen tasks. In the time you can retrieve your electric chopper from the cabinet, plug it in, use it, wash it, return it to the cabinet, your chef’s knife would already have the job done. When use with correct grip and the safest technique, your skill with a chefs knife will result in amazing meals at home, or just a decorative pineapple boat made of cut pineapple from Hawaii.

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