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  • Navarin Is Lamb Stew

    In my culinary college classes, I always give a "word of the day".

    Yesterday's word was Navarin, which inspired me to make  Read Full Article

  • Fancy And Simple Cooking-Shrimp Stuffed Flounder

    I could have just broiled my flounder filets, and been done with it, but that wasn't exciting enough for me.

    I need a quick  Read Full Article

  • The Quickest Steak I Can Make

    The quickest steak I can make is a Flank Steak.

    This is one of my favorite cuts of beef because it's very  Read Full Article

  • Fish For Dinner Tonight-Orange Roughy Florentine

    Hmmm, what should you make for dinner tonight?

    You have limited time and just a few ingredients, so what to do?

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  • For Dinner Tonight-Spicy Beef on Rice Noodles

    Home cooks everywhere tell me their biggest challenge isn't necessarily cooking.  Their biggest frustration is figuring out WHAT to cook for dinner.

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  • The Best Hangover Breakfast - BaltiMohr Benedict

    There were massive fireworks at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland on New Years Eve

    This morning, there are fireworks in my  Read Full Article

  • Make Coconut Rum Bananas Foster a New Holiday Tradition

    New holiday traditions are being created in my house with Koloa Coconut Rum. Bananas Foster is easy, fun, entertaining, and even tastier with coconut rum.  Read Full Article

  • Coconut Rum Chocolate Truffles for an Island Style Holiday

    My friends at the Koloa Rum Company are helping me to put some Hawaiian attitude into my cold Northern holidays this year with their Kauai  Read Full Article

  • Try Hawaii Coconut Hot Chocolate and You'll Forget That Swiss Miss!

    She's no good for you, that Swiss Miss. She may seem all sweet and warm, but she's a fake. She's had some work done, full  Read Full Article

  • What It Means to "Burn" Your Recipes

    Since I began teaching basic cooking methods to the masses over 6 years ago, thousands of students have followed my rallying call to "Burn your  Read Full Article