Hawaiian Drinks – Fruit Smoothie With Local Rum

Hawaiian drinks don’t begin and end with a Mai Tai.  There are an endless number of fresh ingredients, fruits and liquors to use on Hawaii that don’t have to end up in a Tiki Bar.

When I travel to Hawaii, I’m always excited to take advantage of the best local ingredients I can find.  Having access to the freshest fish, beef, fruits and vegetables for me is like a painter having access to a brand new set of paints.  All I can imagine are the possibilities of fantastic meals because of the tools I now have at my disposal.

The sun is hot on Kauai, but the soft trade winds minimize the effect.  Perhaps I don’t feel like I’m roasting on the sand, but my building thirst says its time to rehydrate.

One of my favorite Hawaiian drinks is a fresh fruit smoothie.  With my “No-Recipe” attitude, I’m going to create a new beverage using the items I already have on hand and my favorite Koloa Spiced and Koloa Dark Rums from the Koloa Rum Company, right here on Kauai.

Having just returned from a tour of the Koloa Rum Company processing plant and a personal tour from President Bob Gunter, I already know that the best drink in Hawaii starts with the best rum.  When I add fresh pineapples, papayas, and limes, I’ve got an individual creation that uses locally sourced ingredients.

This doesn’t just give me a nice relaxing attitude, it also puts money back into the local economy.  I don’t come to Hawaii to buy rum from the Caribbean or pineapples from Costa Rica.  I come to Hawaii to experience their fantastic foods and I’m glad to spend my money for quality items that help the creators, vendors, their families and the entire island.

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Chef Todd Mohr is a Certified Culinary Educator who has empowered home cooks all over the world with the reliable, dependable, repeatable METHODS behind cooking that build confidence, generate creativity and enable anyone to cook with the ingredients THEY desire.


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  • Chef Todd
    Chef Todd
    2:06 PM - 28 December, 2017

    Hey Sylvia!
    So, from a Smoothie professional's point of view, how's my Smoothie technique?

  • sylvia
    4:12 AM - 28 December, 2017

    I wasn't going to watch this because I own juice shops and we make hundreds of different smoothies but I saw the comment about shirt off, and decided watching it was mandatory.

  • Kevin Murray
    Kevin Murray
    12:50 AM - 12 October, 2017

    Didn't have the brand of rum, but I did have spiced, golden, and dark. Adding a banana to the formula gave the smoothie a much smoother mouth feel. WONDERFUL! Makes me look forward to exchanging ONE of the ingredients (probably the float) to Rumchatta! The lessons have made me become a Mad Scientist in the kitchen. I'm not afraid to try ANYTHING. If it doesn't appeal to MY palate, I don't HAVE to try it again. AND I have the benefit of NOT paying a large bar tab for a drink I couldn't finish.

  • Chef Todd
    Chef Todd
    3:53 PM - 18 September, 2017

    Hi Val!
    Yeah, I tried that but I didn't have an extension cord long enough to bring the blender to the beach! lol

  • Chef Todd
    Chef Todd
    3:52 PM - 18 September, 2017

    Hi Arelis!
    Just as in cooking, YOU get to choose the balance of flavors and textures. With the fantastic quality rum I'm using, I'm just fine with the contrast against the fruit. But, you don't have to use alcohol at all if you don't want to.

  • Chef Todd
    Chef Todd
    3:46 PM - 18 September, 2017

    Hi Marjorie!
    You don't HAVE to be in Hawaii to enjoy a cool drink on a hot day. You can take this METHOD and insert the fruit or ingredients YOU desire for your own down-under version.

  • Chef Todd
    Chef Todd
    3:42 PM - 18 September, 2017

    Hi Dianne!
    If you got a hold of the Kauai Dark Rum, it would be worth the trip!

  • Chef Todd
    Chef Todd
    3:39 PM - 18 September, 2017

    Hi Kristine!
    I've filmed hundreds of videos, that's the only one topless! Mahalo for your kind words.

  • Kristine Kirk
    Kristine Kirk
    12:56 AM - 18 September, 2017

    That was great Todd, was so unexpected to see you with your shirt off ? So cool! Keeping it real. We loved the back ground music and the drinks looked so good. Thanks for the inspiration

  • Dianne Fritz
    Dianne Fritz
    9:39 PM - 17 September, 2017

    Hope they sell this brand of rum at my local liquor store. Otherwise I'll have to make a trip to Hawaii! Ya, right.

  • Marjorie M Metcalfe
    Marjorie M Metcalfe
    10:36 PM - 16 September, 2017

    With our hot Australian Summers. I am certainly going to make this drink for entertaining at Christmas and maybe a few trials beforehand.
    Thanks Chef Todd for sharing.

  • Arelis Rodriguez
    Arelis Rodriguez
    4:41 PM - 16 September, 2017

    I just saw the video of the papaya and pineapple smoothie, and I thought that it was a lot of liquor in that smoothie. I would think that the fruit flavor would not be the same because it is overpowered by the amount of liquor.

  • Val Edwards
    Val Edwards
    3:19 PM - 16 September, 2017

    Your video would have been more believable and effective ,being shirtless, in an outdoor beach background setting

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