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Questions about Other (non WCC) online courses

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Each of our courses is its own course and requires its own login to access the course.

Your WCC login will NOT work to access any other course
and you will not be able to access any other course until you set up login credentials.
All bonus items are found within each online course in the section marked Bonuses.
If you need to CREATE a new login for a course you just purchased, please see all course links below to do that.
If you have already created a login for the specific course listed below (and you've purchased it), then you can use the course links below, but click "Already a member? login here" which is just below the form input fields - to get to the LOGIN screen.
If you have forgotten your password, please click "Forgot Password" which is just under input fields on the LOGIN page - and reset your password.
If you attempt to create a new login and receive the message: Account already exists (or something similar), follow the step above to reset your password and then try your login again.
See Below for links to set up login credentials for any other purchased course:

Romancing the Kitchen with Aphrodisiac Foods*

*use WCC login and access in the WCC Members Area under “Mini Courses” navigation tab. If you are not able to login, follow WCC Login steps above.